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  1. On and off showers here this morning with a temp of 55. Rain should become more steady and heavier later today. I'm looking for 1 to 2 inches here by Wednesday night with much higher amounts of to the west.
  2. I agree this week has had an October feel with the cool mornings and afternoons in the 60's here. This is just perfect imo.
  3. It's another cool morning with temps in the area in the mid 40s. Rain on the way tomorrow.
  4. This upcoming week is one of the cooler weeks I can remember for late May, no complaints from me and heavy rain is possible Tuesday.
  5. I picked up .75in of rain overnight, amounts were more than I was expecting. Today looks like a cloudy cool day with temps in the mid 50s.
  6. Have some thunderstorms moving through with lots of lighting. Storms are small and moving fast so they may only produce a light amount of rain.
  7. Rainfall amounts for the KC area since last Friday. I think the Kansas guys need to share better.
  8. Wow check out the snowfall amounts forecasted for the Colorado Rockies, I'm sure the moisture is welcome but this will cause extensive tree damage. Could be the largest late season snowfall in Denvers history. No snow here thank goodness but Saturday night looks damp and chilly.
  9. This mornings rotating complex of storms is going to make it close to mby. I may score some decent rains between now and Sunday.
  10. Big storms possible over Iowa today with a decent threat of tornadoes over northern Iowa. From the SPC: Upper Midwest... An upper-level low will move eastward across southern Saskatchewan today as west-southwesterly mid-level flow remains over the northern Plains and Upper Midwest. At the surface, a cold front will advance southeastward across the Dakotas as a low deepens ahead of the front. A warm front attendant to the low will advance northward across southern Minnesota. Surface dewpoints along and south of the front will be in the 60s F, which will result in moderate instability by afternoon across much of the moist sector. Surface-based thunderstorms are most likely to develop along the warm front during the afternoon from southeastern Minnesota east-southeastward into western and central Wisconsin. As the cold front advances southeastward into the mid Missouri Valley during the early evening, thunderstorm coverage is forecast to expand southwestward across much of Iowa into far eastern Nebraska. MCS development appears likely across parts of the Upper Midwest during the evening into the overnight period. RAP forecast soundings at 21Z, from the warm front in southeast Minnesota southwestward across the moist sector into northern and central Iowa, show an impressive thermodynamic environment. MLCAPE is forecast to be in the 2500 to 4000 J/kg range with 700-500 mb lapse rates near 7.5 C/km. This combined with 0-6 km shear around 50 knot will be favorable for supercells with large hail. Hailstones of greater than 2 inches in diameter will be possible with the more intense supercells. By late afternoon, 0-3 storm relative helicity along this same corridor is forecast to be in the 350 to 450 m2/s2 range. Hodographs are long and curved suggesting that tornadoes will be likely with the more intense supercells. A strong tornado or two will be possible along the western edge of the low-level jet during the late afternoon and early evening from far western Wisconsin into west-central Iowa. Wind damage will also be possible with the stronger cells, especially if an MCS can become organized during the evening.
  11. Storms last night produced a lot of thunder and lightning but not much rain I picked up .55in, the heavier rainfall was just off to my south and west.
  12. Severe thunderstorm watch until 4am. I may get some late night boomers.
  13. The 0z GFS has a wet and cool look for many of us for the next 10 days. Several chances of strong storms as well.
  14. Severe weather and strong storms possible tonight in my area. SE Nebraska could see some isolated tornadoes but for mby the highest risk should be strong straight line winds and heavy rain.
  15. Not dry down here by any means but this is the wettest time of year and I've only had .6 the last 10 days. I would gladly take a good drink before it turns hot again. I know you guys aren't turning down any rain let's hope this pans out.
  16. Beautiful weather today gonna have to do some grilling tonight.
  17. Here's a pic of the warned cell as it moves in. Radar shows it weakening a little.
  18. @Jayhawker85and other KC folks, looks like a big bowing storm just went through your area headed my way. 63mph winds reported in Olathe. Any reports?
  19. A line of severe thunderstorms have developed NW of KC behind a cold front. A STW has been issued until 1pm hail looks to be the biggest threat. Storms look to linger most of the day for mby.
  20. Looks like there's a little bit of wind and hail threat tomorrow morning. After the wind and heat this last week I would gladly take an inch of rain.
  21. The next few weeks are typically the wettest time of year in KC and the 10 day forecast on the Euro and GFS reflect that. also interesting is the GFS keeps showing a tropical system in the Gulf, seems way to early for something like this.
  22. Nice day instore for today with sunshine and a high of 87. Thunderstorms move in tomorrow morning and the HRRR is showing .5 to 1 inch amounts around the KC area.
  23. Nice rain over your way, it's made for a beautiful morning here. Dew points are currently in the mid 50s and the rain looks to miss to my west this morning and my east tonight.
  24. Looks like it will develop into a wind and hail threat.
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