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  1. Some rainfall totals from around my area for yesterday, I finished with 1.37in. Around a 1/2in expected today. ✔@NWSKansasCity "It was a wet day" ~ Capt. Obvious Pleasant Hill: 2.72" Olathe (New Century): 2.71" Lee's Summit: 2.32" Olathe (Jo. Co. Exec) 2.02" Downtown KC: 1.92" Sedalia: 1.31" MCI: 1.18" Chillicothe: 0.87" St. Joseph: 0.68" Kirksville: 0.46"
  2. 1.10 inches of rain at my house so far. Some of the KC metro has received much more and there are several flood warnings in effect. Rain is expected to continue overnight.
  3. Rain and thunderstorms this morning. Everything feels like mid May except its only 57 degrees.
  4. The rain down my way was very disorganized this morning, heavier more organized rain fell south of me across Southwest Missouri. I only picked up .1in. Glad that some of you folks up north got a good rain. Rain re-enters my forecast tonight and most of tomorrow should rain.
  5. GFS has been showing a tropical system in the Gulf off and on the last few days. The south is getting drenched
  6. Next week looks warmer here with temps in the mid 70's but no 80 degree weather showing up here for at least the next 7 days. The biggest reason is rain being in the forecast everyday for the next 7-10 days. I might need to throw life jackets on my tomato plants. US National Weather Service Kansas City Missouri 36 minutes ago Fun fact: On average KC has 11 days of 80 degrees (or greater) in the month of May. So far this May we've had 1 day on May 1st. This forecast will continue that trend with
  7. Patchy frost here this morning. Low temps varied from 36-39 on my way to work. Rain moves back in tonight with 2-3 inches expected over the weekend.
  8. Pattern looks to remain active, cool, and wet for the I 70 corridor. Hopefully some beneficial rains for others who have missed out over the next 10 days.
  9. Yes it was and by far the strongest line so far this year. Lots of limbs down in the area.
  10. Heavy rain and strong winds overnight with some small hail. I recorded 1.81 inches. Winds are still gusting to 28 mph and the temp is a chilly 48.
  11. Severe thunderstorm watch issued until 5am. Going to be a stormy late night.
  12. This morning's NAM model showing a nasty bow echo moving through KC overnight could be a lot of wind with that one.
  13. Chilly morning here with some scattered frost, hopefully my tomatoes and pepper plants made it through. Had a low of 38 forcasted low was 43. Nice warm up coming today as temps should get close to 70.
  14. I remember feeling the energy in the air that day. NWS Kansas City 18 years ago our region saw a pretty devastating tornado outbreak. Here are a few photos and radar images from that day: https://weather.gov/eax/may042003
  15. Very cool week ahead. today will be the only day this week that exceeds 70 degrees. Not a lot of rain in the forecast the best chance of rain looks to be early tomorrow morning.
  16. Just absolutely crazy that you guys in Iowa are 20 degrees warmer than I am today.
  17. April was a wet month and May looks to start wet. NWS Kansas City Here at the home office on the Pleasant Hill, our 2.67" yesterday put us at 5.91" for the month of April. That's good enough for 5th place. 1st place is 2017 with 6.33." #AlmostMadeIt #IfYouAintFirstYourLast. #mowx
  18. Slight severe risk has nosed in to my area for this evening, also 2+inches of rainfall possible tonight and tomorrow.
  19. Made it up to 83 today and got my garden vegetables planted.
  20. @OKwx2k4 I think we're going to get some rain this week.
  21. Big differences in severe weather and precipitation amounts between the GFS model and the euro. The GFS is much further south giving me only about a quarter of an inch of rain where is the Euro gives me nearly 2 in of rain. Euro has support from the Canadian I'm kind of leaning that way at the moment.
  22. It's been a very wet year so far. I am 4.5 in above normal on precip.
  23. Severe chance showing up for Tuesday. The first of what I believe will be many over the next 2 weeks.
  24. Hard freeze last night, had a low of 26. Not sure if there was any damage but the frost was heavy.
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