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  1. storms this morning may keep severe weather away from me later, per nam and hrrr
  2. Dp went from 62 to 56 the last several minutes
  3. 53 to 85 in 2 hours at my current location
  4. Sun just came out in Fremont and it's now warming up pretty quick
  5. goes without saying anything (fremont, ne )
  6. nam was been worse than any model this year
  7. For my job, I travel to Nebraska city, lake waconda, Peru, cook, auburn, nemaha, Brownsville, Hamburg, ia, Sidney ia, and probably a town or two I'm forgetting about. I wouldn't drive just to see snow.
  8. 2-3" so far Nebraska city,. About 4" lake waconda Nebraska 20220318_094811.mp4 20220318_094854.mp4
  9. living in fremont, i can believe that LOL
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