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  1. Generator has been rolling since 10ish, tons of trees down in the Northwoods.
  2. Avoid closing the windows at all costs...fresh pine scent all day everyday. Its literally one of the best parts of moving up here!
  3. high of 58.8 today so far. If the sun doesn't pop out I think that is where we top out. Feels fantastic after the 90s!
  4. Heavy smoke again up here. Strong smell and heavy haze.
  5. Bring it...got our boat rides in, I'm ready for snow!
  6. 39 and overcast here...high was 44 I think
  7. snowshowers in the grid for Thursday night
  8. A/c on in the northwoods. 64 degrees with a dewpoint of 60. Feels disgusting out there!
  9. Hopefully the last fire of the year. Bring on the beaches n beer!
  10. here snowy snowy snowy! Closing day on our house tomorrow!!!!
  11. snowed most of the day yesterday..today was nice but cool, 36 for most of the day. Got a few good waterfalls in before the snow tonight.
  12. In da Yoop till move in day on May 7th. 3" down.
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