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  1. Hopefully the last fire of the year. Bring on the beaches n beer!
  2. here snowy snowy snowy! Closing day on our house tomorrow!!!!
  3. snowed most of the day yesterday..today was nice but cool, 36 for most of the day. Got a few good waterfalls in before the snow tonight.
  4. In da Yoop till move in day on May 7th. 3" down.
  5. Ice out this morning...time to hit the beach! Found the white claw on the beach so why not...
  6. snowballs from the sky...2-3" tonight is what they say
  7. 9" down from 9:30 to 2:30! Sun is out now! 20210228_122553_1.mp4
  8. wow!!!...ended with 9" 20210228_122553.mp4 20210228_122553.mp4
  9. still under .3mi vis pretty impressive little storm!
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