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  1. Picking up in thevlast hour or so 20221129_153757.mp4
  2. WSW let's get it on the ground now...trails open soon!
  3. See what happens, but looks promising up this way.
  4. Rink is running. Hopefully doesn't warm up too much this week!
  5. Ended up with about 4 or 5 here...little further north in Gile they were at 22" at 3am. Hurley got dumped on too
  6. upped to 8 to 12 tonight...see if it happens.... Just started dumping. Here we go
  7. Pretty cool to see that Meso Low on Satellite by the Keweenaw. The loop shows it great! https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=subregional-N_Tier-02-24-1-100-1&checked=map&colorbar=undefined
  8. Light snow all day, around 3" on the ground...looks like winter thats for sure!
  9. 12z Euro and 18z GFS from today look pretty darn warm from Thanksgiving on... MJO phase 6 flexing some muscle?
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