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  1. 1.4" last night solid lightening, like daylight looking into the woods!
  2. Freaking summer time boys n girls..69 degrees!!!! only snow piles left! Ice out today! 20220504_191014.mp4
  3. .5" of rain predicted for tonight...lol 20220420_193320.mp4
  4. Entering the ok, I'm done with this phase
  5. 10" last 2 days....still 2 to 3+ Feet in the woods.
  6. Getting a little ridiculous for even up this way...19 degrees atm ended up with about 3" 20"+ of ice on most every lake. Ice out is normally now. looks like snow cover till the start of May!
  7. snow all day picked up around 3pm 2in or so since then. 25 degrees and howling wind...mid Dec. Some tree videos for ya! 20220413_132156.mp4
  8. 25 1" of snow overnight....snow squalls and 50mph winds this afternoon ad in the freezerbox till next week it looks like
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