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  1. God is good all the time....and all the time God is good
  2. Right now still back and forth between Manitowish Waters and Madison....cleaning out the house down there...We'll be in Mani Waters while looking for a house in Boulder Junction, Presque Isle or Manitowish.
  3. love the layout of the new mobile site, but hate that it doesn't take me to the last read post.
  4. Well, its a happy October here. Sold the house as week and moving to the Northwoods of WI for good. Can't wait. Staying at the cottagebfor the next 5 mo. Here's to living in a snow belt! With 2 new 900 Ace's! BRING ON WINTER!!!
  5. Little chilly in the northwoods and only getting chillier!
  6. Everything I have heard on the virus being airborne is that in a close setting it maybe be transmissible, but in open air that there is not much concern?
  7. 45 n rain all morning....grass is starting to green up!
  8. GDR...agree...but Fl seems to be not out of the woods and it's not cold there.
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