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  1. I dunno. All I see on all three major models is warm air all the way up into Saskatchewan and Manitoba through the 15th and beyond. Upper 40's to near 50 in a ton of places. No real storms outside of a narrow band of snow here or there. What was a its gonna cool down early maybe mid December hopefully will happen by Jan maybe. Out around town today and everyone is starting to get a little worries on if winter ($$$) will show. Here's hoping, I just don't see it atm.
  2. Rink building has started....please keep that warm air away!
  3. GFS showing warm at the end of the run 300+hrs. Seems it's cooled the 3-5th as we get closer. one can hope
  4. Looks brutal till then mid to upper 30's up here keeps getting warmer!
  5. Looks like MJO is headed to phase 3 and 4 to kick on Dec
  6. Just sayin feels pretty blag and moderate up this way.... NWS Green Bay on board.
  7. Seems pretty toasty here after Dec 7th or so. Please tell me different. Ice making meeting on Monday
  8. 2" down here...absolutely gorgeous outside
  9. What's going on in here....Nov 25-27th first storm thread
  10. Well if that pans out that could be a good winter!
  11. Hows it look for trends end on Nov early Dec. Getting ready to build the ice rink
  12. Not a good sign for upcoming winter up here. pretty Nino like
  13. Happy Halloween. 4" down moderate lake effect tonight up in PI. looked like Christmas with kids sledding
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