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  1. Down to 4...I think it might get chilly tonight
  2. Any chance this warm up doesn't happen next week. How warm we talking? Trails open on the 15th! I would think a 12" storm would help get through 3 days or so. If that were to happen we'd have about 20" on the ground.
  3. 4 to 4.5 down from where I measured....looks like the lake is gonna deliver the goods, but thats always up in the air till it happens
  4. Latest HRRR seems to have it nailed matching it up to the radar
  5. doesn't look good up here...2in down and dry air hauling towards me
  6. here's the update. now let's get it on the ground!
  7. wonder how this plays out over here further east...avoid the dry slot?
  8. Well we got a warning, 7-11" let's ee how it goes!
  9. Was super pumped when I saw this. Then saw im only in a watch and only my county! Not sure what to think. No watches in UP too? Oh well, got 6.5" under a Sps last week so the weather gonna do what the weather gonna do.
  10. holding steady if not getting a little bit better around these parts on the 18z GFS. Really good local guy saying tonight looks like lake effect is gonna pound Monday into Tues
  11. The ice in the band that got the 6 to 8" the other day is shot already Had 2" of ice and then that. Ice fishing will be a dangerous game till mid Jan
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