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  1. can we turn all this rain into snow in a few months. unreal, rain every day sometimes a little sometimes a lot but it just keeps coming
  2. pretty sure summer isn't showing up this year. water temps still in the 60's rain every other day and only a handful of days above 75 so far. 60 degrees atm.
  3. pretty common till 4th of July ish. have some cranberry grower friends and they will be on frost watch all months but July normally
  4. Can the snowblower come off the tractor that is the question
  5. 3" down....it was absolutely dumping from 330 to 530 slowed down for a bit now back to game on
  6. Gfs has heavy snow back down into IA now!
  7. Looks like things might get a little interesting even up this way. SNOWY WISCO
  8. That would be awesome...need some throttle therapy!!!
  9. biggest flakes ever around 5pm here 20240325_154454.mp4
  10. 10" here kids finally getting some snow play. Hoping the rain stays away, but I don't think we get that lucky
  11. this thing is only gonna trend down for most
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