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  1. It's a part of the storm. Thats where the NNW winds and added moisture are coming from
  2. 1-3" or 2-4" off the lake thus afternoon and tonight...a great welcome to the north! Lake just locked up last night
  3. Hoping the hi res models show a bit more lake effect in North Central WI as this gets underway
  4. This would be a fantastic welcome to the north and a great open to Dec for many! Lock. It. In.
  5. one thing so far this year that I have noticed is every storm that has rolled through Minneapolis and on North and now Mich is the forecasted snow totals have been accurate or too low instead of slashing totals downward as events start. Storms don't seem to be losing steam as the head throigh the lakes for a change!
  6. Give it up...Stop Hoping the move north still gets me a winter.
  7. Beginning to look like Christmas in the Northwoods 3.5" down today after calling for snow showers.
  8. Jeaded back up Friday with the snowblower attachment. Then back up for good on the 28th!
  9. That takes me to the last post, but not the last one I read. It's better, but still not as good as before.
  10. Seriously how do you get the phone to go thebthenlast read post like before. Scrolling through the posts everytime I refresh is getting old!
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