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  1. 9" down from 9:30 to 2:30! Sun is out now! 20210228_122553_1.mp4
  2. wow!!!...ended with 9" 20210228_122553.mp4 20210228_122553.mp4
  3. Maybe a surprise attack up here Sunday into Monday? Looks like 3-6"?
  4. Lots of help....30 mi south averages 70". Thats probably the most crazy thing about this winter is not only the lack of system snow, but the non existence of the lake for the most part. Out of that 67", 10" fell in October as well. Just crazy!
  5. While cold for a 2 weeks stretch winter never really started and for all purposes snow play up here will be done after this weekend. On to next year.
  6. 4-6" tomorrow night! Picked up a bonus 2 last night!!! Might be the last good ride of the year, but it was a fantastic one.
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