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  1. This is from last week but still thought it was cool enough to share.
  2. I happen to visiting inlaws in the northern suburbs, just north of the lake/cook county line. Had sirens going, even though I don't think we were technically in the tornado warning areas. No real damage on the north side of the storm except for a close lightning strike took out cable tv/internet.
  3. Very dramatic difference from 10 months ago. Record low water levels to approaching all time record highs in some spots in the lake of the woods watershed beating out 2014.
  4. A few snow showers here this am. Only lasted a few minutes, but still it's may 21, a bit ridiculous even for my location
  5. Crazy difference 9 months makes. This picture would have looked like a hay field more than water front last August. Cattails getting flooded out... Water still coming up from rains last night.
  6. May snowmobiling in..... Minnesota https://www.hardcoresledder.com/threads/riding-in-may.1886445/
  7. You are not alone. I have heard of quite a few people the last few days come to the realization that many lakes up here are still going to have ice well into May. 2014 and 1996 ice outs are going to be about the only other years comparable to this year. Photo of lake of the woods (rocky point) from yesterday, no open water even hinting at showing yet.
  8. Some pics from the last few days. snowmelt plus rain plus frozen ground is a poor combo. Can I send some water to you guys in Nebraska? Just gotta come and get it before it gets to Hudson Bay.
  9. Just another 6-10" snowfall in the Minnesota arrowhead/north shore. I would not be surprised if the spine of the ridge along the north shore near grand marais mn has seen spots with 200" accumulation this season. Localized locations within a few miles of Superior in that area have 1000' of elevation rise to enhance the snow with the right fetch. There aren't really any reliable weather stations in that area though.
  10. I don't know the specifics of spring 1996 other than it was cold in general. April 2008 had some significant snowstorms, but these were disconnected from the "winter", where the winter snowpack had all melted. 2013-14 was an epic winter but kinda flipped to spring after the first week of April. April 2013 is the only thing comparable to this April I can think of. I remember hearing guys getting stuck snowmobiling the MN north shore trail on May 1.
  11. Heck, I am 50 miles further north latitude than Ely, and I can see Canada. Yes 2013 was one of the latest springs I can remember, 2014 was right on its heals. For that Ely cam to truly look like a good midwinter scene, the snow would need to be nearly up to the thermometer.
  12. Let the meltdown commence, I guess, well it had to happen eventually. I wish it could have waited until after this coming weekend. 40 at noon already. Seeing blacktop on some city streets I haven't seen since mid December.
  13. Thanks. I love it so far. Coming off a 14 year old sled it's night and day to my old one
  14. Looks like last day of "winter" is tomorrow. Endless forecast if 30s and 40s beyond. Finally got my new toy just in time for this last weekend.... Not sure why the side ways pics?
  15. Yeah 3' of ice is nothing on LOW this late in the year, the only reason its not close to 5'+ is because of the thick snowcover insulating the ice. My snow on the ground is still close to 18" I'd guess and that's with no significant snow for 2 weeks.
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