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  1. If you have the time, check out the Lost 40 south of northome. That area has the best area for fall colors in the area in addition to massive trees.
  2. Frost advisory was just to my east. To much wind overnight for frost this morning here, only got down to mid 40s. Fall color is developing day by day. Very drab fall colors this year due to the dry summer.
  3. Last night was the rainiest night I can remember in forever it seems. 5-6 hours of constant rain shifting between steady, moderate, and heavy rain, nothing severe but decent amount of thunder. You really couldn't have drawn a better a better outcome for the D4 drought areas of northern Minnesota.
  4. It's definitely started and things maybe a little early through the season due to the drought. Some trees have been dropping leaves early as well, presumably from drought. Still majority full green so far though.
  5. A 24-36 hour non severe weather soaking rain system would feel like heaven at this point. It can be argued that northern minnesota is an interconnected system of lakes, rivers, swamps, wetlands, etc. with interspersed areas of higher ground. Well, the lakes and rivers are at low levels and the swamps and wetlands are nearly if not completely dried up at this point. Fire danger is about as high as it can be at this point. It seems like there is a new fire somewhere in the region everyday. So far a large fire has been avoided until now, but it could get catastrophically worse without significant rain before leaves fall and vegetation dies off before cold season. Historically, the biggest and most destructive fires in Minnesota are in Sep-Oct and even Nov.
  6. We will see about that...droughts never last forever, but models have shown so much rain in the medium range over the last year only to amount to nothing I can't help but be skeptical. On a related note, a band of northern minnesota got added to exceptional drought D4 in this weeks drought monitor. It has rain nearly 3" here in the last week, can hardly tell looking around. Ground soaked it up so fast hardly a puddle around. Blue skies are back with no smoke which is nice.
  7. From what I have been told, too young to remember myself, 1988 drought was followed by a very cold and snowy 88-89 winter for Minnesota. So cold and snowy that the MN DNR was giving out deer feed for wild deer who were struggling through the deep snow and cold. That would never happen today though with the risk of spreading CWD, among other reasons. 2012 was followed by a very snowy winter, albeit didn't really get going until late January. On the flip side 2006 was a very dry summer followed by an equally dry and warm winter...
  8. From last nights storm. Produced some widespread large hail.... I can't find it now but saw a video near Red Lake of sideways hail storm pummeling a building, anything short of steel roofs and siding was probably getting shredded. Somehow I ended up with nothing more than a couple distant rumbles of thunder and a few raindrops as the storms parted over Lake of the Woods.
  9. Can you make out my drain field? Everything is brown otherwise...haven't mowed the rest of the yard in two weeks and only contemplating it to knock down the weeds. Locally the drought here is comparable to 2012 and 1988.
  10. Don't worry that will pass, I have a pleasant 81/67 and calm wind after the rain. The one good point of the dry weather was the low humidity.
  11. @FAR_Weather You getting any rain today? I finally got some this am. Not enough to really make any difference with drought conditions but at least the dust is knocked down. It's hyperbole of course, but long time area residents are noting that "they have never seen it this dry before..." over the last couple weeks. The dryness from last fall through winter, spring, and now summer is adding up though. The water table is naturally high in the area and there are many ditches and low areas that usually have standing water/cattails in them year round are that are starting to dry up... Even so our situation isn't as bad as NW Ontario. It's not a coincidence that the area that had a snow whole all last winter is now the same area burning...
  12. So the UHI effect raises MSP average temps 2-4F in June, most likely due to elevated lows? I can easily see MSP with a high low of 90/70 while Eau Claire and Wilmar get 89/66 in the summer all things being equal for example.
  13. How does Wilmar, MN and Eau Claire, WI temps compare to MSP? Each are the same latitude as MSP but are largely without the significant UHI of MSP.
  14. Dry conditions are already here for northern MN. Both my neighbor's and my drain fields are a rectangle oases of lush green grass surrounded by brown crispy grass. Other than a slight reprieve in mid April, the drought pattern has been here since last Aug/Sep. Lightning started a wildfire in the state forest not to far from me a couple weeks ago, burned for a couple days.
  15. For me to the new the Denver like dew points allowed it to cool enough by midnight I could turn ac off.
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