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  1. Go with the best option, the Euro. Whatever it says may not be correct this time, but it's a good bet it will be the most accurate choice the majority of the time.
  2. In my mind it seems like for the last 20+ years it has unanimously been touted that climate change will lead to a disproportional increase of average temperatures for areas of the northern plains and upper midwest versus say coastal climates for example. Coastal climate change is moderated oceans, which even if warmed still serve to moderate coastal extremes. Is my memory correct? It seems that the update in 30 year averages from 1980-2010 to 1990-2020 should be the first definitive data point in which the warming over the northern plains and upper midwest is clearly evident. Yet, ther
  3. Be careful lumping eastern montana into the northern rockies. Eastern Montana is the same geography and climate as the western dakoatas and NE Wyoming...arid high plains. I am curious if the dropping of the 1988-89 drought has an effect on the averages. Does 2012 drought equally replace it? My Dad and uncles talk about how dry the 80s were in general for north dakota and nw minnesota, but I'm not sure if this is selective memory or not.
  4. I say lets build a computer system to take into account all the variables and make a prediction of future weather. Heck lets make it one the most advanced computers ever made, it can't be wrong then. Wait, what? We did that already and it still isn't any good past 10 days...
  5. Went from very strong south winds and 60s yesterday to screaming west winds, 20s and snow/blowing snow this morning. My house is wide open to the west for at least half a mile, it was one of the windiest/loudest nights I can remember at my place in the almost 10 years I have been in it. Sounded like a summer thunderstorm at times. Getting more precip and snow this morning than anytime since at least Jan. 1, as hard as that may be to believe with all the rain in Nebraska, Iowa, etc. the last few weeks.
  6. Not that the CO ski resorts won't get any snow, but this is a Front Range favored setup where the prominent CO resorts are on the opposite side of the Rockies. If this things keeps shifting more into Wyoming keep these webcams in mind. They are on the east side of the Snowy Mountain Range of SE Wyoming: https://www.snowyrangeski.com/webcams/ https://www.coloradowebcam.net/camera/centennial-wy-mountain-view-hotel-cafe-hwy-130-webcam
  7. Would this end drought conditions in Nebraska, Kansas, and Eastern Colorado in a little under 10 days?
  8. I think the green in grass revealed immediately after snowmelt is left over chlorophyll in the grass preserved by below freezing temps and snow cover. The grass is dormant still until the soil warms up. If the snow melts but soil temps keep cold enough to keep the grass dormant, the residual chlorophyll eventually breaks down and the grass turns brown just like leaves change in the autumn.
  9. Looking at the remaining few inches of crusty snow I have left, and a week full of highs in the 40s upcoming. I would rather tell nature to bank any potential snow for the rest of this season until next December. However, if it does have to snow, it better be significant. Nothing worse in my mind than 6" March snows on bare ground that melts in a few days only for another 6" that melts quickly followed by another 6" that melts quickly, etc.
  10. -13 here this morning with an old crusty and dirty melt/freeze cycled snowpack. If it was still a winter like snowpack or fresh snow, I would expect it could have gotten to at least -20. I figure from past history, that I have a 50/50 shot each March to record a -20 reading, of course that is almost always during the first half of march. Looking over the next couple weeks it doesn't look likely to happen this year having missed it this morning.
  11. Ok, I see it now....feel a little dumb. My brain must have been thinking they were correlating the axis lines with solstices/equinoxes or something???
  12. How are there data points clearly well into March on this chart? Doesn't make any sense.
  13. This will help out for a few days, but I would expect plenty of red flag warnings in the Dakotas over the next few weeks given the lack of snow there this winter. They entered winter with drought conditions as it is.
  14. Sledding season is pretty much done here after 39 and 44 the last couple days. There just wasnt enough base to withstand the warm temps. My sled hasn't moved since mlk weekend when I decided there really wasn't enough snow to make it worth riding until we get more snow..... it never happened. If you blindly gave me a summary of temps, precip, and snow for my area since October 1, I would say with strong confidence that we must be in a moderate to strong el nino, go figure.
  15. We (northern minnesota) did not have any impact from the low that affected you guys down south yesterday, I had all sun and only dropped to 30 overnight. There is a massive sub 980mb pacific low going across canada dragging pacific air across the Canadian prairies, warmed even more by the chinooks coming down from the Canadian Rockies.
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