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  1. @Niko Here's your Christmas decorations blowin' around
  2. Finally sinking in just what the 18z run meant, so I looped it and think I just wet myself, lol. What a wx fantasy run for SMI. Like DEC '00 redux craziness. Three strong storms target this region in roughly a (10) day period.
  3. From GRR: Using a momentum transfer of 10mb (a bit deeper of a calculation) in BUFKIT overviews for mixing depth some sites in our forecast area hit 46-48 knots (52-55 mph). That type of mixing is possible near and behind the cold front. Scattered power outages are likely from falling limbs and trees. With the leaves gone this will be tougher to do, but weaker/rotted limbs and trees will certainly have the opportunity to come down in this type of wind.
  4. My adorable puppy has been put on notice. She may be lent to somebody, lol
  5. It takes cold air to get dynamic systems and it seems prevalent so far this autumn. Really like seeing stuff like this: There is now an increasingly likely chance that a short-fused storm warning will be issued for Saturday morning.
  6. I'd like a side order of this pls.. Including the cities of Mancelona, Gaylord, and Charlevoix 254 PM EST Fri Dec 2 2022 ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 4 AM TO 4 PM EST SATURDAY... * WHAT...Strong winds and blowing snow expected. Total snow accumulations of up to 2 to 3 inches. Winds gusting as high as 45 mph leading to white-out conditions.
  7. Nice to see a/the more active period approaching us. Kinda perfect timing in my book - a 3rd of the way into Dec and on-wards.
  8. Geez..another Jan '21 storm track - HARD pass on that outcome, lol
  9. A Met from ORD is seeing some positive signs going forward just based on traditional pattern recognition citing the 2010 analog for this month. Kinda jives with what the LRC crew in here has been saying. I'm personally a fan of the strong storms and their winds. May it be a trend all winter! As the snow shield has progressed S through Canada now into the N Tier why should it suddenly halt when it is becoming "in season" for us further down in LAT.
  10. That 1st map (0z) is why NOBODY is excited in our Sub for December. Enter map #2 (12z)..suddenly, a mere 12 hrs later I've gone from 0.1 qpf to ~2" qpf! I'd lend my dog to you for a week to see that be all snow!
  11. Really, it comes and goes. I remember clearly your area getting raked with a 12-18" bliz and being so jealous of all your nice photos of drifting. 5 or 6 yrs back?? The Plains are notoriously feast or famine in most wx categories. Pretty sure OMA got that sweet 14" storm just a few years back tho not sure it reached west enough to include yby. I've had only (1) dbl digit snowstorm in the past six winters, and barely reached at 10".
  12. Thanks. I like the positive vibes. Just have to hope that it can be "just cold enough" to include my area in any snow event. Keep in mind I live in the "almost" region of The Mitt when it comes to SN. Hey, at least I was driving home this evening in -SHSN. Got a few flakes outta this event which is better than I thought would happen.
  13. WDM - William (Bill) a younger and most pro-winter MET on staff at GRR. Apologize to him and you for not remembering his last name attm.
  14. For their seasonal outlook for DJF 2013-14 they failed miserably in every category. Not saying they'll be wrong, its just that there are times when they can be way off the mark.
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