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  1. Just 4 months ago: Funny. I was just thinking how we ended the season with a Storm Warning here and it may have been a preview of things to come. Hope you and others are enjoying the warm season. I start at my new firm in Detroit area right after Independence Day (..waves hi to Niko). After 19 years in Marshall we will be moving and beginning a new chapter. Take care my Wx friends!
  2. Flood Watch, Tornado Watch, Flood Advisory, Severe T-storm Warning, and a Tornado Warning all in effect for Marshall attm! From boring to hyper-active this month. #wildswings
  3. 0.1" on my deck railing last night took me to 36.2" on the season. A scant 73% of avg. Lamest winter snow total since 97-98 or even 82-83 for me personally. I'm glad for the models busting here Tbh. In full spring mode myself.
  4. Trees are flowering here. Most beautiful season in Marshall. Don't want to see it ruined by appreciable snow like 4/23/05. Worst climo when that happens bro
  5. So this region's golden era of winters (65-85) was a result of industrial pollution. I've stated my belief that the pattern was related to the AMO and have been waiting 36 years for a return to it. But per this study it may never return unless we go back to polluting which I would never encourage. The other option is Yellowstone blows it's lid. An even worse scenario. Getting several Mount Saint Helens seems like an extreme long-shot so I'm no longer holding my breath for a return of the glory days AMO of my youth. Wow, disappointing to say the least.
  6. Communism and it's problematic ideology is about more than just a difference of economies. All the same, globalist puppets like Biden are working towards the "Chinese model" where the masses are controlled by the elite class. Similar was the former USSR. Moves that put others in control of our fate (OPEC+ for instance) are a step in that direction and anti-American.
  7. I should have said "wintry" month instead of just cold. 2014, 2008, and 1982 all featured cold and snowstorms with deep snow OTG inn March. It's a shoulder season month but those 3 years it leaned more towards winter.
  8. Hasn't been a truly cold March since 2014 and before that Maybe 2009? Can almost bank on a "non-wintry" month any more. 1982 was true winter
  9. My office went down in flames on both accounts. This sure didn't act like a Nina around here. But as I posted before, a Modoki Nina is not nearly as favorable as the traditional version. And sadly, that is the trend expected from here on out..
  10. That locale must get quite a bit of help off of Superior to avg 160"
  11. I'm thinking a truly warm spring (MAM) is off the table. Fully expecting more shoulder season winter-ish stuff like we had for the NDJ period leading up to the arctic period.
  12. Back to back 46F and sunny days has halved Monday morning's snow pack. True winter was 3 week period for Mby. That's better than it was looking tbh. I could be fine with warmth in March.
  13. 39F in my grid, but already 42F. Besides during the arctic outbreak, this has been a theme all "cold season" around here.
  14. So, back to trash pattern. Oh well, was a nice 2 weeks. 98-99 analog did show up in the end.
  15. No prob. There's a ton of different settings baked into that site and tbh, I've had it for a couple years and just now getting more familiar with how to get exactly the best out of it.
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