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  1. I appreciate the saving $$, but that's just a bit chilly for my living room. Seems like I've been toggling back and forth the last couple of weeks between HEAT and COOL
  2. strange how different here. Had at least one window open a little. Looks like our low was in the vicinity of 50F. Tonight they're calling for mid-40s tho
  3. I've rode out passing storms on a course before. WORST nightmare right here in these pics!
  4. As well as the other strong and deadly twisters on the evening of 6/8/53, there was a deadly F4 in the far, far SE corner of Lower MI near Erie that somebody actually snapped a picture of. It's the only photo I am aware of during that outbreak. No photo of the F5 in Flint, but from descriptions of spectators this is probably a good example. All told, 126 people were killed by TORS in The Mitt that early summer evening. Just krazy to think about that today.
  5. And maybe my memory from my youth was a bit off. There were 4 fatalities, and this mentions only that cottages were hit. As I reflect on it more, I think it was the parents and their child that were killed (probably in one of those cabins), not a couple just strolling along on the beach.
  6. Just catching up with this event - been busy. Two dead now (both in that mobile home park that was leveled). There apparently was another twister that hit Gaylord roughly 25 years ago, but it's so rare of a threat that they have no siren system like is common downstate. Multiple fatality twister. Might be the first since the Sept of 2007 outbreak that killed that couple east of Lansing. The Dexter EF3 in 2012 there were no fatalities, despite some seriously damaged residences. During the June 8th, 1953 outbreak, there was a smaller twister (F3?) that hit near Oscoda right on the beach at lake Huron. My folks had a cottage near there they bought the very next year. I remember my dad casually mentioning one time that we were driving past the spot that twister came through, killing a couple who were strolling the beach that fateful June evening. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time! Of course, all the news was focused on the Flint-Beecher devastation and huge loss of life. Nobody thought that amount of single twister death toll could happen in the modern (warned) era. Then the Joplin monster proved them wrong 58 years later! Flint (south side this time) also had an F4 twister rip through, just a few years later in '56. My older brother-in-law said he was at a drive-in that evening when it came over and lifted the car he was in a few feet off the ground. I think the last F4 was in the northern suburbs of Detroit (Bloomfield??) circa 1976. A very close call happened when I was working in TX back in the summer of 2010, with that EF4 that ripped through the west side of Toledo after dark iirc. This Gaylord twister happens, just as I was thinking we no longer have them here in The Mitt. Never say never (Niko?) Kentucky maybe??
  7. First real ride of the warm season last Sunday. Parks-n-Rec region due west of me has a nice linear biking pathway. Just a random rest break along the way ended up being a reminder that I was traversing the region of Michigan's last strong twister. Iirc, 32 years separated this EF3 from it's predecessor "F3" in Kalamazoo. Ignore that they used the old F3 scale for the winds. Interesting that one decade later you wouldn't have clue of the amount of trees lost in that aerial photo! I didn't know until I saw the marker.
  8. Well, summer was nice. Lasted longer than expected too. Strangest compressed spring in memory. Some still have Daffodils in bloom (can be as early as March), while most Lilacs are also in full bloom (often a June thing).
  9. Look at their dates. I doubt those are record lows in February! Lol
  10. Had 29F on the car thermometer and large puddles from the heavy rainfall last Friday night mostly iced over. #stopthemadness!
  11. Given enough time amigo, all temps eventually recover. But this is just more BS "spring 2022"
  12. "Fun run" from sunny AZ. This can stay away from mby. Sure don't need the moisture and dbl don't need more cloudy days. Got those coming out our tailpipe so far this spring.
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