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  1. Welp, 12z Ukie went dudsville on us. Cold won't come down and play. While some of the model maps of a bomb have been 1950 like, this has not been an historic cold November like that one was. The extreme opposite actually and thus have to question such a system even being realistic.
  2. Yep. Horrible trends overnight. Without cold air, this will be DOA and the latest is sad model teases. Gotta have cold air for that to happen amigo. Not gonna happen with the same marginal cold air we've just seen with our 2 snows. TBH, not looking good attm.
  3. GEM has indeed pulled westward just enough to what I consider the ideal position for the Mitt. It also keeps the SLP trekking north like the earlier Euro runs. Much prefer that over it stalling out overhead and spinning on top of me. It is pretty stingy with the main snow swath and I'm wondering if that's a blip or indication of a lack of good snow growth.
  4. Can't remember the last time I saw a 500 mb map so deep in this region. Wow!
  5. GEM inching west on it's last 3 runs. I like that. 0z Euro is another big run, but not quite as good for the Mitt. I notice both it and the GFS depict the best snowfall SW of the SLP where the coldest air gets wrapped in. Again, this was seen in another early season bomb back in Nov 1950. And, like that epic storm, the best snows are being depicted down in Indiana and/or Ohio.
  6. I may need to retract one part from my earlier post. If this were winter and we had enough cold air, we'd be in the midst of a pretty sizeable storm right now, with a potential blockbuster looming on the horizon. #1978stuff!
  7. Dude! Don't pump me up just to get let down, lol. You know these phase bombs are super finicky and thus truly rare for a reason. GFS being late to see the potential reminds me of that autumn merge bomb a year or two ago. Euro & GEM had it days before but GRR rode the GFS which didn't see it til the last minute. The 980 mb SLP near the Sault that created massive waves on Superior. Could not find my maps on it tho I remember posting some.
  8. Wraps rain into it as did the Euro. Would be a little bit like Nov 1950 super-storm in that regard.
  9. Kinda backs into the east side of the Mitt, missing me completely. Need this to come back west half a state or so.
  10. Ok, yeah I did see that earlier swath from some clipper that whiffed us south. 10-11 didn't treat SWMI too well aside from some decent NNW LES events and ofc GHD-1. Otherwise we got grazed or missed by numerous systems that winter.
  11. Now getting LOL-worthy. Where's that LOL icon in our new format?? Seriously tho, I think a lot of possibilities are still on the table. Thx for the heads-up.
  12. FYI bud, this is even less a deal than Sunday's storm, especially with how much better you did over there.
  13. It surely needs to get colder than it's been or it's no bueno for the Lwr Lakes despite a good track. Hoping things can come together. I miss legit storms after nearly five years since any one system delivered dbl digits and that was the warm Nino storm so the first 8" melted down to about 4" and it never really felt like a 10" hit. GHD-2 was last time so after nearly 6 years I'm getting a bit impatient with misses in every direction tbh.
  14. Checking back on Dec 2010, mid-month bliz is the only thing of note and it did not treat us too well per the records. 3" max depth here. Maybe you're thinking of another year?
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