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  1. Meanwhile, down in liquidville, my area has had a decent slug of RN. This is the past 2 days and it has been coming down very good at times today. Should be over 1" when this storm is finished.
  2. And WISCO making a decent showing over the last 24 hrs as well:
  3. Winter lives on..somewhere. Gaylord just about 11 am this morning was ripping!
  4. LOL Really?? Gosh, I'm 99.999999999999% certain none of us were around 137.5 years ago. Aside from that, I'm really glad you posted this link I luv weather history. I was reading some other write-up (NWS??) and it said that there were 12 foot drifts in the city of Detroit proper which is really hard to fathom tbh. Back then all these burbs like Rochester, etc were remote farming centers, not even considered "Detroit". Almost as difficult to picture in my head, is the record (briefly) deepest snow in downtown Detroit of 28" OTG during early March 1900. Detroit proper has such a poor Big Dog climo. It is very telling that the #1 and 2 storms were outside traditional winter. Only #3 (GHD-2) was a DJFM inclusive storm. Almost as rare as Big Dogs here in far SEMI is the ever elusive Blizzard Warning. I mean, check out this map and you can see that clearly DTX far and away leads the nation in lack of BW's for such a northern latitude. (and this is now 2 years later so add another 730-ish days onto that ugly number)
  5. Particularly when I'm sitting on AN snowfall during this pre-winter period of angst
  6. LOL, It's December 3rd. Even up there, we are hardly deep into winter.
  7. I'll take another 12-11-00 storm, but get back in about 10 days.. EDIT- While this has been a favored track lately, I double doubt this outcome from the GFS EDIT-EDIT- This would be almost a verbatim copy of the 3/3 storm for SMI. Deja-Vu?
  8. NAM 3km snowfall tonight via Kuchera Including the Sunday system thru 7 pm HRRR about the same in MI, but less generous over IA and NIL
  9. Far NW edge of DTX-land is getting decent snowfall tonight. That region mostly was missed last Sunday/Monday.
  10. At least per the NAM that clipper comes in riding its own reinforcement of cold air so that may well be my next shot at snow.
  11. NAM 3km loop. Gets this weekend's SLP into the mid-990s just east of here. Would've been interesting with cold enough air in place, but climo says this in a NMI special.
  12. Waiting on the 0z runs to finish, but this morning's 12z GEM was pretty generous this week with snow across NMI and regions left and right:
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