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  1. Not that I wouldn't love to see another Nov of '98 wind-bomb, but save it for winter and let the snow be on SMI. Are we even following the same forum? This pattern has been anything BUT endless cutters to our west. If anything it's been quite the opposite. Kinda surprised to see this from GRR this pm (and not even their resident winter enthusiast "WDM")
  2. I know. But I'm already freezing my a$$ with sunny and mid-40s. Not really ready for anything more harsh so soon after Augtober. What happened to Autumn, anyways?? Is that still a season, lol?
  3. Which is fine. Just walking on the lawn here is a "squish-fest"
  4. LRC = L(ike)R(eally)C(lose) but a miss nonetheless..
  5. @Tom GEFS November 500mb map with the HB vortex looks sexy like 13-14. Would prefer it to align like that in Dec, not Nov (lake Mich shadow evident in that GFS map) but it is what it is and let's see where it leads. As I posted, we can and do get some decent Nov snowstorms so it's not like the odds are "zero" on that working out this time around.
  6. I am surprised no blue wind damage in MI, since GRR had an AFD blurb that there was some localized damage near South Haven that was totally unexpected. Mentioned it was likely due to gravity waves aloft causing high winds to mix down.
  7. Looks like the gusts topped out in the mid-30s mph late in the day here. Not the 40+ we saw in Sept. That's what made the Equinox storm such a rarity for time of year and non-tropical at that. Nice storm nonetheless and seriously could've been yuuge in winter. Seems we finished right at the forecast if not slightly better. KDTW = 2.12" KYIP = 2.10"
  8. Winds so far have been lack-luster, especially vs the Equinox storm. Hopefully we will get in on the act before this clears the Lakes.
  9. Whomever called for the TOR threat to be further east was quite accurate. Looks like S. MO getting raked by after dark twisters and several small communities under TOR Emergencies. Scariest of scary wx night-time twisters! Hopefully most are safely sheltering.
  10. GRR's early am AFD by one of their least enthusiastic mets is lame sh*t I could've written. Meanwhile, DTX way out-performs and treats the system with it's due. Was always the other way around. The world has flipped.
  11. Marshall airport was at or below freezing for a solid 6 hrs overnight, so first freeze in the bag and colors can commence in earnest. Meanwhile over here in the banana belt of western Motown, we barely managed 36F (KDTW) very briefly. Some HI effects due to the concrete no doubt. Hafta find some more rural obs just to my west as it likely was cooler. I know north of Ann Arbor already hit the upper 30s twice.
  12. This is the part that smells of "copy-n-paste". Do they not look at historical compilations of 2nd year Nina's and how they include many of the top coldest and snowy winters in the region?? Peeps east of CLE are ecstatic at the elevated lake warmth, lol. The warmer the better since it creates more Delta-T extremes and should take longer to get iced over in the event of cold outbreaks.
  13. LOL Apparently we had some dense citizens in these communities earlier
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