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  1. Just started snowing here. Not calling for much but good to see
  2. Didn’t take long for the first bust of the year. Dry slot is already here, maybe got two inches. So much for being right in the middle of the 4-6 graphic.
  3. Hard to tell because it is blowing so much here, but probably have an inch so far. Been snowing for 3 hours. Going to struggle to get to the low end of the forecast of 4 inches.
  4. Started snowing here about 20 minutes ago.
  5. Been snowing here for about a half hour. Steady moderate snow
  6. Snowing getting harder and wind picking up. Visibility down to about a half mile.
  7. Same here although my snow is not as heavy, just steady light snow. But the winds are picking up and blowing this light stuff around pretty easily.
  8. First flurries have started here. Seems to be earlier than predicted. I thought 2-3:00 range is when it was suppose to make it this far north
  9. Hard to tell for sure because the snow has been blowing around so much, out here in the open, but looks like we picked up 1.5" overnight
  10. My forecast from LOT says “new snow accumulation less than one inch” this map says 8.2”. Lol. One of them is way off.
  11. Snowing pretty hard here the past half hour. Thank god it isn’t as windy as it was the past 2 days or it would be another white out.
  12. I would normally say this is cool to see but my good friend is stuck in a ditch out in the country and is just hoping he has a enough gas to wait it out and get help.
  13. Barely got anything all day. This last band has the state police closing all roads and highways all over lasalle county. Plows have been pulled off the roads. Police are only assisting in emergency situations.
  14. Wow 3 busts in a row. Mets and models are really struggling with the thermals of these storms. Maybe got an inch of slush. Was suppose to have 3-5 of fluffy snow.
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