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  1. GFS/CMC continues (at least 4th run in a row of GFS) of a system middle of next week somewhere in the MO,IA region.
  2. Grand Forks record is 10.1" that's crazy/ 1904/1905
  3. ND/SD is obvious. One that really is sandwiched and literally gotten the shaft to the N and S is Mason City,IA - 6.8" ? That's crazy how they have been missed to the N and S. Btw- the record low seasons for MCW is 9.3" in 67-68'
  4. DMX's thoughts--- After the warmth today and to a lesser degree tomorrow, colder temperatures and chances for snow return to the area for the weekend and into early next week. The best chance for accumulating snowfall Saturday resides across the northern half of Iowa and into Minnesota where a few inches may be possible and cause some travel hazards. Additional snowfall may linger into Sunday across the same or similar areas before subsiding. Unfortunately,(why they got be like that)?? additional snowfall chances may be quickly on the heels of the weekend chances with another system potentiall
  5. This probably should go in another thread- buy I'am lazy this AM- as a grandfathered in weather pro (yes that's how I make my living and work with meteorologists (degreed) every day) the following is relevant to any month on this site--- "Science is not something which cannot be understood by the non-scientist. Those who make it such are elevating themselves or choosing to obfuscate for political reasons." As a grand fathered Met, I can bury most other degreed mets in meteorological jargon. ( even if they have CALC 04 or can determine the Joules per kilogram of CAPE better than I-- who
  6. Good stuff OKwx2k4. Tom and others have admitted (myself also) that we are biased toward snow and cold, hence the reason most of come here. It sure did look like an Arctic Express as recent as 12Z Sat runs that highs below 0 for this coming Tuesday the 26th. Well that extreme is gone, but also is the extreme on the other side that is now not as bad and some signs of arctic trying to make a push at end of GFS run. But the computer guidance is only so good and that's why I iike seeing others thoughts etc and visit this site. To those whom criticize Tom and others ( I have also, but in a construc
  7. GFS stronger and further S in IA with saturdays' wave... (at least compared to 18Z)
  8. so does the 18Z. The call for Arctic charge is looking very bleak.
  9. This is no hint of Arctic air anymore in any range of guidance.. 10 days ago all I heard was SSW and Arctic is coming. What happened to the SSW and Arctic air that was almost certainly coming???
  10. Yeah. But the much hyped Arctic charge is turning into a bluff.
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