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  1. as Tom mentioned-- this was nuts- ( heaviest snow event in MAY East of the Rockies) https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/michigan-upper-peninsula-winter-storm-smashing-snowfall-records
  2. Bismark finally had a above avg day on April 10th. 49 days in a row of below normal temps. (Never seen that before in the Upper Midwest.) The also were above avg on the 11th - 12th and 18th and 19th. And now back into the freezer. 5 days above avg in the last 62 days. Unreal.
  3. i know it's out in the 7-8 day range -- but my goodness it's practically May--
  4. Duluth broke their all time snowiest winter record earlier today with more tonight. Currently 137". Speaking of Duluth-- not a good day to take a stroll in Canal Park- https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=duluth+harbor+webcam#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:1b0b6050,vid:9k_sg8rhsgk
  5. BIsmarck,ND has not seen a above normal avg daily temp since Feb 19th. 42 days and counting-- I can't ever recall something like this in the Upper Midwest since I've been following climo/weather in 25 years. TODAY'S DATE: 3-APR-23 APR-23 FOR BISMARCK, ND (1660') LAT=46.8N LON=100.8W TEMPERATURE PRECIPITATION ACTUAL NORMAL HI LO AVG HI LO AVG DEPT AMNT SNOW SNCVR HDD 1 37 1 19 50 25 38 -19 0.00 0.0 18 46 2 44 28 36 50 26 38 -2 0.01 0.0e 0 29
  6. Duluth area snowfall records -- several are about to be toast. https://www.weather.gov/dlh/seasonal-snowfall-records
  7. Euro has gone crazy-- personally-- I think it's off. Likely WAY off, but its the Euro. -- But if so-- Top 10 snowiest March is possible for DSM and other locales in IA-- DSM currently 9.9" for March-- need 15.8" for Top 10. Long stretch - I get it- but Euro keeps shoving snowfield further SE with this system. Local DMX disco's have gone full blown spring with no hint of snow in S.IA--- Is this winter fatigue - or legit forecasting??? I think some of both. Time will tell.
  8. Euro has been crap at this time frame of late. It's on outlier at this range. Euro caved at about hr 42 last event in IA. I'd expect pretty much the same thing.
  9. Amazed how much of the snow is still around with a sun angle the same as late Sept. Still a solid 4". Even the "warm" spots around trees and bushes etc that grab more radiation are pretty much holding their own. For those that didn't do their driveway/sidewalk etc hoping it would be gone from ma nature have an icy mess. Gotta love this extra hour of daylight in the evening to enjoy the snow
  10. KDSM up to 31.5" for the season. Last year was 31.3". Normal through today is 33.3" She looked bleak a week ago to make avg snowfall. Not so much anymore.
  11. It doesn't matter what the GFS/EURO/CMC and everything else show for DMX-- they plain just go with "accumulations less than 1/2" possible" for DSM Metro -- no matter what - even with egg on their face from this past weekend. They are in total winter fatigue...
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