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  1. Precip for MSP- until AUG of 1988 it was neck and neck with 1894 as driest ever. I actually remember Bud Kraehling on WCCO comparing 88' at the time to 1894. RIP BUD- died at the ripe old age of 96 and did weather casts well into his 80s"
  2. I lived in the Twin Cities in 1988. Was 15 yrs old. 2012 here in IA. I would say the 1988 drought was worse in MN compared to 2012 but that 2012 in IA was worse than 1988. I have data to back it up. (see below) Some recollections of the 1988- never seen grass as dead and brown so widespread. Water rationing (even house #'s got to water on even days of the month, Odd, on odd #'s )- but I grew up on lake and we pumped water, even with that we struggled to keep our lawn green and garden watered. Was at my grandma' / grandpa 60th wedding anniversary party on July 31st' 1988 near Faribault,MN, MSP
  3. Same here. Even if it's April. Ran across this the other day. -111C = -168F. 67,000' TS tops. Simply amazing. https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/news/article/super-cold-thunderstorm-sets-record-with-minus-111-celsius-cloud-temperature
  4. I know this is quite distant geographically - but I came across this pic of the St.Vincent eruption in the Carib-- a really cool pic.
  5. garden centers at the hy-vees' have been out for about 2 weeks and I noticed today (ahead of a frost/freeze) they had some plants out for sale. Likely the hardier ones, but still. I know this sounds bad- but I hope they would lose a bunch sometime to a hard freeze as the darn centers leave no parking spaces available....
  6. Meanwhile - wind chills below zero in and around Dickinson,ND -- this map just pushed it to 3F or 4F- but before this was 21F sustained 35kts-- now moderate snow.
  7. James SPann's property was hit. As ABC 33/40 meteorologist James Spann covered the severe weather event unfolding across his state, a moment came when he had to briefly step off camera. "The reason I had to step out, we had major damage at my house," Spann said upon returning to the broadcast a few minutes later. "My wife is OK, but the tornado came right through there and it's not good, it's bad. It's bad." After sharing the news, he carried on with his coverage of the storm. A GoFundMe page aimed at raising money to help Spann has since been launche
  8. James Spann is the MAN. Probably the best out there imo.
  9. Not sure where to post this but likely get best exposure here. Update on new climate 30 year "normals" - set to be released in May 2021- https://www.weathernationtv.com/news/explaining-the-new-climate-normals/
  10. Wow- HIgh risk. I don't follow summer severe weather as much as I do winter wx but enough to know that SPC doesn't just hand those out.
  11. If you get that snow- it's not going to do anything to the buds and green stuff other than slow it down the sprouting process Temps below 20F will however. April I believe 2007- had mid teens on the 7th here in DSM which did mess with things.
  12. This was about 2:30am last night at KDSM during peak of snowfall. PXL_20210315_074042395.mp4
  13. From the thread title- "POWERFUL MARCH STORM" yeah- I don't think this "powerful" -- 87mph wind gust at Le Mars,IA outta the EAST? Bogus. FAA/NWS fix your junk AWOS/ASOS crap. Rant over.
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