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  1. Euro has really dried out for most C and E IA for this late week system.
  2. Excellent!!! A nice Carl Kiekhaefer Mercury!!! I used to have a 1955 9.9hp that was all white. It would smoke anything now days in that HP range but not so friendly on the environment.
  3. Not that any would be able to canoe - but a very popular entry to the BWCAW is now closed due to flooded out roads.
  4. Not sure how they come up with these "climate districts measurements" (it doesn't make sense to me) -- but either way- a cold to very cold April for many.
  5. D**n. That's one of the saddest things I've heard in sometime. RIP.
  6. May 1st 2021- KDSM high of 87F. Forecast high for May 1st at KDSM- 56F. Currently 50F and raw with drizzle and 40mph gusty SW winds-- that hard to do this late in the year. I heat my house with wood. Currently have a fire going. Only time later is May of 2013'.
  7. Yep. I felt like wearing shorts to work when it was 76F. Good thing I didn't. Now 54 and raw with E winds gusting to near 40mph. What an odd spring.
  8. Front is through KDSM. Temp shot up 13F in about 90 mins-
  9. meanwhile - in the Great North Woods of canoe country - today's Modis looks like the dead of winter. red square is Gabbro/Bald Eagle Lakes SE of Ely,MN-- I have a trip there in less than 3 weeks. Rainy Lake far NW-- Lake Vermillion center. Over half of these lakes on avg should have open water now. Lakes closer to Superior will likely have ice the week leading up to Memorial Day weekend as things look now. Simply amazing.
  10. Buds came on the Silver Maple trees here in C.IA about around the 10th or so April-- 77F on the 10th and 82F on the 12th. That's slightly behind normal--- but Since then it's almost like they have regressed back inside the stem after losing the red things that clog rain gutters. I can't remember leaves being this late though I will probably have to mow my front lawn here May 1st in between rounds of rain which will be the latest first mow since 2003 when I moved into the place.
  11. What was the CPC forecast for Spring of 2022' 6 months ago? It's been epic cold in the N Central Plains lately, no? not ever seen before in recorded history in several locations . I say the drought in NEB eases drastically based on teleconnections changing and that the CPC needs to readjust. AGAIN -- CPC for late winter in Upper Midwest last Fall was for near to above normal -- they have little clue past two weeks and we all know thats on how they flip flop--- but few know the difference.
  12. With gas prices soaring I needed to cut costs and increase my likelihood of a successful chase.. Fog Storm Chase!!! Pics a little fuzzy,not the best
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