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  1. Not quite frosty but parts of W and NW IA are in the upper 30's this AM. The coldest I've seen is Sheldon at 36F. DSM so far has bottomed out at 45F- which is the coolest since May 29th when it was 41F. 116 days felt like years!!!
  2. Nicholas has came to a crawl. 7pm update. PRESENT MOVEMENT...N OR 360 DEGREES AT 2 MPH...4 KM/H This likely doesn't bode well at night time for intensification if the SW shear relaxes. Certainly not good with more likelihood of increased rainfall totals in RGV and Brownsville area.
  3. Rainfall totals expected from NWS in Houston from Nicholas-- From the 12Z Euro-- last time I saw totals this high were in Harvey when totals over 40" were common, if Nicholas slows early than forecasted - the Euro might be onto something--
  4. ^^ yeah GFS was abysmal on temps. 12Z yday had 109 in Lincoln. 106 in OMA and 99F in DSM. High in DSM was 91F. GFS seems to have had a feedback issue this summer with over forecasting temps in the short range.
  5. Reports trickling in of people trapped in BWCA due to the John EK fire. USFS is very mum on this and likely has another Pagami Creek Fire situation on their hands (2011 SEPT fire that went from 80 acres to 60,000 in 8 hours) No one was killed in that, this time I have my doubts.
  6. Pyrocumulus being able to be seen now on Duluth radar -- echoes at the 100 mile ring in S.ONT in the Quetcio are from intense fires.
  7. Since I last wrote- major situation taking place in the BWCA. 3 acre fire at 1:30 pm has now blown up to be able to be seen from space. It's the farthest E hot spot. Almost surely the USFS is scrambling to save peoples lives in a very remote area as I write. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=local-N_Minnesota-natcolorfire-12-1-100-1&checked=usint-map&colorbar=undefined
  8. For those that are following the Greenwood fire in Arrowhead of MN- today has been very bad and the night may get worse with erratic winds from dying TS's with very little rain.-- Greenwood Fire Announcement for Aug 20 at 2:00 pm. The Greenwood Fire jumped over to the west side of Highway 2, just north of Stony Lake. Fire crews and aircraft are responding. The Lake County Sheriff's Department is onsite and evacuating residents. The fire crossed over a point designated as a Management Action Point, triggering evacuations in the Sand Lake and Stony Lake areas. (just N of Stony Lake is getting very close to HWY 1) Lake County Emergency Management: 773-844-6449 Greenwood Fire Public Information Line: 218-499-9441 Greenwood Fire Phone Line for Media: 614-205-9333 The photos are from the road closure on Highway 1 and a photo of the extreme fire behavior.
  9. Buddy just sent these to me from just S of Rhinelander,WI from the Tornadic warned storm
  10. Friend of mine is outta of power in the MKE area. He is not a weather guy- so I'll ask here, was this from severe thunderstorm (widesperad) or possibly a derecho?? 100,000+ is a lot of customers.
  11. This is going to be another bust for svr weather for most of IA. The instability is sky high-- but need something to set it of. Not happening.
  12. This was from nearly 6 hours ago and way up by where Beltrami lives- but I do not recall a TS moving 85 mph before. Special Weather Statement Special Weather Statement National Weather Service Grand Forks ND 220 AM CDT Tue Aug 10 2021 MNZ006-100745- Lake Of The Woods MN- 220 AM CDT Tue Aug 10 2021 ...A strong thunderstorm will impact portions of southeastern Lake of the Woods County through 245 AM CDT... At 220 AM CDT, Doppler radar was tracking a strong thunderstorm 7 miles northwest of Carp, or 48 miles east of Roseau, moving northeast at 85 mph. HAZARD...Wind gusts up to 50 mph and nickel size hail. SOURCE...Radar indicated. IMPACT...Gusty winds could knock down tree limbs and blow around unsecured objects. Minor damage to outdoor objects is possible. This strong thunderstorm will be near... Baudette and Clementson around 230 AM CDT. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS... If outdoors, consider seeking shelter inside a building. Frequent cloud to ground lightning is occurring with this storm. Lightning can strike 10 miles away from a thunderstorm. Seek a safe shelter inside a building or vehicle. && LAT...LON 4837 9486 4837 9495 4849 9516 4892 9469 4888 9468 4883 9471 4878 9469 4874 9464 4872 9459 4872 9456 4870 9454 4869 9445 4870 9443 4859 9443 TIME...MOT...LOC 0720Z 229DEG 74KT 4857 9477 MAX HAIL SIZE...0.88 IN MAX WIND GUST...50 MPH
  13. One year ago today. Nice write up by NOAA. I was in bed awakened by my son (and wind) that the power had just gone out. The unusual thing about this derecho - at least where I live, (the strongest missed me to the N) was longevity of the severe winds. At least 15-20 mins first round followed by another 10-15 mins of 57+mph winds. Was out of power for exactly 50 hours. The longest stretch in my 18 years (now 19) in this house. Where were you when it happened if affected? https://www.weathernationtv.com/news/one-year-ago-the-midwest-derecho/ Another very detailed write up- https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/f98352e2153b4865b99ba53b86021b65
  14. Dewpoint down to 54F at DSM. It hasn't felt this comfortable since mid June. I know Aug can still be hot/humid and even early Sept but it seems we've turned the corner heading for Fall with decreasing sun angle / daylight and avg temps. The one thing I love about the change of seasons (I'd prefer winter 365) is it makes you appreciate the season(s) you love (FALL/WINTER) when you go through a warm/dry summer.
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