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  1. The weenie band continues into central Iowa. These late March systems mean business.
  2. This system is tracking a bit farther north than most models were predicting, so I'm getting nothing.
  3. Madison, Wi got 12.1", the biggest March one-day snowfall on record. Wow! There will never be an over-performer anything like that here.
  4. I have never even measured 12 inches in my entire life.
  5. Reports of 16-17" in nw Illinois. This is crazy!.
  6. 6-9 inches fell east of Cedar Rapids and northwest of the Quad Cities overnight as a very heavy band set up over that area. 4 inches fell near Iowa City and 2.5 just barely east of Cedar Rapids. I did not see a single flake.
  7. The Euro has also dropped the Monday Iowa snow event. That's not surprising considering most models showed little, if anything.
  8. 12z Euro... a good jump east like the other models.
  9. 12z UK is a solid jump east as well. It's fading for eastern Iowa.
  10. The Euro runs are going back and forth. The 06z and 18z runs are southeast, the 00z and 12z runs are nw.
  11. Local mets were only forecasting snow showers across northern Iowa overnight. Instead, 2-5" fell.
  12. Most runs of the models have shown the trowal snow really getting organized once it gets up into Wisconsin. The 12z op Euro is an outlier in this regard. If the low strengthens a bit earlier, the better snow could extend down into eastern Iowa.
  13. The Euro still has the Monday system as well.
  14. It appears we may need a thread for the early weekend lakes cutter. The southeast models have come northwest and the nw Euro is sagging back southeast.
  15. More sun than expected allowed Cedar Rapids to jump to 58º this afternoon. It's really feeling like spring.
  16. This airmass is no joke. It's currently 19º here at mid afternoon.
  17. Next week was looking like maybe a big surge of warmth up here, with storms firing along the front. Over the last day or two models have gradually shifted south, keeping this area cooler and less wet.
  18. It snowed for a while here, but it wasn't heavy. I finished with 0.7". I got 0.20" of rain before the snow.
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