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  1. Tonight's Euro still has the system, but farther northeast because the cold air behind the Sunday front doesn't dig as far south.
  2. The Canadian is now showing this system as well.
  3. In addition to the solid snow event, this morning's Euro follows it with brief, bitter cold. It has a high temp of 11º here the day after the snow. It's probably just teasing.
  4. Even a solid rain event would be nice. I am going to water my shrubs again today and I'll probably do it again in a couple weeks.
  5. I am enjoying the mild days. The rest of the week looks great, too. Once we get solidly into December, bring on the cold and snow.
  6. Sioux City has blown by the old record and expected high temp today. It is 70º at 2pm. We have also exceeded our forecast. It is currently 54º... nowhere near 70º, but still pleasant.
  7. This morning's Euro has six of the next ten days reaching 50º or above here in CR.
  8. A bit of freezing rain moved through my area this morning. There is some ice on the bird feeder.
  9. Our temp has been lower a few times, but it's easily the coldest "feel" of the season so far this morning. We are in the mid 20s with a strong wind. We won't go above freezing today so I had to get my heated bird bath out on the patio.
  10. It dropped to 16º here again this morning (just like a few mornings ago). The CR airport dropped to 13º, a new low for the season.
  11. Yeah, the GFS and Euro are both showing a blowtorch to open December. The GFS, however, continues to hint at a major reversal to active and very cold toward the end of the first week of the month.
  12. Terry Swails is watching the MJO for a possible move into cold phase 7 by the end of the first week of December, but he says models have been pushing that back so he's really just hopeful and searching for some winter weather like everyone else. Yesterday the neighbor's oak tree dumped a bunch of leaves, so I will definitely be taking advantage of today's nice, calm weather to collect them.
  13. It got pretty cold in Iowa this morning, several degrees colder than expected. It hit 14º at the CR airport and 16º in my yard.
  14. It's the coldest day of the season so far... only 31º here with a wind chill in the upper teens.
  15. Once again, the Euro flipped much colder this run. There is no consistency.
  16. The op Euro has been flopping back and forth with a possible strong cold shot around Nov 21st. Two runs ago it had Omaha in the upper 20s next Monday, then last night's run low 50s.
  17. The snow showers here have been underwhelming, plus the air and ground are too warm.
  18. I'm seeing the first light snow of the season early this morning.
  19. Euro is stronger again, drops a few inches from eastern ND to Minneapolis to southern Wisconsin.
  20. I'm seeing a lot of cold over the next ten days on the Euro. Models have become very brief with the "warm" surge next Tuesday/Wednesday. Now we only rise to the mid 50s Tuesday night before going back down. Unfortunately, the late tree leaf drop means I will have to do all my leaf collection during much colder weather over the next week or two. The neighbor's huge pin oak is just about to dump its leaves.
  21. My rain total is 0.80", so the models were correct before they dried us out at the last minute.
  22. It appears the globals may have won out over the meso models with regard to the rain around here. All the models this morning have shifted the 1-2" rain band farther west into central/ne Iowa. I should probably expect 0.50-1.00".
  23. Tonight's GFS and Euro are very weak.
  24. Models have consistently shown a significant band of rain (1-2") through central or eastern Iowa late Wednesday into early Thursday. The global models continue to lean toward central Iowa while the meso models lean toward eastern Iowa.
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