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  1. Models have trended toward several days of hot and capped, once again, after the current system. Models also show a bunch of storms in the Dakotas during that period, after which the front then sweeps through our area with little or nothing. Rinse and repeat. Apparently, we can only be either cool and wet or warm and capped this year.
  2. Models are shifting the midweek system westward. Unfortunately, that means the widespread 1-2+" rain band has shifted from eastern Iowa into central and western Iowa. Anything less than an inch would be a big disappointment.
  3. Today has become much nicer than expected. All week today was expected to be cloudy, showery, and stuck in the 50s (even low 50s on some models). Instead, the rain has missed well east, the cloud shield has almost totally cleared, and we are in the low 60s.
  4. Models are trending toward a cool soaker lifting through my area next Tue/Wed. We can certainly use the rain, but all we are able to get this spring is cold rain. When we warm up, we become capped.
  5. The HRRR continues to show nothing in Iowa later today. Other models still show storms developing.
  6. I picked up 0.16" of rain this morning, enough to fill the rain barrel. We did get our first light rumble of thunder of the entire month. Our next chance of rain is light showers behind the strong front Saturday, so we won't hear thunder again for a while. I sure hope storm action in June is not as pitiful as May.
  7. The dewpoint has fallen to a delightful 45º this evening.
  8. Today was much nicer than the last few. Today's temp was several degrees lower and the dew 15-20 degrees lower.
  9. We are at our max temp of the week (92º at the airport, maybe a bit higher in the city), but the dewpoint has fallen to 62º, down about 10º from the last couple days. It's hot, but not as bad with more wind and lower dew.
  10. Models have removed any rain for my area Friday as the frontal passage timing will be poor. Last weekend the Euro was advertising at least a few rounds of storms here this week, but we will likely go the entire week without a drop. The next chance is mid next week or even next weekend. Ugh.
  11. It's a hot one today. Thankfully, some clouds have helped. We are up to the upper 80s with 73 dew. The wind is much lighter than yesterday, too. Unfortunately, we missed rain last night and both the Euro and GFS predict very little rain over the next week+.
  12. Models, for days, advertised a line of storms sagging southeast through my area last night, but nothing came anywhere near us. Yesterday, the HRRR trended toward nothing so it performed the best.
  13. The large MCS activity down south has completely stolen our Thursday/Friday rain system. All models have now removed nearly all rain for most of Iowa. Instead of a two-day 1-2" soaker, models are showing scattered very light rain and drizzle totaling 0.1" at most.
  14. The Thu/Fri system is a battle between the Euro and the CAMs. The Euro, while gradually bringing the rain totals down across Iowa, still has near 1" in Cedar Rapids as of the 18z run. Meanwhile, the 3k NAM and HRRR show heavy convection well down in Missouri sucking up all the moisture. Both models now spit out only about 0.1" here.
  15. Models are locked into summer next week, with no more cold dumps in sight. It's still up in the air how much rain we'll get Thu/Fri. The Euro continues to be the most bullish with 1-2", but a few other models (GFS) are keeping the second spoke of energy south of us and are much drier.
  16. This morning's Euro has a LOW temp here next Tuesday morning of only 75º.
  17. My rain total is 1.23", at the high end of the model range. There were multiple models that dropped us down to 0.2-0.5" at one point. Even last night the short-term models/CAMs were in the 0.6-0.8" range.
  18. I have mixed feelings about this. We desperately need some real, consistent, late spring temps. However, 90º and 70+º dew is going overboard. I have a bunch of plants I overwintered inside. Typically, I would have had them outside hardening off for a while by now, but it has been so cold and windy they are all still inside. When I finally get them out next week they'll bake in the hot sun.
  19. The final line shrunk down to the width of a hair by the time it reached you.
  20. The Euro is surging heat and humidity up into the upper midwest next week. Something in between hot and cold would be nice.
  21. The Monday night/Tuesday system had looked like 1+" of rain across much of Iowa, but models have been steadily trending south and lowering totals. There are still a couple models showing 1+" here, but now it's looking more like 0.25"-0.75" across the state. Here's the Euro
  22. Ugh, they weren't even chasing at that point, just driving home, and hydroplaned into a freak accident.
  23. My April rain total is 4.44". March was also 4+, so we are off to a great start to spring. Now we just need some consistent warmth.
  24. A thin, but heavy line just moved through Cedar Rapids and dropped a quick 0.35" here. I had to rush to mow the lawn before it got here and I just barely made it.
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