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  1. Incredible. I believe last year my largest snowfall for the entire season was 4.8" and it was the one that hit 2 days before Halloween. I'm guessing I'll have about 2" down at my house based on a few pictures I saw in the area. My kids got to make small snowmen so they were happy.
  2. Snow has picked back up in earnest here. Could end up with another inch.
  3. Nope, no model had anything to this magnitude. Several showed an inch or two at best, but that was it. Here was the NAM which did about as well as any model.
  4. I noticed the same thing. The only report is from Belle Plaine from 1030am and a 1/2". I can only guess from my window, but looks like 2" on the ground here. Definitely did not snow as hard as just a few miles up the road, but no complaints here nonetheless.
  5. The biggest think that irks me is, since they can see the forecast is wrong, why didn't they issue some advisories and/or update the forecast? They did issue the Squall Warning, which was good, but that was only for 3 counties and for a short period of time. If CR is up to 4" already then a winter weather advisory should be issued. It's not that hard.
  6. I just ran to the post office 5 miles north of the office and it's snowing way harder there. Although yellow is showing up here on the radar, so I suspect soon it will start dumping.
  7. Incredible. Snowing moderately here now. Already a 2.5" report north of DSM
  8. And just like that, snow has started at the office here.
  9. Our new office is right next to the Eastern Iowa Airport, maybe 2 miles due east, just off 380 by the rest stop. My office window faces due west. I don't yet see any flakes, but they should be starting very soon then.
  10. Well needless to say there'd be a lot of happy people around here if the GFS got this one right.
  11. I'm at work in Cedar Rapids (and finally in our new building I have a window in my office so I can see it snow!). Radar looks great here, but dry air is winning out. Hopefully it saturates soon, I'd love to see some flakes fly.
  12. This map is through October 28th. Let that sink in. October 28th and we have a snowfall map that looks more like December.
  13. The rain/snow battle here is being won by the rain right now. I hope it switches back over soon. And the sun is just starting to come up. It’s still pretty dark. I’d love to be able to see it pour snow even if for only 5-10 minutes
  14. Rain mixing with and changing over to snow. The rain was coming down heavy so this snow should be incredible to watch for a bit. Huge flakes.
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