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  1. Once again, this is the time of year that I'm so jealous of Nebraska weather. It's always so much warmer than in eastern Iowa.
  2. I had to go downtown on my lunch break and it was 52 degrees over off H Ave and 380. I got back to work which is just down from the airport and my car said 42.
  3. DVN stated the frost depth was just 2" here due to the snow blanket.
  4. GFS has some really nice weather in store for early March. Starting on Saturday running through Wednesday, widespread highs well into the 50s for many and 60s for parts of NE early in the period before widespread 60s hit further east by mid-week. Fingers crossed.
  5. Just noticed the winter weather advisories for a large part of MN into WI. One NWS map even showed up to 8” in spots
  6. Twin cities area could get a few inches tonight into tomorrow according to several models.
  7. I tried to take a measurement this weekend and my yard stick snapped in half due to the layers of ice. I managed to get to 13" in one spot, but I couldn't tell if I had hit grass or not. I don't think I did. It was too hard to measure in most spots with all the thick ice, so I guess I don't really know what we have here. At least 13" though. LOL.
  8. I’m at Sundown Mtn ski lodge near Dubuque and it has been snowing lightly since we got here. Not much accumulation. An inch or less so far. But a picturesque scene
  9. I’m going skiing at Sundown today and we’re just about to Marion and it has been freezing drizzle since we got to highway 30. Hope it changes to snow soon.
  10. It has changed to freezing drizzle now
  11. Some light snow or graupel has begun here.
  12. There’s a 6.5” report around Omaha.
  13. I saw a 4” report from Omaha already.
  14. Every short term model is blasting western Iowa with 6-8”.
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