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  1. I'm going to play really dumb here. Protect food from what? I haven't seen anything at all and I work right next to the Eastern Iowa Airport. There has been no presence at all at the local grocery stores where I live. I'm completely out of the loop on this one I guess.
  2. It is finally sunny and pleasant in Eastern Iowa. It makes such a difference. Even though it's cool, the wind is light so it feels so much nicer today. The next two days look awful, before we finally will turn things around this weekend, before next week's heat wave.
  3. Radar estimated 0.92" at my house today.
  4. I'm sure the specifics are overdone, but the general idea appears clear, with agreement from the GFS and Canadian that we will have very warm and seasonably humid air next week, which will feel great.
  5. The Euro has highs well into the 80s and pushing 90 for much of next week with dew points surging into the low 70s! It's a miracle! And naturally we went from extended winter to summer, with no nice spring weather in between. But I'll gladly take heat and humidity over what we've had.
  6. I forgot to check my rain gauge before I left the house this morning, but I'm seeing radar estimates and local airport reports of over .75", so we got another good soaking over here. And the rain is just lingering around, so looks like we've got at least a couple more hours to go.
  7. All the way up to 64 in Iowa City. Only 58 in Cedar Rapids.
  8. So many drought stricken areas would see significant relief if this pans out. Sure hope it does. Not that I like the pattern at all.
  9. Not that I believe day 15 of the GFS, but you can't help but laugh that it's showing 82 degrees in central Canada and low 60s in the midwest. Pretty much defies logic.
  10. HRRR is not picking up on this rain in Eastern Iowa this morning at all. Finally the 16z run that is running now is getting rain as far south as Cedar Rapids, but it's been raining all the way down to about the MO border for the last couple of hours. Another gloomy, dreary, wet day here. It's a perfect night for my sand volleyball league, which starts up tonight...
  11. Finally places in Nebraska are going to get some much needed drought relief. This won't end the drought of course, but will definitely help make a difference. I see part of NW North Dakota is in extreme drought. I would think the 2 to 4 feet of snow they just got will eat away at that shortly.
  12. I’m not sure I can recall a worse spring weather wise. My grass is still not needing mowed. Trees don’t have much of any leaves yet. We’ve pretty much not had back to back nice days all spring. It’s been windy as hell. I’m about ready to move south. And no end in sight. Long range shows more of the same. At least we’re getting plenty of much needed rain though. Just would love to get some consistently nice weather for a change.
  13. My wife told me it is hailing in Tiffin, along with raining cats and dogs.
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