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  1. IMG_0130.MOV I drove to the east side of Iowa city and took some pictures and this video of the snow.
  2. Wow! Not a single flake there? We got about an inch here. Can’t believe how heavy the snow fall just barely to our east. Crazy. So close yet so far.
  3. This is starting to look really good for southern WI. Eastern Iowa may just miss out. The Canadian is the furthest west of all 12z models so far.
  4. The 12z models so far (NAM, 3k NAM, FV3 and HRRR) are all well east of Iowa with the snow tomorrow night/Saturday. Not close to what the Euro is showing.
  5. DVN AFD is not at all impressed by this system.
  6. I just noticed last night models were trying to show some snow this weekend. LOL Obviously this is never gonna happen, but I'll still follow along. Looks like the GFS and several other models have the heavier snow further east than the UK and Euro do.
  7. The back end of the system is already pushing through Des Moines. Unless more develops behind it (which some models are showing) this will end much quicker than anticipated as well. At least the heavier rates will.
  8. Snow is sticking to the grass now. Coming down at least moderately now.
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