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  1. Not gonna lie, I'm a little salty that central Canada is going to be 20 degrees warmer than central Iowa in the days to come. We just can't get any warm weather around here this spring. Please bring on summer and bury this spring forever.
  2. Only .72” here. A little disappointing
  3. 0.29” here so far. An inch looked like a slam dunk. Not anymore. Could still happen but it doesn’t seem likely unless that area of rain in western Iowa moves nearly due east
  4. I can’t tell if this band is gonna sink south. Or if models were too far south with the heavy rain bad. Because it looks like the highway 20 corridor is going to get the most rain.
  5. Euro finally came north. And many models are showing snow mixing in and changing over on the north end of this system.
  6. I really hope the GFS is right with this one. We need rain. The NAM agrees with the GFS, but the Canadian, UK and Euro are all much further south.
  7. GFS and NAM much further north for the weekend rain, GFS even shows a pocket of heavy snow in NE Iowa and southern WI. Euro remains further south than the GFS though.
  8. Only .13" at the CR Airport and only 0.20" at my house. Iowa City got very lucky to pickup a quick inch. Sure would have liked to get more than that. Was hoping for a half inch or more.
  9. We had a nice downpour here on the SW side of CR. The airport will update their rain totals in about 10 minutes or so, I'm curious to see what we got.
  10. The weather over the next 10 days (minus the next 2 days) looks very cool. Many days models are showing highs in the 50s for large portions of the area. That's disappointing, I was hoping we would at least have temperatures near normal in May. Normal highs for May 1st in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids is 66 degrees. By May 11th, Iowa City's average high is 70. The 12z GFS shows the high in Iowa City on May 11th to be in the upper 40s to around 50.
  11. How could Kansas City's first 90 degree day be on average almost a month after Lincoln and later than Minneapolis? Something seems a bit suspect there.
  12. Despite solid radar returns here, we only picked up .01” of rain. Perhaps the radar was picking up on the sleet that Hawkeye mentioned. It never rained hard and the ground is just barely wet.
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