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  1. There a 7” and 7.5” report just to my east. I’m not sure I believe they got that much more less than 10 miles away. Unless I took a bad measurement. But I measured in several spots where the wind seemed to have less effect, so I think 5” is a pretty solid measurement here.
  2. Temp down to 29.5° on my thermometer and that typically runs a degree or two warm. Weather app says 28°. Either way well below freezing now and accumulations are picking up
  3. Right at about 2” here. Flakes are starting to get fluffier instead of wet. 5” should be a slam dunk. If we get the 1”/hour rates the HRRR has been showing maybe we can even get 6-7”.
  4. Snow picked up a bit here. Never got above moderate. But flake size improved. Temp is dropping below 31° and the sun is setting so accumulations should be easier to come by now.
  5. Based on radar it should start snowing heavily here soon. Hopefully we can pickup a 1/2" to 1" with this band in the next hour.
  6. 7" report in Humboldt Iowa in North Central Iowa. Looks like they got under that early heavy band that developed this morning. So far central and western Iowa have not fared too well, but models continue to show that they will eventually get some heavy snow.
  7. It's showing 1"+/hour rates starting around 9pm for a few hours.
  8. Iowa City Airport says 31. It's snowing lightly here at the moment. We are around an inch gave or take a few tenths. Until rates pickup a bit more or temps drop a little more we will not accumulate as quickly as I'd like. Radar looks like things will pickup shortly though.
  9. I iust left Cedar Rapids and got to North Liberty. It’s 32°. Snow is very wet and slushy. It’s not accumulating quickly at this temp. Need a couple degree drop and then it should start accumulating better. Some North/South roads that are out in the open are drifting over. So some spots are slick but the interstate is just wet.
  10. Snow is very light right now. Couldn’t even tell it was snowing until I got closer to the window at work. But she’s underway. Should be a fun day
  11. I think I’ll be recommending that we send employees to work from home today for the afternoon. Due to safety reasons. Not for my own personal desire to watch the snow…
  12. Unless every short term model is wrong, I’ll be upgraded to a warning by morning.
  13. GFS on WxBell has the same inflated ratios as on the Euro. Seems even more pronounced with this storm than normal.
  14. The entire state of Iowa is under a warning or advisory.
  15. Call of Ktulu, one of my favorite songs of all time. I can listen to that anytime.
  16. Pretty wide discrepancy still between the Euro ensembles and the GEFS
  17. To Hawkeye's point. Here is Pivotal Euro Kuchera vs. WeatherBell
  18. Hard to know what model to believe at this point, and certainly future wobbling is possible. It seems I always end up on the edge of storms, but more times than not still seem to make out ok. So I'm hoping for 4-6".
  19. The GFS continues to be further east than the Euro. Gives me some hope here.
  20. The Euro just keeps that further west solution run after run. I can only hope it’s just a smidge off. The HRRR continues to be well east. Something DVN mentioned in what was a terrific AFD today. The storm is not yet sampled so changes are quite probable with todays model runs.
  21. FV3 through 2am, still snowing for the south half of Iowa on south.
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