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  1. I've got a couple properties in Packwood and am obviously watching the Goat Rocks fire closely. How much longer until the east winds subside in the area? Thanks in advance!
  2. Are you talking about ice build up on the blade itself? You could try taking a torch to the back of the blade and heating the steel.
  3. A sacrifice to the weather gods. Now who else should be banned to increase our chances for a blockbuster winter?
  4. Power out in Burien with lots of transformer flashes on the horizon.
  5. My brother who lives out by Palmer is reporting some pretty strong east winds. Here is a station in Selleck that showed a gust of 57MPH: https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KWARAVEN24 EDIT: It's absolutely dumping snow in Burien just west of SeaTac.
  6. Although I rarely post, I agree with letting Tim back on!
  7. Power's out at my place in Burien. I think many other cities will be following suit.
  8. I'm close to SeaTac and can report it is still DUMPING snow out. They'll be at 6" for the day in no time.
  9. I measured 11" of snow on an untouched bench in Burien and it is still coming down in buckets. Amazing!
  10. Very heavy snow in Burien. SeaTac must have 2-3 additional inches of snow for today.
  11. Snowing hard enough in Burien to accumulate on the roads. I think Seattle (SeaTac Airport) is going to pad their February snow totals by a few inches.
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