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  1. Does she even know that we are all going to die one day?
  2. Yeah, you made so many good posts this spring. This comment totally convinces me that you don’t have the mentality of a selfish toddler. Thanks for clearing it up.
  3. Mad Max skies have arrived in Portland. Should keep it much cooler than the original forecast at least.
  4. Sounds like a brush fire in the south Salem hills has grown out of control and they are evacuating some areas now.
  5. Just drove past a big tree that fell over a power line near the Tigard/Lake Oswego border. Must have just happened. Traffic lights are all out over here.
  6. Pretty insane! It’s interesting how the winds surfaced here before PDX. 82 at both spots now though.
  7. Yep, the wind surfaced here in the last 30 minutes and the temperature is sky rocketing. 73 now.
  8. I was surprised to see it get to 49 in Tigard this morning. It seems like the breeze is starting up, so it should warm up pretty fast. Skies are still mostly clear and smoke free so far.
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