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  1. I overheard the mailman talking to a neighbor and he mentioned how he can’t get enough of this weather. God is everywhere.
  2. Raw, winter day. Made it up to 47 a couple of hours ago. Now down to 43 after some very heavy rain just went through. Great to see the surprise snow for Andrew!
  3. Wow! That Euro run was amazing! Jesus decided to continue smiling down on this part of the world. Wonderful!
  4. It looks like the godliness in our weather isn’t going to be disappearing anytime soon! Praise be!
  5. This late winter - early spring period has been such a wonderful blessing for Oregon and California. I saw a few friends yesterday and the weather randomly came up during small talk. They all agreed that they have been loving this start to spring. Lots of fun days with snow falling and nice mountain snow. We all hope it continues. The people are eating this up Andrew!
  6. Only up to 47 here even with plenty of sun breaks this afternoon. I see convective looking clouds bubbling up around us though.
  7. Deer family enjoying the spring snow in Tigard this morning.
  8. I love when heavy rain turns to heavy snow. The gutters were very loud about 30 minutes ago and now everything is very silent. Starting to cover the cars and grass.
  9. Down to 34 and all snow. Big flakes falling on the puddles from the earlier heavy rain.
  10. Wow. You’re right. Looks pretty juicy. (NAM like?) Heavy rain/snow mix and 35 degrees now. Might turn to all snow with the way the radar looks.
  11. Yeah, it’s been snowing pretty hard for the last 30 minutes. Very pretty to look at as I drive around town this morning.
  12. Getting some wet snowflakes mixed in with the rain with this shower. Cold March.
  13. **** yeah! We all love this weather! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSssSSSDDDDDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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