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  1. Rich kids have a lot of problems. Stay strong.
  2. My dad is a guitarist and a big Jimi fan. He is obsessed with this dude, lol. He took me to his show in Portland last year.
  3. Yep, some very cold rain. Was up to 42 mid morning and now 39 with heavy rain. Great month so far.
  4. Definitely wasn't as nice here, but still fun. Probably had about 3-4 inches of snow total through the storms. Tons of sleet and freezing rain in between that snow. It was hard to get an exact reading because it all blended into a slab of ice by Saturday. Awesome sustained cold though.
  5. Huge temperature spike here. Just hit 43 after being in the 20s and 30s for days.
  6. The warmup hasn't been rapid yet, but it did just touch 34 degrees. Definitely less ice on trees than last evening.
  7. Good news. I avoided more bad icing last night as it was stuck at 33 degrees here. That warming you are talking about should be here very soon.
  8. It has basically drizzled here all day long. It started as freezing rain at 30 degrees in the morning and it’s currently 33 degree rain. Quite a bit of dripping and melting, but still ice covered.
  9. Got a little bit more freezing rain last night. The streets are still completely snow/ice packed and now have an extra layer of ice on top. It’s up to 31 now though, so the thaw should start soon.
  10. The dream of snowflakes is over here. That last shower was pretty heavy, but all freezing rain. 29 degrees.
  11. Back to some light sleet/freezing rain. Showers didn't hold up great down here. 30 degrees now.
  12. Fun shower passing through. Acting as if it is a 37 degree convective shower, but it was 31 degrees the whole time. Started off as rain and big fat flakes eventually started mixing in. Nicest snow of the event falling right now.
  13. Had some afternoon melting today with a high of 34. Everything is still ice covered though because it was so thicccc from last night. Already down to 32, so should get slick out there again.
  14. Pretty rapid warmup is taking place here. It was 25 at 9am. Now up to 30 degrees.
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