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  1. They sent out an email to the parents that the last day of school was 7/5 and a ton of the parents were pissed. I just asked my wife and she said they came back and switched it to remote learning on snow days.
  2. Seattle schools already go till after the 4th of July this school year because of the teachers strike.
  3. Really interesting to see some of the temps up north in Bellingham and down south in Tacoma currently reaching near 40 and this small are in central Puget Sound under heavy precip staying around freezing.
  4. Welcome. The family and I hit up the loyal heights playfield all the time. Starting to accumulate on the roads here.
  5. Looks like there is a little something building on the east side of the Olympics that might come this way soon.
  6. Weather app just bumped my snow amounts from 2” to 4” tomorrow for north seattle
  7. Worst case the mountains and ski resorts look to do really well staring this weekend.
  8. A big time Great Lake effect snow storm is on my top 10 weather experiences.
  9. Pretty heavy precip amounts in the south sound today. Some readings 2-3” just for today. SEA only .16 today.
  10. Passes look completely different than just an hour ago. Snoqualmie Stevens looked like no sticking snow now are looking like a winter wonderlands.
  11. For sure. I meant in terms of snowfall. The 7-10 day is looking really promising and hopefully doesn’t get too watered down. The upper slopes is what really matters for ski season and they looked to get a good base going.
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