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  1. Had to make the best of the rainy/humid weather yesterday that we rarely get and let the kids get completely soaked playing outside. Ended up being pretty fun.
  2. It’s starting to look like tomorrow’s storm will have less rain than yesterday’s. Ended up with over a 1/2” yesterday and will probably end up with less tomorrow unless some sort of eastward shift happens last minute.
  3. Was thinking the same thing this morning. I think the forecasted high of 73 for SEA is too low but will see how much the high clouds come into play today. They are a ways off the coast but are sure moving fast.
  4. Very heavy downpour right now. Roaring outside north of seattle.
  5. This is fun and interesting banter, not stressful, at least to me. It is really interesting tracking any long term weather changes and reading others thoughts on it. Isn’t that what this forum is for?
  6. For sure but the rain has come in heavier amounts which to be honest I enjoy but number of rainy days is what has felt different in recent summers.
  7. We have not had the typically June gloom that I used to. Much more dynamic which I like but I was talking about our recent summers. They may have been wetter than normal for some summers but overall they have felt drier snd have definitely had more dry streaks than past summers.
  8. Jesse is right, the rain has been coming in larger chunks and not spread out as much. That is one of the expectations for the northwest in relation to global warming.
  9. Ya I am also quite a bit above normal both this month and May but even with me being in the one of the wettest areas compared to normal in the PNW the last year or so. It has still felt much drier than normal for summer than in past summers to the point where I am much more excited for rain than I ever remember being in the past during the summer months.
  10. Anyone else feel like tracking rain in the summer is becoming more and more like tracking snow in the winter around here…
  11. 50mph winds, heavy snow and wind chill in the -20s up on Rainier… https://www.mountain-forecast.com/peaks/Mount-Rainier/forecasts/4392
  12. I have to look into it but with those temps the higher elevations in the cascades to the east had to of seen a foot or two of snow.
  13. A lot of areas around Everett and east saw well over an 1” of rain today with some over 2”.
  14. Temps moving back up now that the convergence is falling apart.
  15. Sitting on the south side of the convergence. Very stark temp differences over just a few miles going from low 60s to upper 40s/low 50s. Was sitting outside and felt humid then the temp plummeted 10deg or so and felt considerably chilly. Love days like today.
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