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  1. A good start to SEA having an above average rain total for 2021. Currently at 13.42” in just the first two months. Only 10.36” more to pass 1952’s 23.78” total.
  2. Ya there was definitely some wind shear going on. The lower level clouds were also forming out of nothing. Some of my favorite weather to watch is looking west across the sound and all the cloud flows/formations. The Olympics create all sorts of cool cloud patterns/flows.
  3. Just tried the timelapse function on my phone at Carkeek in Seattle. IMG_1264.MOV
  4. Great stuff on the thread today. I would totally be down for meeting up. On a short related story, if I remember correctly, a couple years ago Ifred was tracking a storm and driving south to north and posted that he was stopping at Beth’s Cafe in seattle. I think it was at like 2am and I was seriously going to try and meet up as I live near there but my wife and I just had a 2nd kid and I was passed out:). My wife thought I was crazy:) The things we are willing to do for weather...
  5. Getting some random large chucks of hail here in north seattle. Just to add the list of weather this month for here.
  6. Passes/mountains have sure been hit with tons of snow. Snoqualmie pass is shut down with over 36” the past two days:
  7. Passes getting dumped on temps in the low/mid teens. If I had a season pass I would be making every effort to get up there and ski today
  8. I don’t know much about the gorge weather down there at the Washington/Oregon border, but those temp numbers are amazing. Goes from low 20s to low-mid thirties within a few miles down there. Such an amazing micro climate.
  9. ECMWF was more accurate today than the newly upgraded GFS.
  10. All rain here now:(. Surprising how quickly everything melts down especially at the roads.
  11. A couple strong bands of showers come up from the southwest. Could be some heavy big flakes for a lot of king county.
  12. Was dumping snow the last hour and now that it passes the temp jumped up from 30 to 32.
  13. At this point it is looking to slowly moderate above freezing throughout the day today snd overnight up to the mid 30s
  14. My initial thought is to take it with a grain of salt as I feel that models do that a lot when coming out of a pattern like what we are currently in. However there is a history of these patterns repeating themselves again another month out.
  15. A good 2-3” do far this morning. If this next batch that comes in as snow I will be set pretty good for snow today.
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