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  1. Little snow shower came through here in north seattle and put a dusting on the ground.
  2. I’ve done a lot of climbing around the world and seen beautiful scenes from the tops of a lot of peaks but for me nothing compares to the awe of the trees of the Redwoods for some reason. I went back last summer and was seriously awestruck for hours walking through them. I have no idea why it strung a chord in my heart. My wife was seriously concerned for me and then said why don’t you say those things about me.
  3. I pulled off there last year on my way to take some clients golfing and was working on my laptop not knowing what it was. I looked up after working a bit and there was a huge herd of elk around my car!
  4. I can confirm there are now clouds around and there has been a constant flurrying the last few hours. I have seen this before but only once or twice before.
  5. Seattle schools announced at the beginning of the school year that there would be no school closures but just remote learning days so that no days have to be made up during the summer. Sort of ruins snow days for the kids though.
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