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  1. Was snowing hard here for a bit but no sticking 34 degrees
  2. looking like finally some good snow over there this weekend. Way late!!!
  3. Light wet snow this morning leaving for work, 33 degrees. it was only out around my area.
  4. Had a high of only 39 today after a low of 21!! Very cold winter day for sure.
  5. I have as well, we've talked about this. Very neat when it happens.
  6. It would be nice to get some mountain snow. Cabin is still snow less, probably first time this late in season in 20 years.
  7. This is the first time i can remember in ten years not having snow on the ground over at the cabin this late.
  8. I would if been depressed if the table was turned. It was just a strange winter.
  9. I remember watching Harry wappler in the morning before school the day it snowed heavy and he didn't have heavy snow in the forecast. I remember him saying maybe a light mix then rain showers. I believe what happened was a low was moving down the coast and it was modeled to go north of the sound but it came in to the south and dumped a huge storm. We had almost a foot in Port orchard that 1985.
  10. Over 9 inches of rain for the month, just crazy
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