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  1. My wife was into football and I remember it was funny watching her s school the men on stats. She even tried to join the football team back in junior high because she was in track and could run like the wind. I really loved watching her throw a football perfect like she could. Finding that card brought back a bunch of memories, I really miss her. She was my princess.
  2. Hey does anyone on here know much about football cards? I was cleaning out my garage and found a box with my late wife's belongings and found a football card. I is in a plastic hard cover and looks mint. It's a 1976 walter payton pro card. I no nothing of this stuff.
  3. Please make this crap end. By far the worst spring in my life here. I dont even need sunshine just dry weather.
  4. Bremerton touched 28 degrees, i was at 29. Incredible.
  5. Sticking snow in April in the afternoon with a south wind. 33 degrees. WTF.
  6. 35 degrees and snowing. Insane for April 12 in the middle of the afternoon.
  7. I would be in full meltdown if this was in the middle of winter, Jim would of needed CPR.
  8. I had talked about it few months ago but something has changed with our climate that is allowing extreme events to happen more often.
  9. This would of been even more amazing if it had been in December or January.
  10. Not a flake here. The meso models did really good with this. The foothills of Sw Washington look like they got nailed.
  11. I know most of you people aren't car people like me but the drag wheels and tires on my Challenger look nasty.
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