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  1. We just came from my cabin and the dust was really bad south of omak. I could hear debris hitting the truck.
  2. This was the tallest I could make the pile of snow with my d6. About 11 feet.
  3. Top pick looking north at Mt baldy ski resort in Canada and bottom pic looking west across the Okanagan Valley with the northern cascades in background.
  4. 25 inches of snow still at my property at 4 feet about 1000 feet above my place. Most by far I've saw this time of year. Even the lakes are still completely frozen over.
  5. Been busy building a geo tracker 4x4 for a get around rig up at my cabin. Extremely reliable little vehicles and do good on gas plus there tiny so you can go about anyplace. Here it is.
  6. Still snow on the ground here in shady places. Pretty surprised to see that.
  7. Currently 33 after a high of 42 and surprisingly there's still about 1.5 inches of snow on the ground.
  8. Driving to work there was 3 inches at my house and a solid 1/2 near sea level.
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