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  1. Yeah it was wet ground here also. Even had some fog. Felt amazing.
  2. Yep I've been running my sprinkler all around my property and into the woods to give everything a good drink.
  3. It's really bad here man. All the trees that had sun exposure have burnt needles. The maple and alder trees did fine. My Hemlock trees look really bad. I'm not worried about my Doug firs because there just a tough tree.
  4. I hope this is made up for soon. This is frightening really.
  5. They have a 300 dollar window ac unit. She said the blankets over the windows dropped it ten degrees.
  6. So the 117 in omak is a new record by 3 degrees.
  7. I checked in on my parents yesterday and my mom had blankets up over all the windows and all the lights off. They were sitting in there 70 degree home watching movies in the dark lol.
  8. What scares me is the possibility if this happening again. I hope to never feel this again. The only part I enjoyed was the late evening. That was amazing.
  9. Maple tree's around here did fine. Cedar and hemlock not so good. Even see Doug fir with brown needles.
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