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  1. Perfect weather to work outside today, love it. Nice and cool.
  2. A gross 73 here. A fukin hate this crap in march and I couldn't make my Alaska trip because of issues with leaving work. Locking myself inside my shop at home where it's cool and working on some projects.
  3. Complete pipe dream wishing for 60 plus all week in March, LOL. Not going to happen.
  4. Gfs is showing snow out here later in the month.
  5. Looking more and more likely to see one last small snow event out here before spring really starts.
  6. Only 61 here today much better than I expected, hopefully we can stay in the mid 60’s at most out here tomorrow.
  7. Most people that say over rated have not explored it much. We rented a airbnb at 12k feet, hard to do that anywhere else in the lower 48. We stayed off the busy highways and did deep exploring and that state has so many stunning areas. Just an amazing place.
  8. He was waiting for the stupid insurance to approve it or something, ridiculous!! I remember our first cat scan my wife was waiting on the insurance to OK, we waiting in the office a couple hrs and i could see she was scared and waiting was making it worse. I finally walked up the the office and said do the D**n scan now and i will write a check. No cool to make people wait for important medical things like this.
  9. Well this sux, why in the hell anyone would love this is clinically insane.
  10. Hopefully nothing more than 72, We are hoping for mid 60"s out here at most.
  11. My low on my station for January was -34.4! If it was that cold there on a hill i know the deep canyon below my place was -40 no problem. I have seen 20 below in that canyon and 5 below at cabin.
  12. We had some crazy weather at the cabin, Both days it would be sunny and 45 and then a storm would roll in, drop the temp to 30 and lay down 2 inches of snow with a bunch of wind. There is between 6-18 inches of snow up there.
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