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  1. Looks like weather station will be at your door Tuesday. Just checked.
  2. It's not fun without a lift or even a transmission jack. Before we had a nice shop I did them all on the ground. Probably over 1000 clutch and auto transmission jobs on the ground lol.
  3. I've wanted to offer this for awhile but keep forgetting. Any forum member that needs a major vehicle repair I'll give a 25% discount off the top. I gave Jim a awesome deal on a clutch job so I wanted to extend the offer to everyone.
  4. Classic example of hood canal cold pool today. It was 32 degrees at home and 8 miles east at work its 38 with zero snow.
  5. Impressive to go from rain to snow with a moderate south wind blowing.
  6. I will work on estimate today Jim. You'll get the family deal.
  7. Heavy snow falling here and 32 degrees. Was pouring rain and it just switched. Everything was white in a matter of minutes.
  8. I bet I've replaced a few hundred alternators on that Tahoe, Silverado, suburban platform. Many many transmissions also.
  9. 36 dewpoint 30. Good chance I see snow here tonight. It will probably start as a mix and switch to snow.
  10. Haha, lately my biggest struggle is people dropping vehicles off with no appointment or dropping off several day's before appointment that was made. Or we get the vehicles finished and then the customer waits 3 days to come in and pick the vehicle up. It's the people that's the challenge and not the work.
  11. I feel like I'm back in zombie mode again. Work in insane busy, I'm working 12hrs a day, can't find good people to work and this afternoon we had 43 vehicles on the property to work on.
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