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  1. Just a reminder that you live high in the mountains and this stuff still happens. There's a reason the old timers settled in the valleys near the mountains.
  2. Been very cold here, freezing every night and some days have only been around 40.
  3. I logged in just to respond to this. HUH?? I was excited but then when I looked there is nothing really special, just some chilly troughs.
  4. 39 /32 here with snow this morning. Currently 36.
  5. So it basically builds up and out from the slope of the mountain. And there is a small area over here on the Kitsap peninsula that really holds the cold air. it is between green mountain and the Olympic range. You can see this enhanced area of snowfall on the wrf map i posted.
  6. But where is the cooler air coming from? its not cold over towards you and blowing this way? is it deep enough that its coming from east of the cascades?
  7. still only 36 degrees at home!! that is impressive
  8. I'm around 47, this would get me to 50. Record is 56 from 2008. 2019 was around 50 but much more exciting because it was all in a period of a few weeks.
  9. still dumping wet snow at home and between 32 and 33 degrees. Lookd like about 1 inch.
  10. Almost 1 inch out at my place by looking at cams.
  11. this is showing a very localized area of snowfall tomorrow morning out here. Funny the model knows right where the snow belt out here is. That map is right where the most snow falls out here.
  12. With the strong east flow and that blob of moisture coming in Friday morning there no reason to believe it won't be snow here, especially after seeing it happen this morning.
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