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  1. My favorite part is when the take that 57 chevy for a test drive. She's running hot old man! Hahaha
  2. This is the first year since I've been watching models that I haven't looked beyond day 7 and it's been much more relaxing not looking at the garbage past 168hrs! At first it was hard to do but I'm good with it now.
  3. The IRS just had a big sting operation in the town of Stampede pass.
  4. I'd like to see gusts over 100. Maybe get some of that free lawn furniture Dewey got a couple years ago!
  5. At least Something good this year has happened, AC/DC has a new album and they sound absolutely great! These guys are timeless.
  6. 50mph may not look impressive on paper but that will cause plenty of damage. All eyes on the trailing front swinging up from the parent low. After looking at the sat loop I'm getting that feeling we're getting a good blow. After this year I'd say we're due!
  7. Tuesday's storm as modeled is close to a very destructive event. A good wind storm is one thing but hurricane force strength is another!
  8. Wow what a bust!! Sometimes I seems the models are no better then they were 15 years ago.
  9. Very rare to have a low of that strength take that track. Most likely will be a central to north Vancouver Island landfall .
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