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  1. I've always believed when it's your time it's just time. Yesterday was his day. What really bothers me is he'd probably be alive if he didn't get the vaccine. Just days before the vaccine he was up cleaning his roof on a 3 story home, still riding his Harley and still mowing his lawn. Just unbelievable. It's rare to die from the vaccine but it does happen.
  2. My father in law passed away last night. he was in decent shape for 71 years old. Long story short 17 days ago he went in and got the covid vaccine and started feeling sick the next day. 4 more days went by and he was having a very hard time breathing so he went to hospital. They did everything possible to save him but his lungs couldn't keep enuff oxygen in his blood and he passed. I don't know much about the vaccine or how this could of happened but it did. and of course my fiancee couldn't even go see her father because of this fuking covid bullshit.
  3. I'd probably stay behind to experience the storm if I lived there. But I'd have a home that would survive. I've always wanted to experience a hurricane.
  4. The live video feed from grand isle on Weather Channel looks crazy.
  5. I save a good prayer for things like this. These people down there are in a very bad situation.
  6. What is the highest recorded land wind speed with a hurricane land fall?
  7. What's scary is grand isle is actually east of the worse. 20 miles to the west is probably complete devastation.
  8. I would imagine this is a 165 mph storm minimum at the moment.
  9. Weather Channel interview with police chief of grand isle reported 148 mph before it broke. You could here the fear in his voice basically saying we can't sustain this wind much longer. Said he was watching massive destruction around him.
  10. Going to be bad for the people down there. The wind field on this fuker will be insane.
  11. This hurricane really looks bad and ready to explode with strength. D**n.
  12. Maybe if everyone continues to wish for more dry Weather we can really get everything !!
  13. I really like the coastal areas. We just do not like anything more than 75 degrees so it'd be nice to minimize that chance of getting any hot weather.
  14. I loved today, felt great. Perfect day for wood splitting. I've never been so sick n tired of the heat and sun. We've already decided if we start getting hot dry summers like this year we're probably moving to Alaska. Dead serious.
  15. Omg today was glorious. Beautiful perfect day temperature wise. Now just bring us rain for about a month!
  16. That'd be fuckkinnng GREAT for the burning state. JESUS CHRIST.
  17. This summer can end. I'd love to see some freak rain event last for 2 weeks straight.
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