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  1. Randy will get about what I got, I am shadowed now. He could get 6 inches
  2. Another rain shadow for the central sound, that has been relentless this winter
  3. Odd for matlock to do good and you.not get anything isn't it?
  4. If the last 3 days would've been in December or just 2 degrees colder at 925 and 850 the entire area would've got smashed.
  5. I give it a c+. The 2 reasons it wasn't an f were the 15 degrees at work at 4:30 in the afternoon was amazing and the snow rate today was 4.4 inches per hr which is amazing for any lowland area in the nation. Normally those rates are high in the mountains or in lake effect snow. That was the fastest I have seen 2 inches fall here since 2019. Decent chance this is the last snow chance for places below 1000ft the next 2 days so it was a good way to send the winter off here. This is the first winter since 2016 I haven't had a large snow of more than 8 inches.
  6. I still have 3 inches on the ground but I'm higher than that spot. In Feb 19 there was 5 feet up there at the top
  7. I live 2 miles as crow flies from the trail head. Was there about 4 inches there? They usually get a little more than me?
  8. We have been incredibly lucky to get this pattern, mountain are in decent shape now. If we hadn't had this last week we would of been much worse off
  9. Some storm totals from ski resorts in the Sierra are around 80 inches storm total and still snowing. Incredible
  10. For the elevation they get crazy snow. That is about how much models tried to give me, they had the precipitation amount pretty close just about 2 degrees to warm.
  11. I'd like to keep this going as long as possible and then get nicer in April. We need maximum snow in mountains and then we can have a nice green spring
  12. You did, I had 30 0r 32 and you had around 40 I remember. Was that the deepest depth you've seen there?
  13. What is the deepest depth you have ever had there?
  14. That is the excitement for me is the new territory or unexpected possibilities.
  15. Man I'm not sure what to expect this evening, I see a nice batch of showers building out there that look to rotate right under the Olympics again later. Looks like a good cell headed this way soon that will probably drop another inch maybe. Temp steady at 33
  16. I'm really getting excited for next winter, word is out, even my girlfriend said next winter is supposed to be crazy haha.
  17. Nope I've had strong south winds with all this snow, didn't matter today. Must just be colder air.
  18. Crazy, the shower activity looks to be building on the coast again, not finishing with snow today here
  19. Next time a huge storm is forecast to hit lake tahoe I'm going, not that bad of a drive and I'd lobe to see a blizzard for 2 days
  20. Com on AL give us a blizzard update and pics!
  21. Some crazy vids coming out of the Sierra Nevada. Massive drifts. Talk about an awesome climate up there, sometimes the wait for snow can be agonizing but when it hits it hits in a big way
  22. That band that moved through here was a 5 inch per hr rate cell. Since this cold on shore flow started I've had a total of 7 inches.
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