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  1. I was feeling a good February but I'm in the Deweydog camp now. If we hadn't had the December event I'd be all in but that was our winter and imo it would be tough to pull off another pattern like that in the same winter. I can see maybe a backdoor tease or a week of low snow levels but I'd be shocked if we had anything meaningful. Climo is probably going to win.
  2. My Mom is from Maryland and can make some mean crab cakes. One of my favorite meals. A trick is to pan fry them like you are to just brown them real quick and then bake them in that same pan.
  3. The low dropping down around the first of February looks much like the system around Christmas and heights are darn near as cold in BC
  4. We can race, I'll use the hellcat. After all the upgrades she's making around 975hp on E85 alcohol.
  5. Crazy. I've been around people with it and have not had it that I know of. There Definitely people that are immune to it and then people like you that get it a bunch.
  6. The new sweet spot and cut off madness. Another repeat of December???
  7. Insane to see another February that's going to deliver. It's coming.
  8. Yep, frustrating because another 1000 feet up and it's beautiful.
  9. You can use rock salt. I salted walk ways on some businesses for over 20 years and never noticed any damage. I don't know what the difference is between ice melt and rock salt.
  10. He's very tame, when he was a baby we'd bring him into the house and treated him like a pet, the girls would make a diaper for him lol. Now he comes up to the front door of the house to get a treat. We have 3 hens and you can't beat the quality of the eggs.
  11. I wished I had my phone on me for this story. I was outside cleaning up and had let my chickens out to get some exercise when out of nowhere came a coyote trying to grab a hen. We have one rooster and the crazy dude chased the coyote pecking at his face and charging him lol. Rooster absolutely saved the hens from doom. It was a smaller and young coyote otherwise it'd be game over.
  12. Sunny and 83 with a light east breeze. Lovely morning. A Tim morning.
  13. Our little Maltese absolutely loves the snow. Every pic I take like this she's always looking out window all happy to see the snow. The little geo tracker did so good and we never got it stuck. Nice thing is that it's very light so if you get stuck there’s no problem getting it out.
  14. I'd love to get a nice arctic blast with just a few inches of dry snow and then a week of sunny days around 28 degrees. So hard to pull off anymore.
  15. Yes I'm a hp junky!! Make sure to turn up volume on that vid.
  16. Forgot to post this. Over 700hp clawing it's way up through 18 inches of snow to our property. IMG_1524_1.mp4
  17. Yes sir, barley better than rain. I normally don't complain about rain and mud but the ground around my property is nothing like I've ever had. Water everywhere, have had more tree's fall than ever because the ground is just so soggy. I walked back in the woods to the seasonal pond that is normally 2 feet deep and 50 ft wide and it's 6 feet deep and 200 feet across drowning all the fir trees. Nature is amazing.
  18. I recorded a pressure spike on my station around 430 am and so did others. Absolutely incredible power was unleashed.
  19. When I look at this it really is clear how sick with it we all are.
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