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  1. My location is in a perfect spot we’re I don’t see or see very little precipitation from weather when it comes from the west, Northwest or North. The Olympics rain shadows me well.
  2. Still only .16 of rainfall in 15 days, sure hope we some real rain soon
  3. Up to almost an inch of snow now, wow wasn’t expecting this surprise
  4. Here also, just switched over to all snow about an hour ago.
  5. 32.2 this morning with moisture moving in, just might see some more snow flakes today.
  6. Everything frozen solid here. Still have 4 or so inches of snow.
  7. Snow is starting to pick up now! Seeing lots of moisture moving in.
  8. Light freezing mist here, 30 degress 28 dew point
  9. Radar is showing snow over me but it’s not making it to the ground
  10. Only a dusting to a 1/2 inch here at Mason Lake. Amounts rise as you go south towards Shelton
  11. Well this is going to bust, just heard from a friend outside of Shelton with 2 inches already
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