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    Mason Lake in Mason County. Washington
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    Extreme weather, and anything outdoors.

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  1. No wind at all today the lake is glass calm. And rai has been on the anemic side so far.
  2. We need a good wind storm to plow strait through Washington. It’s been way too long
  3. Love the contrast between winter wonderland to winter melt land. LOL
  4. Looks like, the rain shadow is in effect, at least for my location.
  5. Not a particular impressive front coming in. Looks like it’s falling apart, but then again I’m no meteorologist.
  6. Well I hope that rain shadow fills in soon, still very dry here roads are not even wet yet.
  7. Total of 0.03 of rain woohoo, most rain I’ve seen since June…LOL
  8. Yuck, ready for fall and cold nights, Still waiting for some kind of measurable precipitation to fall it’s been since June since I’ve seen real rain here, other then mist.
  9. No rain here yet other then a few drops, haven’t seen a wetting rain here since June!
  10. I will be just fine if we don’t see another 80 degree plus day again this summer.
  11. Not much of a cool off last night only got down to 59, sure would be nice for a little rain, but I don’t expect any really significant rain until October.
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