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  1. I will be taking a break from posting on the forum until the censorship no longer exists. FREEDOM ISN’T FREE!!!!!
  2. Why are curse words censored on here? Is that a setting I can turn off? I want the freedom to say “We’re 33!”
  3. The 0z GFS doesn’t show any lowland snow for the entire run in the PNW. We’re 33.
  4. Heavy rain here on the backside of Bull Mountain. Beaverton/Tigard area. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
  5. Nice, calm day between weather systems today.
  6. Had a high of 49 degrees this morning before the rain started. Been getting nice moderate rain and down to 47 now. Nice to see the man baby is still having a tantrum.
  7. Yeah, been raining pretty hard here. Down to 43 degrees too. Brrr.
  8. Still only 46 degrees here at noon on May 8th. Pretty impressive!
  9. Coming down pretty hard again as some more showers are moving into the metro area. Should get to an inch of rain by midnight here.
  10. These spring systems have just been too wet for widespread t-storms. Off and on rain today with no decent sun breaks. Still waiting to hear my first thunder of the year.
  11. Crazy story. No one should have to go through that. Glad you made it out!
  12. Just walked through a pretty impressive downpour. The plants are so green and happy.
  14. A heavy shower has been training over my area for the last hour or so. Lots of nourishing rain.
  15. Do you work for Big Sun or something? Always pushing its agenda.
  16. Finally seeing some better conditions for t-storms today or at least some stronger isolated showers. Didn’t really see the sun earlier in the week, but have been getting some sun breaks this past hour.
  17. Up to a blistering 47 degrees here with clouds and rain all day. Not great for t-storms.
  18. Already a pretty juicy morning with some solid rain starting up. Hoping to hear some thunder today. Missed out on the action last week.
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