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  1. Group rain dance next Wednesday at 8pm @iFred house. I will also sent out a Microsoft teams link for people to attend virtually.
  2. Got my second vaccine dose yesterday. Body aches, nausea, and a fever. Not fun
  3. No wifi or data? How am I suppose to live? This is like living in the 15th century
  4. There use to be cougar sighting often in Bonney Lake until the recent growth in the last 10-15 years.
  5. It is nice to see spring in full bloom out here. Back in Albany, they seemed a bit behind the PNW
  6. Nice day in Albany, NY. Wishing i was in that nice weather back home tho
  7. Sorry I got no service but the nearest town is North Creek, NY. I am staying a couple miles up the road at about 1700 feet elevation.
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