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  1. Going to Watershed this weekend....going to be hot to say the least
  2. Just saw a cliff mass Reddit post. Didn’t know he was on Reddit
  3. So you’re the guy slowly taking my sunlight away......
  4. All this talk about Huckle berries had me go look at the ones behind my house. Sadly the birds got to them first
  5. I gotta say my favorite part of the day is the hour before sunrise and the hour after sunset. Just so calm
  6. Pulling an all nighter to catch up on work. Got 3 energy drinks next to me. Night shift anybody?
  7. It’s only June and fires are everywhere...this isn’t good
  8. Fred has to spend so much time on this forum creating & editing it. I would be more than happy to donate! @iFred
  9. How many days without precipitation is Seattle @ already?
  10. Local stations are 81-87 around me....not very cold tbh
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