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    Auburn, Wa 400ish feet on the west hill. Located above Federal Way but below Des Moines for reference

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  1. The snowpack is building into late May lol. (Yea Ik it is decreasing)
  2. Floated the Yakima River yesterday. I heard Tim walks it everyday
  3. Did 7 hours of yard work today. I’m beat
  4. Once the weather turns nice, I’ll break out the grill and hit y’all up
  5. My gf is watering the flowers/grass. I guess she didn’t look at the Euro or GFS
  6. Currently 81 and blue skies. Life is rough
  7. Going to Anderson, Cali for a wedding this week. Looks to be 92 and sunny on Wednesday
  8. Bro u live almost at 2k feet.. what do u expect
  9. Snow is rapidly melting already…. Got a little under 1in
  10. Starting to stick to roads…….WOW. On April 14th!!! I never want to hear about sun angles in February ever again
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