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  1. I want to see a late July 2009 redux except a touch hotter!!
  2. Looking like we might be waiting until July 5th for another stretch like we have just had.
  3. Frogs are LOUD this evening! They have also been enjoying this weather!
  4. I had 4” of snow! And went on the first date with my now wife the next day!
  5. Who wants to see my yard pictures featuring the first colors of the spring!
  6. Good lord I cannot get over just how amazing this stretch of weather has been! Enjoying a Margarita in a can out on the deck after two days straight of BBQ’ing and eating on the deck in shorts in mid April! And it felt like July working in the yard! Oh and this spider has taken over my shop, apparently it likes to golf.
  7. What a perfect weather weekend it has been, 77 for highs both days. Currently 76. Just finished mowing, hose bib covers are off and hoses are hooked up! Had to water some of the plants today!
  8. My MIL is in town from Arizona and needed to be picked up in Bothell...Took my wife two hours to drive back north from there...EVERYONE is out and about today! Now we are all enjoying the afternoon at home.
  9. Feels warmer up here today...But I did not pay attention to the temp yesterday so I cannot confirm.
  10. He is protesting the dry and warmth...Happens every time we have our first nice period in the spring. And he finds it disgusting that some of us are actually enjoying it! He will be back when the rain is back.
  11. Glad I kept the Christmas lights on this tree, looks awesome with it coming to life!
  12. Yeah driving back from Skykomish yesterday featured some heavy traffic...What I saw the most though was so many near head on’s with people passing other people...Something I rarely see during the week so I could tell it was people that do not regularly travel that Hwy and were in that “weekend hurry” type mode. People stay home and work in your yards if you don’t know how to drive without nearly killing others.
  13. 72/40 on the day. It was 75 in Skykomish when I was there today.
  14. Mine is even crappier! Maybe worth $1500 at the most. I was 10yrs old when it was built! I am part of the 1% crappy boat club out on the water haha!
  15. Had a low of 40...First low not in the 20’s or 30’s in a long time it seems like.
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