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  1. Russ was really missing Lockett and Metcalf in the 4th quarter.
  2. Still 70 degrees at nearly 6pm. And there is a sprinkler running in my yard…In October…Well okay then…
  3. Spiked to 77 here, dropped back to 75 currently. Insane!
  4. You would think a 10 point lead with 2min to go would be a sure thing…
  5. Yeah we won’t need those timeouts at the end of the game.
  6. Geno has been way better than Wilson in the first half of games…We just need him to get some of that 4th quarter Wilson magic going.
  7. Everyone thought I was nuts in the spring when I mentioned Putin could eventually use nukes in Ukraine which could spiral into something very large and bad…For everyone. I continue to hope that I am in fact nuts…But things continue to spiral. Happy October everyone!
  8. Go back in the spring, you will find plenty of it!
  9. Becoming a weekly routine washing the ash and driveway dust off my truck. Now time to watch the Seahawks lose!
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