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  1. Capped off my workweek with meeting a plane of puppies from eastern Washington at the Arlington Airport, and helping to deliver those puppies was Scott and Jill Servais. Was a lovely sunset.
  2. Don’t know. But the EPS looked terrible 3yrs ago to the moment.
  3. Matt is slowly coming onboard!! Positive signs galore today!
  4. My snow finished on Tuesday. However there is a small pile down the street still! Took a pic on my way to work this morning. There is really something wrong with me.
  5. Sure! This is how everyone’s backyard will look in two weeks. Pic was taken when it was 3 degrees. We will get close once again!
  6. I know what Matt’s problem is…He hasn’t bought his late winter Costco long Johns yet.
  7. OMG MATT!! Look what you did to the Snowmizer!!!! And where the hell is Chris and his Raccoons?
  8. No backdoors!!! I want a freight train from the north! (That is Tim and family trying to head to Palm Springs)
  9. I remember school let out early due to the power going out and I was trying to get home in my 1975 El Camino (had just gotten my license in late November 1992) and two of the three possible routes home had trees blocking them, made it home but it was slightly interesting driving with huge trees heavenly bending towards the road and branches flying everywhere! Fun day!!
  10. Wet. .50” so far on the day, 6.71” for the month. 49 degrees.
  11. Tim needs to book a trip to Hawaii, stat!! That would seal the deal!!
  12. Funny, that is also where I got so much of my emergency preparedness from. I worked at a large all stages senior community from independent living to assisted living to nursing for not quite a decade working grounds, and us along with maintenance and security crews were considered the front lines in an emergency situation so we had protocols that we would regularly run though with shutting down the propane and other utilities, etc. My boss was awesome and huge with safety which you have to be in that setting. Anyway my biggest worry is being on the road for work and having many bridges, and roadways where landslides could happen, etc and not being able to easily get home if I was say in Skykomish or even eastern Washington. That is why I on occasion remind my wife, mom, and 8yr old daughter as to what to do in a large quake, shut down the propane, do an inspection all around the house and in the mechanical room for any water leaks, how to power up the house with the generator if the power grid fails. I truly hope I am either at home or at work however (I work just under a mile from my house and could easily walk home if needed) if the big one does hit.
  13. We were not competely either…Until about 2 or so years ago when I had gotten up in the middle of the night to pee, as I was peeing a big sharp thud/crack happened in the house and my legs started vibrating a bit. After that small earthquake my wife and I decided to get earthquake insurance. I already have a large emergency toat of supplies and whatnot just for a major natural disaster and I have instructed my wife and older daughter that if I am not at home and they are if/when a big one hits is to go straight to the propane tank and shut the valve off even if they do not think there is any leak happening until I can check it out. Also to trip off the well pump breaker if they notice any water leaking. And of course if major structural issues with the house to stay out of it.
  14. Things were not looking good 3yrs ago right now! I actually popped onto the wrong threat to check for today’s 18z update and got sad for a moment.
  15. 8yrs ago today and 7yrs ago yesterday the Seahawks were good.
  16. And if you were to jump into any area lakes right now it would make it even shorter!!
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