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  1. Only 7 more to go to drop out of 1st place since the Astros and Rangers are suddenly unstoppable.
  2. Starting to get critical now with the clouds…It’s over.
  3. Hopefully everyone including Jesse is enjoying this fine day!
  4. Yeah not too shabby out! I will definitely take it!
  5. And one day the same will happen but on the extreme cold/snowy side…One day…Those massive eye candy January 1950 redux looking models will come true!
  6. Wow! This time of the year we have ours set at… 72 during the day (only AC set at that so it’s been mostly topping out around 70 in the house except for today when the ac kicked on at 72. At night 65! It’s set to start cooling the house at 9:30 and will get to 65 by around 10pm then it releases at 5am so the house will slowly warm throughout the morning naturally until the ac kicks on again past 72.
  7. I should be mowing, weed whacking, and sweating tomorrow…But I will be at the lake jetsking instead! Prepare for POV pics!!
  8. My weather app now says clouds by noon tomorrow? The hell is that all about?
  9. Phil is going to be downright mad by February when we are basking in cold snowy goodness for months on end while he fry’s!
  10. My taste is very slowly coming back, basically still no sense of smell as of yet.
  11. I think about your incident every time my neighbor is out shooting…I’m just hoping he is smart enough to be shooting away from my property.
  12. Ahhh 2020…And the summer of love
  13. Does this mean we have finally hit Phil’s mini ice age that he predicted a decade ago?
  14. That’s why traffic was so light this morning when I ran the jetski down to get serviced at the Honda dealer! I was quite confused as to why I wasn’t sitting in normal stupid traffic.
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