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  1. Currently have some very exciting 41 degree drizzle!!!!!!!!!!!!! Winter is saved!!!!
  2. Not looking good unfortunately. Our run of amazing pre, during, post Christmas goodies of the last two years seems to be over. Phil’s Fuzz has spoken.
  3. The northern edge of the CZ a bit ago when I was driving to work.
  4. Either 2nd or 4th shade of grey for me…Time will tell!
  5. Looks like a cz right over Lake Goodwin, could be getting some mixed precip there I bet. 37 here currently.
  6. I had a frosty vehicle 10yrs and 1 day ago! 2013-2016 was quite a terrible stretch for my area. Sure we had little snowfalls here and there but nothing substantial.
  7. I’m in the very dark green!! And these are quite yummy!
  8. I guess they also close schools in Alaska when it snows as well! Their situation with the prolonged wet snow reminded me of my favorite…November 2006. It’s odd to think that some smuck like myself living an hour north of Seattle is more prepared for cold/snow no power for days than these people living in Alaska.
  10. Not sure when this was but it’s in my snow pics archives.
  11. Every time a bell rings a leaky penis gets its wings?
  12. Semi frozen stuff falling from the sky here at work!
  13. A friend that lives around Maple Valley is getting some slushy accumulation!
  14. I don’t like El Niño Phil… Bring back La Niña Phil!
  15. Ummmm…Yeah since we have been enjoying a -PNA forever now!!! Oh wait…
  16. I’m only at 38”…Way behind the last several years have featured.
  17. Black #1 Badmotorfinger #2 Ten #3 Nevermind #4 Then the others… In my book anyway.
  18. Currently dumping (I thought Tim said we were going to have a dry day today) and 44 degrees. Up to .14” on the day. was drippy and soupy this afternoon.
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