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  1. She had just got done romping in the woods with the young dogs...She is 13 but doesn’t act it!
  2. Because Fred banned and unbanned CulverJosh too many times.
  3. I’m back onboard! At least for the next 4hrs. Once we get in NAM range all of the mysteries will be figured out!
  4. You are safe with the most sensitive ones to cool weather since we don’t even get cool weather anymore. Plant away!!
  5. Didn’t we have a false start in January 2019 as well? I’m grasping for straws at this point...But...
  6. Think my lowest temp this season so far was 27 which I think was in November? I don’t even know anymore. Pathetic.
  7. Took a drive to Yakima and back this morning. Lots of snow at the summit of Snoqualmie but nothing a few miles west or east of that. Lowest temp I recorded during the drive was 27 in the Cle Elum area. Pathetic. Even the snow at the top looked sloppy at 35 degrees.
  8. Fork it all to heck. Next winter will be our time to shine.
  9. I have really lost my positive vibes for this one. I am no longer onboard.
  10. I don’t like how quickly we are climbing out of the negative now. Let’s hope that changes.
  11. At least we have the GEM! It’s over folks...Pack it in. Soon it will be jetski weather again! 🕶
  12. How does the GEM look? How about the JMA? ICON? It’s currently 39 degrees.
  13. This has the potential of becoming an old school type pattern! PNA looks to stay negative for a while.
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