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  1. Very windy! Power just dropped for a few seconds again. And since my program list is taking forever to reboot again I guess it’s bed time.
  2. Sounds like Richard Sherman might be a possibility again…
  3. Rain has stopped. 1.11” Now the temp is creeping up and it’s getting breezy.
  4. 1.10” for the day, 4.23” for the month. 55 degrees.
  5. At least the 49ers are stinking it up so far.
  6. At least my dogs are happy about that! Though it doesn’t happen around our house. However at the family lake house it gets loud for a few minutes after each win.
  7. .67”! Power just went out for 5 seconds and now it’s raining so hard that Directv doesn’t want to reboot. Too bad this didn’t happen during the 4th quarter of the Seahawks game.
  8. The only thing that I am clinging onto hope for is our D making a huge leap forward mid season like they did last year, Stafford not making though a season since he is injury prone, the 49’ers lose the majority of their players to injury like last season, and the Cardinals hitting a slump towards late season. Perhaps Seattle will go on a big December run like they used to do in the past. Nah it’s over just like the Mariners, Kraken, Sounders, and the 2027 Sonics season.
  9. Jody Allen might need to eliminate Norton, and Carroll…It might be the only way Russ sticks around.
  10. This team might end up being better than the 2021-22 Hawks!
  11. At least the Chiefs look like garbage this year as well!
  12. Rams are a force, nobody is catching them this year anyway. I’m not going to schedule my day around the Seahawks games anymore. Will probably still watch the prime time games but otherwise this has become a huge time sucker.
  13. I think we could pull off beating the Jets! In overtime.
  14. He’s trying to do too much since nobody else is doing anything. This defense is historically bad.
  15. That ESPN prediction before the season started might not be that far off minus the one and only win.
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