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  1. Smoke is still not into western WA at the end of the run...
  2. Here is the link to the Canadian smoke model... only goes out 3 days though. https://weather.gc.ca/firework/index_e.html
  3. Might be the result of typhoon activity picking up in the WPAC.
  4. 00Z ECMWF is not going in a good direction for next week... looks like more heat coming.
  5. 00Z ECMWF shows 97 at PDX on Thursday and 102 on Friday... seems pretty likely July will be another month with a high temp over 100 there. ECMWF also shows lots of high clouds on Saturday keep the temp down into the mid 90s.
  6. I definitely agree that thermometers were over-exposed back then... I am taking that into account. There seemed to be much longer dry streaks earlier in the century. And even with an over-exposed thermometer you can still tell when it was clear or cloudy by the chilly overnight lows during the dry periods. It is most certainly warmer now than it was back then... but long dry streaks were not that unusual. They became more unusual in the last half of the 20th century.
  7. Based on local records it appears that summers in the first half of the 20th century were drier and sunnier than in the second half the century around here. Its hard to say what the long-term normal is, but maybe dry, sunny summers are more normal than the 1980s and 1990s would lead you to believe.
  8. 85 at SEA. Spectacular blue sky day with a nice breeze. Best summer weather in the country.
  9. 78 here now... heading out on the water. I remember earlier this week the models were actually showing some rain for today. I would trade a sunny, warm Sunday for some rain at this point. I still want summer to continue but some rain would be awesome. It was pouring rain here on this day in 2015... and North Bend ended up with 1.3 inches of rain on 7/25 and 26.
  10. 00Z GFS is consistently warm but not too hot... and get cool at the end.
  11. First time we have seen Lake Stevens... its was gorgeous and packed with boats!
  12. Anniversary dinner on Lake Washington waterfront in Kirkland was lovely on an 80-degree evening.
  13. ECMWF had 77 at SEA today... GFS had 82. Actual was 84. GFS wins today... despite also being too cold.
  14. It's trash for sure... on both sides. It's the source of endless ridiculous cold temp maps on here all winter. None of which verify.
  15. We are on the north side of Lake Stevens now just east of Everett dropping off my daughter at a friend's house.... its 80 here.
  16. 82 at SEA at 3... that was projected high on the 12Z GFS. That model is such garbage... always ridiculously warm.
  17. 12Z EPS... warmth seems to peak and then we return to a pattern similar to what we have now.
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