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  1. Wow... the 12Z EPS shows a much stronger cold signal in the long range.
  2. 00Z EPS... the pattern at the end looks ripe for retrogression. White Christmas incoming.
  3. I think he was down... so Eagles might have burned another timeout. Unless the refs are just trying to make this a close game... then who knows?
  4. So nice to see the other team burn a second half timeout.
  5. Why does it look like the Seahawks are always running towards the Eagles players... they are not seeing the holes tonight.
  6. Good choice on a pass play... running would not have worked.
  7. That was nice... but not sure they can punch it in from there!
  8. For most of the country... this is a MUST 'NOT' WATCH game right here.
  9. Russ is not in the game. There are some games where he looks so sloppy and lacks confidence. Hopefully the defense can score tonight.
  10. This sucks... offense is not clicking. And I go back to Russ ducking down before pressure even got there... that is always a bad sign.
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