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  1. I would guess those maps are from the middle of December and not April.
  2. That is why I enjoyed January even though you cold fans wanted to claim every cold season month. Since the middle of June last year it has been almost impossible to get a warm and wet pattern. It feels like that is a pretty important part of our environment. Having below freezing weather all winter is great for cold stats if that is your thing but after last summer's endless heat and drought I was hoping for a wetter winter. Feels like everything is out of balance. No spring last year... then right into ridiculous heat and drought... then right into winter cold... and now spring is behaving badly again. A very unfriendly year for the trees and its starting show even in my area.
  3. I would love warm and wet. But we might not be screwed if we get some rain this summer and we avoid major heat waves. The spring of 2019 was crazy dry and it was basically a smoke-free summer. Last spring was ridiculously wet and cold and we ended up with the worst smoke imaginable.
  4. I thought you stay away from 1950s analogs for the warm season?
  5. I still don't trust it... need to see it stay consistent for the next few days.
  6. 18Z is much drier overall from Tuesday into the weekend. 18Z shows basically no precip for the Puget Sound area after Monday for the rest of the week. Top is 12Z run and bottom is 18Z run for that 4 day period.
  7. I don't think he is predicting a cold summer... just not a hot summer.
  8. I assume you mean it won't be scorching hot... which sounds great. A 2012 type July - Sept would be incredible.
  9. On the 18Z GFS... that second system cruising down the coast on Monday instead of hanging back leads to a much drier pattern for the rest of the week.
  10. Big change from 12Z run... more like ECMWF now.
  11. Unfortunately the high cloudiness has been more opaque this afternoon. SEA was up to 59 and not down to 57. Questionable whether they were able to reach 60.
  12. Preferably it makes a return appearance when we are in Charleston.
  13. 12Z EPS... this might be the last round of cold troughing. Possibly. Maybe.
  14. I remember the ECMWF showed about 6 inches here that night on the runs leading up to that c-zone... but it set up a little too far north. I assume the foothills between I-90 and Hwy 2 probably got that much at my elevation but there is very little development or roads in that area so hard to verify. I am pretty sure both models showed some snow reaching back towards the Seattle area north of I-90.
  15. When did that happen? Was the late Friday night? I can't see archived images on WB... only for the last 24 hours. So I would have to go back through posts on here.
  16. Comparison of 12Z GFS and 12Z ECMWF over next 10 days... dare I say the Goofus looks more reasonable?
  17. One more note... its really strange for the ECMWF to be showing more lowland snow than the GFS in what likely will be marginal conditions. Same thing happened last weekend.
  18. GFS is not alone in showing incredible April snow for the Upper Midwest. ECMWF showing something similar.
  19. 12Z ECMWF run ends with southern CA getting pounded again.
  20. Probably going to get some snow here too. I am little skeptical of the amounts though as the ECMWF showed about the same here last weekend and we got basically nothing.
  21. Dewpoint was as low as 17 earlier this morning at SEA.
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