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  1. That honestly seems to be your goal most days. I am at the nursing home today so not real busy when my dad is sleeping. At least we got him outside in the courtyard this afternoon. He really enjoyed that.
  2. Another false narrative and manufactured drama by Andrew. They had been tanking well before that. Kirby's frustration was a symptom of the collapse already happening and not the cause.
  3. Nice deflection. Our big power outage was almost 2 decades now. I was a kid back then. Obviously this year is different and not every sunny period is the end of world. And you and your partner in crime complain all the time.
  4. I am just glad we don't have to listen to you and your partner complaining endlessly about a few sunny days in early October like it's the end of our ecosystem.
  5. Just win a couple more games this month... but its the Mariners of course.
  6. Depends on sun angle... cloud cover... wind... and dewpoint! 78 can feel a little chilly if its cloudy and windy... we experienced that one day in Minnesota during our trip. But 78 can also feel hot on a sunny day in the summer with no wind and dewpoint of 60+.
  7. 18Z GFS faster with the rain returning compared to 12Z run... more in line with ECMWF on day 9.
  8. SEA is in this view looking to the south... current observation at SEA is "mostly cloudy" and 60. Doesn't look mostly cloudy to me.
  9. Not sure when Alaskan cruises end their season... but cruise ships are still embarking in downtown Seattle.
  10. Not a warm day... but beautiful. 60 at SEA and in North Bend with sun and a few puffy clouds.
  11. Big change from yesterday when a typical October warm spell was the immoral destruction of our entire ecosystem. Troll much?
  12. Meanwhile 51 at SEA and 48 in North Bend due to persistent low clouds overnight.
  13. OSU easily beats #10 Utah. Score one for the PAC 2. Go Beavers! And WSU might be a top ten team as they beat OSU last week.
  14. One more note... if the Blue Jays go 0-2 then the Mariners get in at 2-0 regardless of Astros.
  15. 9 scenarios left: Mariners 2-0 Astros 2-0 Out Mariners 2-0 Astros 1-1 In and win division Mariners 2-0 Astros 0-2 In as wild card Mariners 1- 1 Astros 2-0 Out Mariners 1-1 Astros 1-1 Out Mariners 1-1 Astros 0-2 In as wild card Mariners 0-2 Astros 2-0 Out Mariners 0-2 Astros 1-1 Out Mariners 0-2 Astros 0-2 Out Only 3 of the 9 work out for the Mariners.
  16. 00Z GFS turns wet right around day 10. 00Z GEM still has the ridge holding on at that time. As @ShawniganLake mentioned... the upcoming ridging period will likely end with some type of AR action whenever that happens.
  17. I can't imagine Julio doing much at all with runners in scoring position at this point. He is cold as ice right now. A strike out machine. JP or Cal more likely for a walk off.
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