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  1. I think the 00Z EPS is a little closer to the GFS at that same time. It shows weak troughs in the same general area and a weak ridge in between.
  2. Portland is actually wetter than Seattle on the 10-day precip map on the 00Z ECMWF.
  3. Every day except for Sunday is warmer on the 00Z ECMWF compared to its 12Z run.
  4. The 00Z ECMWF is improved again for the 4th... its actually clearing up during the afternoon in Seattle and basically clear by evening. It shows 70 for a high but that might actually be a little warmer with its cool bias.
  5. 00Z GFS shows 59 on Sunday and 73 on Monday in Seattle.
  6. Nahhh... probably won't even be here and 68 with low clouds most of the day is not so great. A day like today would be splendid.
  7. Yeah... people in LA shouldn't be talking about Seattle being a craphole. But he did say LA is a mess too.
  8. More improvement on the 4th on the 18Z ECMWF...
  9. Hard to do when basically the entire North Pacific is warm.
  10. No... westward with the high pressure. He also talked about the warmer water moving eastward.
  11. Ag Weather update yesterday talked about the warmth expanding westward...
  12. Next run will be totally different again.
  13. Not hilarious. I said I was going to start doing it like a year ago after explaining for the 50th time.
  14. Two negative interactions today made me feel a little defensive of Seattle. Had a meeting this morning with someone in LA and another person in Chicago. And LA person mentions that he was born in Chicago and said he was sad to see what it has become. Then I mention that I am in the Seattle area and the LA person said he was just up here and he was shocked at "what a craphole" it has become. I wanted to talk about the new mayor cleaning things up but didn't want to get into a political discussion . Then an hour later I am in a meeting with people at a winery in Napa and someone says they will be in Seattle for a wedding this weekend and I said it might rain. To which he replied "oh my God the weather up there is so horrible. Typical Washington sh*t". I wanted to say that summers are usually really nice up here and rain on the 4th is pretty rare. But didn't want to get into a weather discussion. Made me feel a little protective of my adopted home though.
  15. I always do that. Someone always mentions it or asks... easier to just crop it before posting.
  16. Because on that chart it shows the high through 5 a.m. on the last day on the 12Z runs.
  17. The edge is perfect place to be... heavenly. Not too wet or cloudy and not too hot.
  18. 79 in North Bend now... looks like it will be an 80-degree day to start July.
  19. My son bought a case of Rainier the other day when they had some friends over. My kids are true WA natives.
  20. Work done... weekend begins. I know how much @RentonHillTC loves the Ballard Hazy IPA.
  21. My sons left with the boat at 11 a.m. and said its absolutely perfect out there... no wind and not many other boats yet and the lake is flat so its perfect for wakeboarding. Currently 76 in Issaquah and North Bend. Hopefully the EPS is right and we have many more days just like today ahead.
  22. Those blue days just keep marching in! Lets get those in the past.
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