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  1. Can I go back 5-10 pages and remove reactions and be able to give them out again?
  2. Ahhh crap... I hit my limit on reactions for the day. @MR.SNOWMIZER I like your post and snow total!
  3. It was 2 feet of concrete here by March. You could easily walk across the top of the snow and not break through. But it was all gone by the middle of the month when it got up to 80. And by late March the grass was green and trees were starting to leaf out. It was a month of great contrast here!
  4. Good catch... I was comparing to the 12Z run.
  5. The ECMWF shows a burst of heavier precip moving over Seattle between 1 - 2 a.m.
  6. Just noticed that its going to be sunny across the entire area tomorrow! Can't wait to see sun on the snow cover here.
  7. Yeah... I guess its a combination of light precip and slightly too warm. The ECMWF only shows .15 at PDX from Sunday morning through Monday morning.
  8. Sunday event... the ECMWF refuses to show precip in the Portland area.
  9. 00Z ECMWF... total snow through tomorrow morning. This includes everything that has already happened.
  10. They really need to see the ECMWF show precip over Portland.
  11. Update... there is some very light snow here now.
  12. Its 37 in North Bend right now and it looks like there is liquid precip at the Snoqualmie Ridge exit. Nothing falling here. Not sure what is happening with the east wind... but North Bend was the coldest spot in the lowlands on Tuesday night and is one of the warmer spots tonight. I think its precip intensity dependent to the west.
  13. How much did you have in February 2019?
  14. I am willing to bet that some time in the next month you will be in the best location and get dumped on.
  15. What is going on with the GFS? This is a snow set up? Nothing makes sense any more.
  16. We get so much snow out here with a temp between 30-32. Probably the majority of our snow. My relatives in Minnesota don't believe me.
  17. I love that area... my wife and I were talking about finding a house on the water over there when we there in July.
  18. Not just about temps... the ECMWF shows barely any precip reaching Portland.
  19. Alex Jones interviewing Kayne West... and Trump supporters love Alex Jones huh?? Come on. And the guy with the face mask was dining with Trump last week.
  20. Amazing difference between the GFS and ECMWF for Sunday... GFS is just insistent on hitting Portland on every run. No wavering. ECMWF has never shown that scenario.
  21. 00Z GFS says snow will rapidly expand across King County soon.
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