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  1. About 4 days ago... the ECMWF was showing lowland snow for today.
  2. 60 in North Bend now. Well... technically 59.5 on the last observation but they round up when its .5 or higher.
  3. Not so much down there... ECMWF says it will be just a couple degrees cooler. Much cooler up here though with more clouds. Of course from Everett northward its cloudy today too. They are missing out on this blessing of a day.
  4. Last remnant of a once great snowbank that was as tall as me at its peak. It was lucky enough to be piled in a shady spot prolonging it's life.
  5. Must. Defend. Our. Climatology. It so important how people feel.
  6. Wait a minute here... you mean that you hate something that is a significant part of your climo but moving is complicated and complaining is easier?? Interesting! I wonder if other people feel the same way? I hear lots of complaints on here all winter about our climate and people's desires to move to a snowier and colder location. I dislike parts of April-June here. It takes way too long for summer to start. Spring and early summer are harder for me to take than anything in the fall and winter. But we all have our preferences and some of them don't match our locati
  7. I think it represents watershed areas... not snowfall for the entire area.
  8. Friday still looks sort of wet... but now Saturday is looking pretty nice with dry weather and highs close to 60 per the 12Z ECMWF.
  9. We are always talking about the most extreme years happening again... but they usually don't. The summer of 1955 is one of those years... although I just looked it up and there was nice warm spell in June and a 2-week dry period in July and it only rained on a couple days here from August 1st through the middle of September so it was not a total loss.
  10. Already in the mid 40s and partly sunny. Feels like early March out there!
  11. The cold west and warm east pattern shown on the models in the long range reminds me of March 2012.
  12. Just saw this post... you can't grow flowering cherries or plums there? We have both in our yard and they do great. There are many yards with flowering cherry trees up here in my area.
  13. Looks pretty typical for March for the next 10 days... it does not always have to be unusual.
  14. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that Seattle was buried in like 3,000 feet of ice just 15,000 years ago. That is very recent.
  15. The next 10 days at least look very typical of March. It does not always have to so unusual. This entire winter was not too unusual. We had one impressive event for a couple days.
  16. Nice. That stuff absolutely fascinates me. I often think about what it would be like to travel back in time and experience different time periods.
  17. Yeah... and that same area looks dead in January. When things "come to life" is subjective. And we can have snow in April. It does not mean everything is still dormant.
  18. Yes... the trees are not fully leafed out here until later. But its all subjective. There are lots of things that come to life here in March... and I am sure they do down there as well. If you are waiting until all the trees are fully leafed out to recognize spring then that is different.
  19. And every year you act like things are dormant even in the valleys down there until May! I don't remember anything about winter blooming flowers. This was March 14, 2020 in North Bend... right when the COVID lockdown was starting. I posted this pic on the forum that day and commented on the empty parking lot which was surreal. If this is dormant and dead then I don't know what to tell you.
  20. Its all subjective of course... but things normally come to life in March here. I have lots of pics from past years... these were from late March 2019 in North Bend after our crazy cold February and early March that year. The last one is from our yard at the same time.
  21. There are few things starting to flower in North Bend and Snoqualmie and definitely in Issaquah... but it seems later than usual this year. I am guessing you are only referring to your yard. Looking at the surface details on the ECMWF run makes me think that things are going to start really coming to life this week.
  22. Your grass looks dangerously close to growing. We are in serious danger here!
  23. 12Z EPS looks colder at 300 hours than previous runs and more consolidated with the western trough.
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