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  1. I remember leaving my window open during the 05-06 winter and it got cold AF some of those nights.
  2. 2 duds in a row here. Not a single interesting day in the last 2 "winters" 3 duds in a row is pretty unusual. Would be the first time it's happened here since the 1996-2003 dark ages. And at this rate we will be almost warmer and most likely drier this month in this location...again. The only interesting weather we have experienced in this location since 2-25-19 has been heat and fire weather in the summer.
  3. Feels persistent like our heat and fire weather of late. Time for me to turn in. Having seizures. Looking forward to the fallback so the GFS kicks off at 2AM instead of 3AM.
  4. Latest into the season it’s taken the Hawks to win a home game since 1992…
  5. This is as bad as that game in 1992 vs the Broncos in the Kingdome.
  6. Talked about how they never played in a bomb cyclone. Pretty sure both of them did.
  7. Lol Peyton and Eli demonstrating their lack of meteorological knowledge
  8. They still suck. Winston is not good and they lost to horrible Panthers and Giants teams. Fluke win vs the Packers in week 1 when teams were still in preseason mode.
  9. Pete was overdue to blow another 3rd quarter timeout.
  10. Lol god both these teams suck. Watch Geno throw a pick here.
  11. It’s already over. They may as well tank so they are least get high picks in the rounds they actually get to draft.
  12. Lol cowardly punt by the Saints. Even if they downed it at the 1.
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