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  1. Not much going on here. Currently 71F with mostly cloudy skies. Looks like there might be some action to our north eventually but down here it's pretty benign as usual.
  2. Looks like things will be completely dry here through the forecast period.
  3. Really unfortunate when sociopolitical agendas hijack our observation thread.
  4. Ditto. Andrew is really down to earth. I really hope to meet more of y'all one day.
  5. So what happens to the south of there? Are we gonna be humid with southerly winds or will there even be any clouds? I'm really ignorant on these types of setups.
  6. I can’t remember the last time we had one. I remember hearing a lone crack of thunder back in Dec 2020 but besides that I can’t remember any significant thunder in my personal location wherever I was living since August of 2006.
  7. We had a couple inches of snow with that one then some freezing rain for a bit, then a warmup on the 7th. Those were the first sub-freezing highs for here since Dec 1999. All in all a decent event but things like Dec 2013 were way better.
  8. Night shift in Springfield currently at 58F and very pleasant. Beautiful starscape right now if y’all can get away from light pollution.
  9. 81F and beautiful. Should be beautiful star watching tonight with the waxing crescent moon followed by late summer stars. I often use Vega as a point of reference star in the summer besides Polaris while Sirius gets that distinction for me in the winter.
  10. Lots of them over on the east side of town. And my temps have been mostly in line with the airport, sometimes a degree or so warmer. Once we start with the heat here it just doesn't go away until Sept. The rapid warming in this area sucks.
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