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  1. This is a head scratcher for sure. Can't wait to see what this may lead to going forward.
  2. The really weird thing is the atmosphere over the tropical Pacific has been textbook La Nina this summer. Not sure what is causing the abnormal abundance of heat in a multi year Nina summer. The MJO has almost totally avoided touching any regions hostile to La Nina for weeks now. Could be a fun crash this fall after we finally slog our way through all of the heat. The summer to autumn transition has actually become rather profound here in recent years.
  3. The ECMWF is hideous at the end. At least we are getting into much longer nights and lower sun angles after mid month.
  4. ECMWF has upped the ante for thunder in the Puget Sound region.
  5. How can he say that. The normal August average for SEA has risen at least 3 degree over the past 40 years or so. July isn't much better. The interesting thing is once the 4CH disappears we go right back to weather like we've always had, with the exception of the extreme mystery known as January. One thing I will say is the warmth in summer temps was so sudden that it could snap back without warning at any time. Who knows. Until then you almost have to go warm for July and August in your summer forecast until further notice.
  6. I read something once where that is most common mis-spelling in the English language.
  7. Not liking the looks of week two. Apparently getting a decent (cool) August just isn't possible anymore...although I REALLY enjoyed last week.
  8. That must have been ugly. I missed most of it. Maybe you can PM me with some details?
  9. Models are looking kind of interesting for thunderstorm potential with the ULL. It has trended a bit east again after going too far west to give the Puget Sound region much of anything.
  10. Not a single 90 for SEA on the 6z after Tuesday. That would probably mean no day in that period would even make 85. Looks like this month will at least be reasonable. Still a pretty hard to road to hoe for it to end up below normal though. That having been said SEA was running close to -2 after yesterday for the month to date.
  11. That sucks. 99% of the time things seem better after a good night's sleep.
  12. My favorite is the ok hand signal turning into the white power symbol. Gets really tiring having insane leftists hijack our language.
  13. Yeah...At this point the ULL seems intent on moving up the coast too far west to give the Puget Sound area much of a shot. Pretty rare for the coast to be ground zero for warm core action.
  14. It's been kind of interesting up here. Bone dry summers, but the other three seasons have been consistently normal to quite wet.
  15. Very decent ECMWF run tonight. Warm for a few days then falls back to normal and even below.
  16. 70/54 here for Thursday. That's a bona fide miracle by recent standards for early August. Looks like an easy sub 50 low here for Friday. That would be my first sub 50 low in the first week of August since 2008.
  17. Still absolutely nothing shown for the Atlantic. Pretty weird with a multi year Nina going.
  18. I'll gladly take what we are having right now. 40s tonight for a lot of places.
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