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  1. I think the people from this forum that move do so because of weather.
  2. The weird thing is when I lived in Cle Elum for a couple of years I had all the snow I could want and yet was bummed when I heard about a big snowstorm here. It is special here when it happens.
  3. Yeah....those 94 degree highs in October are a dime a dozen.
  4. Pretty impressive numbers. Amazing how many people get fed up with this climate and leave on this forum.
  5. As we all know a Nina has a tendency to favor above normal heights over the GOA though.
  6. The end of the EPS is interesting. It has anomalous low pressure over the northern GOA / Eastern Aleutians beginning to retrograde to a favorable position to throw up a block out there.
  7. Not really. Blocking happens nearly every winter. Even 2007-08 had a period of cold and dry weather. We also have the lingering effects of the deep solar min going for us.
  8. But more to the west. About 10 degrees west and that would be close to what brought the snow on Christmas 2017. I'm just not seeing this winter being endless zonal flow.
  9. That one hasn't really crossed my mind. I'll take a look at it. That winter had it's moments for sure.
  10. Historically speaking CA getting all of these AR events is an excellent sign for our winter. Some of our coldest winters are a sheit show of rain down there.
  11. That was a dandy here. 7 inches of snow, blowing snow, snow falling at a temp of 22 (which matches Dec 2008). After that it fell to 8 degrees the following night. The sad thing is that night was only clear for half of it. Had it remained clear it would have easily dropped to 3 or 4 IMBY.
  12. Good way to put it. As I mentioned earlier 2005 simply doesn't fit the observed weather we have been witnessing though.
  13. At least according to the CPC analogs it would seem 1970 is emerging as the best match to this year. It is coming up as an analog regardless of what type of pattern the models are projecting. That one is certainly high on my list, because it also matches the current base state and had much of the observed weather we have seen recently. Right now I think the 1970, 1984, 2007 combo is the way to go.
  14. Not sure why the color would be late this this year when we had the coldest first half of October since 1990.
  15. November can really have crazy exceptions though. We have had some cold / snowy ones up here at least.
  16. We had some snow followed by a long / cold inversion and then a ridiculous wind event where winds gusted to 60 for two straight days. Also a major Arctic blast in February, although over here it was mainly just insanely low 850s and a few days of decently cold weather.
  17. Well I'll be dipped. I was doing some quick research on black cottonwoods and broadleaf maples and found that maple syrup can be made from broadleaf maple and is actually as sweet as the stuff made from sugar maples. Just a slightly different flavor according to the article. Another odd thing with cottonwoods is scientists have chosen that as one of the best trees on the planet to perform genome studies on.
  18. It's actually a progressive pattern and goes back to ridging again pretty quick. Alternating troughs and ridges can bring some pretty enjoyable fall weather.
  19. I think it's all about the weather. In Central WA they are the same type of cottonwoods as here and yet they turn very bright. They need sunshine, dry, and cold nights. I have some pics somewhere on this computer I'll try to find them.
  20. I can see why 2013 would have been great for color. Lots of dry weather and cold nights in October.
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