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  1. Quite remarkable to have the EPS and GEFS showing such a high chance of cold weather in the longer range. This could be something big.
  2. The 18z GEFS is no doubt about it cold for week two. It and the EPS have really trended colder in the past few runs.
  3. The GFS and ECMWF agree today will be the "warmest" day in a while. Even at that it's still below normal.
  4. Gorgeous looking EPS today for week two! You don;t see a pattern like that very often. Of course the bad news is the initial trough this weekend digs too far off the coast to give us a realistic shot at much snow. That will probably be made up for in the near future though.
  5. That is a very extreme anomaly alright. This could end up being a huge thing for us. Also worth noting there has been no sign of any global warming from the water vapor yet.
  6. Even tonight there are several places in the 0 to 10 range in the Okanogan. Amazing.
  7. Teleconnections are great on the EPS. PNA has trended down the past few runs. Later in the month yesterday's 0z had PNA +0.5, 12z, -0.5, tonight's 0z -1.0. EPO is also quite low long with that.
  8. Something truly special is happening this season.
  9. EPS ends with the strongest signal for the cold to be in the West.
  10. This just has a certain beauty to it. Truly incredible.
  11. The surface will be cold. Remember cold winters are usually different variations of a cold theme.
  12. I don't think that means January will be 2006 like though.
  13. Signs of block retrogression at the end of the run too. Could be a top tier cold Dec after a top tier cold Nov. That coming after a very top tier warm Jul - Oct. Wowzers.
  14. That is one serious inversion situation at the end of the ECMWF. Temps being shown for SEA at that time are way too warm for some reason.
  15. Slight PV disruption this year. This winter has incredible potential.
  16. Surface temps start to get quite cold later in the run. No warm anoms anywhere in sight!
  17. Looks like some crazy blocking coming up. Can't wait to see how it actually plays out. There are times the NE Pacific basically has no low pressure anywhere to be seen.
  18. Certainly looks like another variation of cold coming up. Our coldest winters are often made up of real and "fake" cold taking turns.
  19. The December 2005 cold wave was a good one. Started with legit cold and then went into a major inversion. My area had two straight days of 60mph winds coming out of that. What a mess!
  20. Pretty good for what may be one of the more unimpressive parts of the winter.
  21. GFS meteograms show the warmest max for SEA over the next 15 days will only be 42. That's flat out impressive if it happens. Especially after all of the cold we've already had the past 5 or 6 weeks.
  22. The cold has been epic over there so far this season. Already a huge number of sub freezing highs and sub zero lows. Could be a huge winter for them if January actually does pan out.
  23. Bear in mind if we have an inversion during week two it will be coming after a shot of legit cold. Those are the best ones.
  24. I'm not surprised it's quiet on here tonight. Post snow blues and people just recovering after the last week of craziness. More fun is coming though.
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