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  1. Nice place you have! Those giant snowflakes are sure fun to watch.
  2. Temps in the upper 20s with west winds in the Kittitas Valley right now. You don't see that very often.
  3. Our main chances are Thursday morning on the backside of the big AR, Saturday night, and Sunday night. The way things look right now at least.
  4. Eventually the overwater trajectory gets better on most model runs.
  5. That's the big change on the 18z EPS. Arctic front is way further south at day 6 than on the 12z.
  6. It's starting to. I've seen snow in cases like that a few times at least.
  7. The digging is ok. We just need the high latitude piece which the 18z EPS hints at. With the big SSW in progress high latitude blocking would not be surprising.
  8. Dead gradients or weak offshore are often the best from what I've seen.
  9. Considering this only goes out 144 hours that is pretty nuts.
  10. BTW...the ECMWF is saying we get a hard frost tonight. Wet roads will probably get icy.
  11. The changes on the 18z EPS are pretty eye popping on both the mean and control. Looks like we get a high latitude tap going. That is what the Seattle area needs to really do well with snow in most cases.
  12. The one in January actually turned the ground white and accumulated a little bit, but it was very light stuff. At least the ice is broken now. Maybe we can get something more later in the week.
  13. It's actually sticking a little bit now. Another February with some snow at least.
  14. Certainly the heaviest snow I've seen all winter. If this was a classic c-zone it could have gotten really good. I'm pretty surprised this is real snow and not graupel.
  15. Snowing pretty good here, but not sticking. Too bad the moisture looks to run out so quickly.
  16. 3km NAM shows the southern c-zone now. Hate to say I told you so, but.....
  17. Significant snow this weekend on the ECMWF. It snows during the night with temps below freezing both Saturday and Sunday nights.
  18. DeSantis is younger. I'm really disappointed he didn't get any traction. I know Trump will do what needs to be done, but he has so many people that hate him.
  19. That's a big change. They had been hitting record high sea ice for several years running not that long ago. Cyclical?
  20. It will be over our area this evening. Remains to be seen how generous the precip will be though.
  21. I was wondering the same thing. Kind of a weird place to bring that up. Great idea with the iceberg though!
  22. Antarctica was actually running quite cold earlier this century. Not sure how it's been the last few years.
  23. I think the river is about 150 feet below the bridge level. So hard to judge when you're driving over it.
  24. This project is needed. That stretch of highway 18 is a dangerous nightmare.
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