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  1. Eh I’ve lived in Bend for almost a decade. I never get sick of snow.
  2. Aw poor guy didn’t get any to play in his ridiculous game.
  3. I just react on current posts. You’re the one going back and reacting through all my years old posts and viewing my profile multiple times a day. It’s a little weird.
  4. Bend’s station runs 3-4 degrees too warm on most summer days. Think it’s too exposed. Most stations in the area were 82-85 I believe.
  5. I’m really about to sound like Tim here, but climo would be nice
  6. Appreciate it. I just clicked “like” on a post by Tim, I may just implode!
  7. Alright well now that’s taken care of, I can move on from this. Take care everyone.
  8. I actually just checked and for some reason my IP is showing up in Portland so Hawks was right. Don’t know why that is. Regardless the picture proves I’m in SE Bend.
  9. I find it amusing. He really gets worked up over a little react.
  10. See. Tim asks for a pic, I’ll say I’ll do it. Then he twists saying Jesse will drive 3 hours. That’s how he does it, always twisting things and having to get the last word.
  11. Take a screenshot and show us that’s true. I’ll take one with a piece of paper that says not Jesse, should be by the old mill this afternoon.
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