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  1. Did I state anywhere in my brief response that I'm an ice age weenie? Like your whole response to me has been categorically inappropriate and unfounded based on what I stated originally. Maunder Min/Ice Age causality has been and continues to be vigorously studied for its veracity. It's a fair hypothesis. I didn't know that referencing a hypothesis based on a field and time currently being studied by academics means I'm pushing a super ice age conspiracy.
  2. I never mentioned current climatology. Interesting that you'd make that jump immediately.
  3. Another thing to consider is that the timeframe being looked at here is smack-dab in the middle of the Maunder Minimum and the "little ice age" that came with it. I'd imagine that temps were cooler throughout the year based on that alone.
  4. I have a hard time remembering the last time our Cascade snowpack was THIS healthy this late into winter. Close to 150% snowpacks for most of the cascades, and Olympics overperforming at almost 170%. As long as Mid-March turns around the precipitation, this could be a long-lasting snowpack. Might even keep a bit below 5,000 in some parts to next fall.
  5. I leave for a week to buy a house and we're talking about arctic fronts again? What happened? Did Jim hit the reset button on February?
  6. A bit of the view from my new front yard, and from just down the street. I think I'll like it here.
  7. Snowing in...Mill Creek. Wasn't it 50 degrees earlier?
  8. Stevens Pass should pass their annual average snowfall tonight. Mountains are healthy.
  9. I'll be living in Gold Bar by the clown range, might just get to enjoy some good winter weather to christen the home.
  10. I have wet socks, due to wet shoes. As long as this is the case, it's proof that there is still snow on the ground.
  11. I'm just here for the #iceage fam. Odds are low, but man it sure would be funny if every country in the world was pushing to cut carbon emissions to stop warming, only to have an ice age knock on the door.
  12. Looks like we added another 3 inches in mill creek. It's now, finally, 32 degrees but we are 3 hours behind the forecasted Temps at this point. Maybe I'll be lucky and it'll stay snow all day.
  13. Reason number infinity to not trust your weather app: Mill Creek holding firm at 30 degrees. It was supposed to be 32 already if my app is to be believed. Cold yet again outperforming. Upcoming 5 days should bring a ton of mountain snow to the passes at least. They got a bit shortchanged with the dry January, but snow levels have been building to a very healthy level.
  14. I think that areas north of I-90 will wind up being the big winners today. That east wind will hopefully abate much of the projected changeover from making it much further north. Though I could be wrong. Seattle will probably start changing over in the next couple of hours in places.
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