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  1. Eh it's nowhere near 2012, and has been showing signs of strong growth on the NA side. A rebound is needed for sure, and it slowly is following that trajectory...though not as fast as Antarctica.
  2. Jeeze another 4+ inches of rain for me? That'd put September at 10". Thank GOD we fertilized before this, otherwise I would have a lawn of slop...
  3. Very well, let it snow. And hey I'll take another 2" of rain here. Won't mind one bit.
  4. I delivered pizza that December. In Fairwood. In a front-wheel drive sedan. We took no days off. Thick mess of snow/ice on all roadways for 2 weeks. At least the tips were good haha.
  5. Gonna need to confirm when I get out there, but my neighbor just texted me we passed 5" for the storm on this last band.
  6. Jeeze I'd take a 2008 repeat. That December snowstorm knocked out our power for 3 weeks on Maple Valley Highway...I had a snowdrift 5 feet high against my house.
  7. Only grabbed ~.4" since my post this morning, just need to get 1 more good soaking in tonight and I'll call this a win. 4.5" and there's not even much standing water. Glad I fertilized a week ago and re-did my drainage field. We missed out on any meaningful wind, however.
  8. Well 4" at the 24 hour mark exactly. Not bad. Guess Euro doesn't like my area. Edit: Snow starting to mix in ~6,500 ft as well. Might get some dusting on a few peaks in the area.
  9. My day has ended with 2.3". 1.5" of which has been picked up in the last 2 hours. Not too bad tbh.
  10. If we didn't have a rug pull I might've been looking at something similar to that. Gotta love being so close to the mountains, avg rainfall here is 80". What is it in North Bend? Gotta be similar.
  11. I'm already at .8". That map will be a bust for me in about 2 hours. We've had about 45 minutes of a break from rain today here since 0700. The main event isn't even here yet.
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