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  1. For anyone interested in solar activity, it certainly looks at this point like the sun is having a bit of a hard time getting out of bed after this last minimum. Possibly another 6 months before real activity returning to the disc. Never really seen such a slow start to a maximum before...even the Oulu gamma ray monitor is showing elevated levels and at this point last cycle we were in the negative reading for that.
  2. Hey my hills are down to only a couple inches of snow, and Baring/Index are starting to lighten up. Unacceptable! lol You could always buy my neighbor that i had to invol's house when it comes up for sale lol (and boy is that a story)
  3. I just want more snow in my mountains is all. Maybe an Ice Age while we're at it
  4. Bit of rain, bit of hail and snow on the foothills above me. Not too shabby for a May afternoon.
  5. Even with the blast of heat through mid-April wasn't enough to sink the Cascade snowpack. Well over 100% for the entire range, and even the Olympics are still over 130%. And the passes are getting some nice late season snow tonight. Thanks to us being wedged at the east end of the valley we've been getting dumped on all day. Over 1 inch of much needed rain. In other news, anyone know how to take care of an old rose bush? We've inherited one from the previous ownership, any tips feel free to send a message.
  6. I really appreciate the gobbledygook on this forum. It's like trying to learn Latin, but the closest I'll get is pig latin. Doesn't make it any less appreciated
  7. A few things no one shared with me for my now 10 month old: - bibs. buy like 50. you'll thank me later - swaddle wrap. might as well get 2 in case kiddo blurps over one. - get an infant chair that has a vibrating and/or heating function. the kind that plays music as a huge plus. These tips saved many a headache over the first 6 months, which can be the most difficult adjustment. Pre-birth? Pregnancy pillow and whatever the woman wants. Happy wife, happy life. Congratulations you're about to go on one hell of a journey. As a new father myself, I didn't un
  8. Hit 83 yesterday in Gold Bar. What a change from just over a week ago having snow on the ground. Snowpack still very healthy, water levels are great. We'll see what that warm burst of precip does though. I'm concerned for the possibility of heavy melt with high precip being a recipe for flooding. We'll just have to see.
  9. You could always come work with me! we're running 40 short of our 140 staffing minimums so plenty of room!
  10. At least the Cascades and Olympics are holding onto the great snowpack so far. Still over 150% for Olympics and Central Puget. Everywhere else roughly over 120%. Stevens Pass has enough snow still to extend ski season another 2 weeks if they wanted.
  11. Yeah the trees are just starting to bud past Monroe. So It still feels pretty bare out there. Considering the prior few weeks were a constant barrage of snow for most of the area above 200 feet, it's not surprising. Colors should look great once they start popping though!
  12. My line of work has a saying "sun's out guns out" And while that sounds specific, it just applies to any kind of disturbance. Rings true after today, where my neighbor went into a full-blown crisis and screamed for hours that he was a federal officer executing a search warrant on his own house and screaming at someone not there to "get on your knees, put your hands behind your head, you're under arrest. GET ON THE GROUND NOW". I ignored it as best I could, judging from my experience that this was likely a stimulant-enhanced crisis situation...until he started harassing children and other
  13. St. Vincent erupting still. May wind up with interesting global impacts if this continues. And in other news it's 30 outside. After a high of 68 here, that's quite the turnaround.
  14. Dome collapse and pyroclastic flows at St. Vincent this morning. Let's see how much worse it gets. It has been ramping for a larger eruption, so let's see if the intensity continues to increase.
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