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  1. 0.29". Starting to really come down now. 58˚F. 55/59˚F for the day.
  2. Hardly. In much of the Rockies, lows would mostly be in the 30’s and 40’s F (if not the 20’s) by this stage. Face it, you just live in a subtropical swamp.
  3. A mild 55°F for a low overnight. Now getting a few sprinkles. Radar seems to indicate it should get heavier soon.
  4. I think most of us here, at one time or another, have gone into full-on weenie mode about an imminent rug pull, only to be proven wrong. For me, it was the evening of 8 Feb 2019.
  5. November being super-warm is a bit of a bummer, but it really doesn’t mean much if a September snowfall melts completely away. Temperature norms in September and much of October just do not favor snowpack that builds. More generally, while people here wish it when there’s a cold fall, there just does not seem to be that much correlation between temperatures in October and those in midwinter. Not in this part of the world, at least. The one thing that is meaningful is the amount of precipitation most of us have recently received. It is going to be very hard at this stage for things to get thoroughly dried out until next spring or summer. (And once you get as far north as I am, it is basically impossible at this stage.) Fire season is over.
  6. Yup. I have seen September snow hit the mountains many times. I do not think I have ever seen it last into winter, except at the highest elevations. There is always a warm spell that then proceeds to melt the vast majority of it.
  7. 55˚F after an overnight low of 53. Looks like several days of prime early autumn weather coming up.
  8. Won’t matter for fire season purposes. Days will be too short, and sun angles too indirect, for much drying.
  9. Grounds crew is mowing the lawns today. First time they have had to do that since late last June.
  10. Overcast with intermittent sprinkles here. 57°F. Not a total surprise; this morning’s forecast mentioned a 40% chance of rain. Should dry up this afternoon.
  11. Mine too. I have at least since 2014 said that I am at this stage in my life basically done with big cities, but would make an exception for Vancouver. It’s not so much that I dislike city stuff (quite the contrary) as that easy access to wild nature is a must, and Vancouver does not force one to choose between city and nature. Don’t even need a car; can take SkyTrain to SeaBus to regular bus to regional parks in North Vancouver that basically define the edge of the wilderness. Biggest downside is that you and I are not the only people to find Vancouver an attractive city, so it is on the $pendy side. Can’t have everything, and at least I will be paid well.
  12. East Van near Commercial Drive would be nice, but I'm shooting to rent a so-called laneway house, and while such things are regularly on the market, there are never that many at any one time, so where I end up will likely depend on availability. In terms of geographic area, Vancouver is actually quite compact, so pretty much anyplace in-city is a doable bicycle commute to Gastown, where the office is. Even someplace in Burnaby close to Boundary Road would work fine.
  13. Grizzly bear and brown bear are two different names for the same species. I presume you meant to ask “black or grizzly.” It is a black bear.
  14. Vancouver, BC. Got a job offer from a company there and due to various regulations I have to be within Canada while doing it, and I have a fair amount of friends in Vancouver, so that's where I will be landing at least to start. Sort of a shame Bellingham didn’t last, but it was every bit as good a place as I imagined it to be from afar.
  15. It’s a beautiful area that I would not mind exploring more some day. Not going to happen this year as I’m busy moving even further away from that area.
  16. Don’t overlook Butte. It ranks high on the list of towns to spend more time in when I get back to that region.
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