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  1. Duluth is already having their snowiest season up to March 27th on record. This map shows nearly 3ft more. They need 10" more to become the snowiest season on record going all the way back to 1885
  2. We nearly got up to 50 that day, but then the next day we dropped from 42 to 23 in 11 hrs with 50mph+ east wind gusts, which was the high temp for the day after
  3. 2021 https://fox12weather.wordpress.com/2021/04/11/cold-nights-a-sunny-april-week-ahead/ That surprised me too. Another surprising thing like that was that Eugene's record low for July was in July 2018 of all months
  4. PDX somehow managed a freeze during that warm month, 32 on 4/11. But then it torched after that
  5. Also April 1975 looks insane for the entire country. Kansas City had a 31/19 day with 2.3" of snow and then dropped to 12 degrees, and Chicago had a subfreezing day and a 10" snowstorm. Denver dropped to -2
  6. Really impressive that we've managed measurable snow on April 11th last year and now March 25th this year (though PDX didn't get anything). Before last year March 25th was the latest sticking snow at PDX in 1965. Very unlikely but the GEM actually shows some snow in the air towards the end and then lows in the 20s for the Willamette Valley.
  7. Some towering clouds to the west and dark skies to the east
  8. Had some hail earlier, now some pretty heavy rain
  9. I just realized that I can get a Multnomah County library card even as a Washington County resident which gives access to the entire Oregonian archives, so I'm definitely going to spend a lot of time looking a bunch of events. Here's December 1892, when 29" of snow fell in a 6 day period with 24" of that in two days. And then another 30"+ in late January/early February. Full_Page__Oregonian_published_as_Morning_Oregonian.___December_23_1892__p1.pdf
  10. I've been scrolling through the summer 2019 threads the past few days and it was a great year for thunderstorms. It's been pretty bad recently for storms. I saw one distant flash of lightning in August 2022 and heard some thunder in September but that's all I remember in the past few years. I think 2008 was a good year for them?
  11. I remember you predicted the mid-December period of extreme blocking a few weeks in advance. That was amazing to experience in Denver
  12. This was 9/8/2019. The 2.17" station is very close to my area, and 1.88" of that fell in an hour
  13. I really hope we can see a year for thunderstorms like that again. There was the 6/26/2019 thunderstorm, I think something on the 27th too. Then another big one on 7/1, and then in September there was a tornado less than 5 miles away and then we managed 2" of rain in an hour on the next day
  14. Went back to the July 2019 thread. This was a really great storm on the 1st. Heavy hail with it too
  15. Sorry, I misread that. I guess that winter was kind of similar up here in the lowlands. We had the brush with arctic air in late December and the late February snow. And the March trough like this one. The mountains didn't do well though. And some snow in early November up north
  16. 2017/2018 was extremely dry in California though. The drought had mostly been eradicated from 2016/2017 I thought
  17. 2016/2017 was really wet for CA but it was also really wet for us outside of December/January. Haven't really seen the really wet conditions here this winter. 2012 was also a really wet March
  18. March right now is the wettest since 2017 at PDX. 2018-2022 were all dry though
  19. I agree, definitely a great winter. Cool November, with some snow in the air at the end, a lot of snow in the air in early December. Then the arctic blast in December, which we had a 23/20 day with here. And I got to experience that arctic blast in Denver which was amazing, going from hiking in 50 degree weather to 4" snow falling below zero degrees F and a temp in the minus 20s in less than 24 hours. February/March has had a ton of snow falling which has been really nice. Started with about a half inch on 2/14, then the 6-8" storm on 2/22 and 2/23 which mostly fell in the mid 20s. Then snow in the air on 2/25, 2/28, 3/7, 3/9, 3/24, and today. I measured 7.5" of snow total this winter but I doubt I got a proper measurement on 2/23 so it's probably slightly more. 2016/2017 was better here since it was colder/snowier but I've really liked this winter too. Also my first winter on the forum and it feels like there's been something to track almost constantly
  20. Bit more for PDX too. What are temps like with most of the snow?
  21. Crazy that I managed measureable snow on April 11th last year and now March 25th this year. Only a quarter inch but still really nice. And that's after we had heavy non-sticking snow yesterday all morning.
  22. Wow, woke up and there was snow on everything outside. I didn't expect that
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