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  1. Larry Cosgrove thinks a major east coast event happens between now and mid October.says even if it not sam he thinks something else forums and becomes a big threat impact storm interisting.
  2. The models Have been terrible in showing the Alaskan low they have badly missed it all summer I have notice which is interesting to me that they have been missing it so badly.
  3. Keep an eye on those storms to the southwest Phil just in case anything pops up Tornado watch in effect for our viewing locations.not a good set up to have in the over night when most are a sleep.Ceternly not our typical case.
  4. Larry Cosgrove is concern about an East coast threat or 2 sometime in september or october says Ida is not the maine event for the Eastern seaboard.
  5. We have to watch the tropics I feel in september or october pattern looks quite dangerous for a few southeast east coast threats with the big bermuda high it not a pattern set up you would want to see doing peak hurricane season thats for sure.
  6. I'm guessing that's what Larry Cosgrove is buying into currenly as he seems quite bullish on the winter.Hope he right he did pretty good last winter.
  7. At least next weeks looks somewhat cooler even with rain chances I will take any cooling over this 98 110 heat index degree crap we been having.Its has suck moose balls for sure.
  8. Nothing new really its all about pushing the fear at the most Alarmists levels.Climate change will always be a threat regardless what if any effect we have but to push this type of fear does nothing but to confused the people
  9. Thunderstorms are amazing to watch howard and Baltimore country got hammard but when it went into Anne Arundel it really fell apart just some left over rain thunder and lighting no wind but it was power pack in howard.pa had a big tornado there today as did New Jersey.So the event did varfie just depended where you were which is typical of convective systems. What was not typical was the April may type of setup severe weather event in late July.
  10. Watch out potentially later today could be a pretty impressive thunderstorm event across our reagion will be interesting to see how it forms.
  11. Yeah I was tracking that one on radar looked nasty down there for a time.
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