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  1. According to Larry Cosgrove he is very hype up about the November through febuary potential sure hope he on to something he has been very good with forecasting as of late.
  2. That why I think over the summer Larry Cosgrove was so against the La nina talk He was clearly going by the Data and was not going by what was going on in real time which is surpising as he is normally pro on real time stuff then Data.He has sifted his stance that this La nina is not acting typical.Dispite the enso difference idea wise He has been nailing the pattern.
  3. Yeah I'm not sure why he went with the nino with little to no support could be that he was following data that was hinting at it dissipating.another thing to and Dave Tolleris WxRisk.com is even worse in this regard they don't like to admint they were wrong on there ideas it seems to ofton they go with there ideas and there stubborn to change or acceap.which is human nature we are not great in accaping defeat.I think mostly because we want to beleave we have all the answers when in fact there still so much we really don't know and it hard to accept at times.this is a strange enso set up maybe a hard year for winter outlooks giving the complexities of it this year and I really don't think models Data have a good handel on it which adds insult to injury.
  4. Larry Cosgrove seems excited about the winter hopefully his streak keeps up as he done pretty good this summer and good in seeing the less active season tropical wise even those he was going for average he was way more right then the majority this season.
  5. Yes he active on facebook twitter all the time.he just wrote his weather letter last night.If you have a question feel free to go on his twitter page or facebook page to ask him.Im sure he will respond.
  6. The truth is get 20 people in the room your get a different opinion anwer from all of them.
  7. Larry Cosgrove is hype up about the fall winter and he not one that tends to talk in strong terms very much.no doubt it been a unusal pattern.It will prove interisting to see what happens.I got to give Cosgrove some due for going against the high end hurricane forecasts he was one of the lowest out there.Ironically even he may be to high.And his summer forecasts was spot on as well.
  8. Why do they call it thunder when it really should be lighting strike thunder is just the sound of the lighting stroke.
  9. Larry Cosgrove is also hype up about the fall and winter so it will be interesting to see what happens dispite the mass disagreement between Larry and others his summer forecasts has been one of the most accurate that was made.Not sure what that means going for word but will be interesting to see if he continues to be right despite it not making any since lol.It could be that he more of a old school type then a new school.Not to offend Larry but I think he stays in the old school ways to much and does not give the newer forecasting enough credit but it is his right and it is fair enough.We are all stuck in our own ways at something in life.it is not easy to accept change.
  10. What started off as a amazingly borning severe thunderstorm season has literally turned into one of the best summer thunderstorm patterns in a long while in this resgion
  11. Wow that really does blow Andie that way to hot for 9 at night gees
  12. Completely oppersite to that of winter where phases 8 throught 2 support cold stormey patterns in summer it favers hot amazing how these things can mean different things in each season.
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