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  1. Just for the record Larry has agreement from Justin Berk who is also going with a cold active February into March.
  2. Larry Cosgrove is really bullish on late january and Febuary producing.
  3. I'm Riding the Larry Cosgrove train he has been pretty accurate this far and has always supportive the mid January throught march pattern producing.In fact he is bullish on what he sees for February.
  4. A good Article posted by Robert https://www.iceagenow.info/what-will-people-do-for-food-when-much-of-europe-and-north-america-is-too-cold-to-farm/
  5. True but then again his site is called iceagenow.info for a reason to post cold trends I do find his idea very interesting and I know Geos tends to agree with him to.only time will tell in the end.
  6. Hi.  What do you think of Robert Felix as I feel something is off with him as he seems to cherry pick a lot while other times hits the nail on the head when he gets into science mode.  When he is in 'news' mode he tends to get like what he accuses of the left of making his statements null.

    However I agree with his underwater volcano stuff and we have a LOT of that in the Pacific and our Pacific has been stuck in a + warming which if we are having uncharted eruptions we won't be able to see it from the air but it will produce warming. Not one volcano by itself but enough will and if it's a  continuing saga. 

  7. Which is why I'm surpised some of the well respected mets like larry cosgrove and Justin berk are going with cold snowy febuary ideas they could well be right but the history seems to go against there ideas.But only time will tell in the end who and what proves correct.those for our back yards I hope what they are seeing is right and Cosgrove has been pretty good as of late with seasonal outlooks so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  8. A good question well before my time so have to research look it up those it hard to really find much information about weather clear back then as it was before records started being kelp.
  9. Larry Cosgrove is still going with mid January through March.what concerns me and it not just this winter but the last few is no one including the highly respected mets has been very good with winter outlooks as of late.It a concern because at some point the plubic are going to lose there credibity with many of the forecasters on seasonal long range outlooks.I guess the real question is why have winter seasonal outlooks have been off the last few years.
  10. https://www.iceagenow.info/surprise-surprise-any-greenland-melting-is-volcanic/ again this is what Robert Filex talks about in his book and has been stating for years.
  11. Dave Tolleris should have never came out with his 96 2010 post a few days ago.it stuff like that that causes the melt downs from people.He needs to wait and see if the pattern is working out before he pulls the hype train.
  12. Dt is Spinning he needs to stop hyping storms until he is sure the pattern is set posting in twitter and facebook that the pattern look the best since 96 and 2010 is how bad information gets out in the open.
  13. One of the reasons of why Robert Filex states so ofton that the next cycle of the ice age cold phases are due immediately is how long the interglacial cycles last and we are at the point where the interglacial cycle could terminate at any year or time.giving how long this one is now.
  14. I Wonder how those 16 hundreds winters were with the peak mounder min going on then
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