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  1. Big storms went through Baltimore looked like supercells they now congealed into a line but lots of hail reports in the Baltimore locations.no hail here but heavey rain thunder and lighting.
  2. Good storm just went by here heavey rains and some close lighting loud thunder.
  3. Some heavey rainers out there today.not really a great set up for severe but the classic slow moving rainers.
  4. Great thunderstorm day today best Event in quite sometime with the back to back lines.
  5. Good storm went by while we were at the Arundel Mills Mall rain came down in buckets for a time sounded like some small hail was also mixed in.got home looked like it hardly rained amazing how locations matters with convection set ups.looks like another round is going to be rolling in sortly.
  6. In his books Not by fire but by ice and Magnetic reversals and Evolutionary leaps https://www.iceagenow.info/?p=35506
  7. Robert has another interisting Artical https://www.iceagenow.info/hypocrisy-rules/
  8. Interisting Article about the cool may pattern https://www.iceagenow.info/severe-arctic-cold-headed-for-continental-u-s-and-record-breaking-snowfall/
  9. Robert Filex is also talking highly of this as well very interesting Andie.
  10. If your concerned about it go over there and ask him your questions I'm sure he will give you reasons why he does it.
  11. Agreed yet many are still a sleep at the wheel.
  12. Not totterly all true Robert does not disagree nor does he denie we have been in a warming phase.He just does not think humans will ever completely control the cycles of the climate regardless of the effect we may or may not have . You also have to realise its the fans that is giving him alot of the Articles he is posting I have sent a few to him in the past I beleave Andie and Geos has as well.the big reason he went to a blog site is alot of fans people wanted Robert to make his site a blog so everyone could comment on the Articles.contrary to belief he lets a very vareing types of opinions
  13. His book can be ordered here https://www.amazon.com/Revolution-Ice-Re-Entry-Carlton-Brown-ebook/dp/B07JZL4QWM/ he is grandsolarminimum on twitter.Im on chapter one at the moment.
  14. It's been a mess for sure.I would not rule out March eather some of the La nina years had our biggest snow events in March it would not surpised me in the least if our biggest snow storm this winter happens in March
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