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  1. Robert Filex is also talking highly of this as well very interesting Andie.
  2. If your concerned about it go over there and ask him your questions I'm sure he will give you reasons why he does it.
  3. Agreed yet many are still a sleep at the wheel.
  4. Not totterly all true Robert does not disagree nor does he denie we have been in a warming phase.He just does not think humans will ever completely control the cycles of the climate regardless of the effect we may or may not have . You also have to realise its the fans that is giving him alot of the Articles he is posting I have sent a few to him in the past I beleave Andie and Geos has as well.the big reason he went to a blog site is alot of fans people wanted Robert to make his site a blog so everyone could comment on the Articles.contrary to belief he lets a very vareing types of opinions
  5. His book can be ordered here https://www.amazon.com/Revolution-Ice-Re-Entry-Carlton-Brown-ebook/dp/B07JZL4QWM/ he is grandsolarminimum on twitter.Im on chapter one at the moment.
  6. It's been a mess for sure.I would not rule out March eather some of the La nina years had our biggest snow events in March it would not surpised me in the least if our biggest snow storm this winter happens in March
  7. As much as la nina sucks it may pay off when we do have another El nino.El nino winters follwing a few years of la nina are some of our snowest colder winters results 2002-2003 and 2009-2010 came after a 3 year nina.
  8. The Hot air from Dc politics is spreading making for the snow hole
  9. Last winter was the ultimate disaster coast to coast winter that you will ever find around.
  10. Sure has been an crazy storm to follow.
  11. Wow nice surprise for Dc this morning did not quite expect this morning for them.it is nice to see the negative nao back this winter after the positive nao over the last 5 years or more.at least we can say the negative nao is not history after all
  12. Once late march April is here some nice spring weather is ok as long as it not blow torching summer temps bad enough we get that in the summer.
  13. I can not recall having freezing rain last this long in this reagion.certernly an experience. I also can not recall to many times when the snow was coming from a North and north east direction While we may not be the snow tops with this.I have to say this is one of the more interesting Miller Bs I have seen in this region not only in a forecasting sense but how it all came togeather.
  14. Who ever made the call to drop the winter storm warning last night at the nws needs to have there buts kicked.the ice is pretty bad this morning it a sheet of ice every where here bad call from the nws on that.
  15. Pattern looking really good going into Febuary lots of potential coming up the ones that went for a Febuary pattern very unlike La nina progressions I serlute them because it looks more and more like a good call.if anything our winter may just be starting lol.
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