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  1. The models were way to slow with this system the storms yesterday came in a few hours faster as well looks to me that the models errored to slow this time.The good news if Larry Cosgrove idea of the core ridge in the west southwest this summer we should have plently of opportunities for some good thunderstorm events.
  2. I notice the other day people were pissed with Larry Cosgrove in his comments section because he against the La nina ideas lol he still forecasting weak El nino by end of summer.
  3. Cosgrove is forecasting the core of the heat to be in the southwest and west this summer so Texas does sound to be in the oven this summer
  4. I asked steve his opinion on what Larry has been saying Steves weather page he said he agrees with Larry Cosgrove I just phil can not understand what it is that there looking at but I will kindly have my crow if there proven right.
  5. Larry Cosgrove is still somehow convince that we go weak el nino by late summer.we will see
  6. Larry Cosgrove thinks it is weaking https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:share:6925431474506661888/ not sure what he is looking at but he a old school forecaster.
  7. Which begins the question of what exackly Larry is seeing to lead him to beleave a weak El nino and I'm a cosgrove fan but his line of thinking is confusing giving the Data.nothing against the guy a great respected forecaster just would like to see what he seeing.
  8. What funny is Larry Cosgrove is still very much on the weak El nino train for end of summer fall.
  9. Larry Cosgrove is still convince a west basen Weak El nino end of summer someone asked him if he was still thinking El nino on his Facebook page.so it will be interesting to see if he ends up right sure is interesting he going against the grain.
  10. Larry Cosgrove has been catching alot of heat from people because he predicting neutral to weak El nino by late summer lol.
  11. Unfortunately it seems Judah Cohen is a ferm beleaver in the prodominate human induce climate change which is the biggest dissapointment with him as he does have very interesting reads but at times I feel he stuggels Tom how to connect it with global weather.
  12. Larry is living in Texas now he use to be the head forecaster in Cleveland a long time ago when he had dark hair he also did a station with New york for a time.He and Dave Tolleris WxRisk.com use to get into some very heated exchanges he has sense block Dave on all forums of media.He writes a column called weather America every weekend.
  13. It's funny that cosgrove would see La nina breaking down when data does not support that at least right now.He eather going to be a genus or he going to have alot of crow to eat in the coming months.
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