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  1. Yesterday ended up several degrees cooler than expected due to clouds. Now we’re getting some rain this morning which wasn’t forecasted. Gotta appreciate the little things during summer.
  2. Wednesday in Lincoln: GFS: 113 Euro: 99 OAX: 101 I think I would lean towards the "cooler" end lol. There would have to be conditions similar to the Dust Bowl to hit 113 and we're currently on the border of D0 drought/no drought. The biggest outlier is 1911, which hit 110, the highest temp outside of the Dust Bowl era.
  3. Well the GFS is obviously cracked out. Not that it's not going to be awful, but that 115 will be more like 105.
  4. Not really much to say. It's been a boring stretch of weather in the area outside of that big storm in Omaha. Looks like another bout of near triple digit heat this weekend. That should cancel out the -2.5 depature for the month.
  5. Looks like Omaha is getting whacked again. Just a brief burst of heavy rain in Lincoln, maybe more to come.
  6. Squall line has hit southeast Lincoln, sounds bad
  7. Cloudy and only a high of 74 in Lincoln today, it feels great outside. The 2.37" at LNK the past 2 days was much needed.
  8. It's been a busy week so I haven't check in here much regarding this severe threat, but very heavy rain in Shenandoah, Iowa at the moment. Pretty intense thunder and lightning earlier as well, fortunately no tornadoes.
  9. This is the windiest I’ve seen it a while. Also feels pretty nice, the cold front has passed through.
  10. Nobody: KLNK: Fair Outside: Cloudy all day
  11. Looking at yesterday's summary, McCook had the highest temp in the state at 108. Next in line is 106 at Grand Island followed by several 105s. Today almost feels pleasant in the upper 80s, cloudy, and humid. That's when you know summer has gone on too long lol.
  12. “Only” 103 in Lincoln today which would be the highest since 2012. That’s a 134 degree swing compared to February. Also The 105 in Omaha is insane! I just got back into town from Clarinda, a little cooler there but little more humid. Afternoon felt like an oven.
  13. I thinkl drier air is moving in from the west. Dew in Lincoln has gone from 69 to 60 and temp is now at 102. That forecast for tomorrow suddenly isn't looking as ridiculous anymore. The no 100s streak has ended at 3 years and 1 day. I would've preferred it to continue for another year or maybe ten lol
  14. OAX is forecasting 104 in Lincoln on Thursday....LOL yikes
  15. That seems like it was quite the intense blizzard. Temps in the teens, 25-30 mph sustained winds, a foot of snow, probably insane drifts. 1/25 this year had a couple more inches in Lincoln, but probably looked tame in comparison to the 09 Christmas blizzard. I did like the relatively light winds though, snow is usually more enjoyable when it's not pelting your face.
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