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  1. Still have a few big piles around town and I snapped this pic when it was 70 this afternoon. It’s felt bizarre to have some very warm weather and turn around there’s still patches of snow.
  2. I'm sorry, but if the current terminology is confusing to you then you're just dumb. "Plain language headlines", so does that mean an actual headline or just an announcement on the website or social media?
  3. 12z GFS looks nothing like this (40s and a little rain) but I'll cash out on the 6z for a season finale
  4. Eastern IA seems to be the ideal place if you want to hold on to snow cover forever lol.
  5. 5th coldest February in Lincoln and 6th in Omaha. Pretty impressive when the only years ahead are 1899, 1936, 1978, and 1979. LNK may be 6th as well if 1875 was included, which was up there for OMA, but LNK didn't record temperatures then. It could be decades before we see a month as extreme as this again, I'm glad I lived it. Other stats for Lincoln: 5th snowiest February (16.6") -31 is the coldest Feb temp recorded -First sub zero high (-4) since 1996 -17 days of 10"+ snow depth this month beats previous record of 11, though I can only find snow depth stats back to
  6. I've noticed that the grass looks pretty green here as well. That's pretty neat, I didn't snow cover provided an insulation like that. Even in the mildest winters in Memphis, I never saw green grass this time of year.
  7. First half of March looks pretty boring. It'd be nice to get some rain at least
  8. I found myself being frustrated at moments when it would repeatably become inconveniencing in some way. I catch myself and am I like “no snow good”
  9. It's unbelievable have this kind of radar look just 11 days after LNK was -31 degrees
  10. Heavy rain with occasional lightning and thunder! Still piles of snow on the ground here and there too. February 2021 is going out with a bang.
  11. It's looking like warm wx is here to stay. 60s are in the forecast for next week. Hardly any below freezing temps except briefly in the mornings. I hope the big rainer the GFS is advertising for the region pans out. Question is if this is false spring or not. We're past the point of getting sustained cold and snow of course but late March can still get very snowy even if it melts in 2 days.
  12. Lincoln is up to a -16.6 depature for the month. Plugging in the forecast for the next few days puts us at around -14. It's still going to be the 5th coldest Feb behind 1899, 1936, 1978, and 1979. For a while I thought only 1899 and 1936 would be ahead but I always forget how cold the late 70s winters were. Feb 1978 had a max temp of only 41, even 1936 hit 53.
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