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  1. Oof I'm so bored I'm looking at D11 GFS. Perfect storm for the heart of the subforum.
  2. Since 2011, Dec in Lincoln has averaged 3.9" (1981-2010 avg is 5.9"). It looks like we're continuing that trend, maybe with accumulating snow in the last 10 days of the month. Compare that to Feb, which has averaged 9.1" since 2011. Getting time to hope for a backloaded winter.
  3. KS may get a decent snow on Thursday, a small Watch area has been put out. Unfortunately the precip shield looks to struggle to make it to the Nebraska border.
  4. The semester is over and my life is boooring I need a snowstorm to track lol
  5. One storm I've been kind of curious is Feb 11 1965 in SE NE. For Nebraska winter wx, you hear a lot about 1888, 1949, 1975, 1997.... but there's hardly any info on this. Lincoln recieved 19.0" and Omaha 18.3", biggest snowstorm on record in both cities and it's kind of not even close. Maybe wind wasn't a factor? Also seems like the heavy totals were relatively localized with this storm. I see 13.2" down to Concordia, KS and 13" up to Mason City, IA. It seems like mostly 1-5" outside of this axis. I also found that 30" was reported in Clatonia, NE. Only 35 miles SW of Lincoln!
  6. GFS consistent with zero precip in modeling range. Euro not much better. Unpopular opinion, but I hope winter doesn't briefly pop it's head Christmas week since I'll be out of town then.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving. Just got off work, a lot more to-go orders than people actually dining in. I took a peek at the 12z GFS...not surprised to zero precip for the entire run.
  8. That same band provided a nice quick soaking here this morning with maybe a few wet snowflakes mixed in. Impressive that it's changed to accumulating snow!
  9. Euro has 1.5-2" of rain for Omaha/Lincoln through Wednesday. GFS is more like 0.25". We could really use that Euro soaker.
  10. I'll take another cold rain to tighten precip defecit. LNK is only at 21.93" for the year, which is relatively high due to a wet May-July. OMA is at 16.03"! I'd definitely want a flip to more wintry after Thanksgiving through, December in recent years has been infamous for big rainers.
  11. Definitely thread worthy as this point but it looked like a non event until yesterday.
  12. 0.66" at LNK since yesterday. Wettest event (and first 1/2"+) since early September. Omaha metro recieved over an inch. Hopefully this is a sign of active times ahead. Other than the random snowfall its been booooring.
  13. Trees/elevated surfaces glazed in ice. Not much anywhere else, roads just wet.
  14. KLNK down to 35 already. Not far from the freezing mark when most guidance suggested it would be around daybreak tuesday. I don't think it'll snow very much if at all, but an icy Tuesday wouldn't surprise me.
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