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  1. Lincoln is up to a -16.6 depature for the month. Plugging in the forecast for the next few days puts us at around -14. It's still going to be the 5th coldest Feb behind 1899, 1936, 1978, and 1979. For a while I thought only 1899 and 1936 would be ahead but I always forget how cold the late 70s winters were. Feb 1978 had a max temp of only 41, even 1936 hit 53.
  2. Good lord what is your average when you still got 121" during the **** show of 2016-17 lmao.
  3. The new japelpeno popper chicken sandwich at Wendy's is pretty good
  4. Bye bye to most of this today. The past 30 days sure have been a wild ride.
  5. Today was really beautiful, highs in the mid 40s. Lots of people wearing shorts (including me). Big snow pack eater as well. There's bare ground in some of the spots hit by direct sunlight, only 6-8" left in the higher areas.
  6. Totals for Nebraska in 13-14: Lincoln: 18.2" Omaha: 17.8" Grand Island: 16.4" KC treatment for Nebraska that year ha. Or did KC get the Nebraska treatment this year? Hmmm
  7. I would say less snow cover but apparently INL has a snow depth of 13" sooo idk. 61 in Pierre SD tho . It's also starting to look like it may hit 50 here tomorrow. That'll take out several inches of the snowpack. Not too upset, it'll be neat to have a bare ground beforehand if we get some stuff in early March.
  8. 12z GFS and Euro are quite different for the March 1-3 time frame.
  9. Wow, the Dec 29th snow didn't survive the mid Jan mild spell here. Even the crust from Jan 25th takes a bit to cut through.
  10. Probably the same people that will comment "hurdur omadome it's not going to snow idiots"
  11. 49.4" in Lincoln. 3rd snowiest January, 5th snowiest Feb, and 6th snowiest season on record so far. Hard to find anything to complain about here. I think it's likely we get 50"+ for the season, but probably not beating 2018-19.
  12. I don't think flooding should be much of an issue in Nebraska. We're still in D0 drought and most of the snow should slowly melt with the sunny and 40s this week vs. sudden 40s and rain.
  13. After a couple more years in Neb, my list looks a bit different. 1. Jan 25 2021: No explanation needed. Accumulating snow from before sunrise to past sunset. 12-16" in the Lincoln area. 2. Feb 23 2019: Blizzard conditions w/ snow already on the ground, 8" of new snow. 3. Feb 6 and 7 Clippers, 2021: 2 back to back clippers producing a total of 8-10", super rare here plus saved a dying snowpack. Not to mention the low singles and sub zero temps during these snows. 4. Mid Feb 2019: Not super notable, but a train of snow events which buried the area and prepared us for the bli
  14. A lot less than Omaha but still way more than I was expecting. Snowpack looks goofy with wet snow on top
  15. Lol literally just woke up and have to work now so missed everything. No idea how much fell here, haven't read or looked at anything and don't have time to, just figure it was a good bit less than Omaha.
  16. GFS getting me all hot and bothered like usual
  17. Snowpack is still around 9-13" deep in most spots. KLNK was 15" for several days (lower now I believe), but I dont think it was that high here for more than a few hrs due to sublimation.
  18. Triple post, but meanwhile Lincoln has warmed to 24 this afternoon! South facing surface melting is occuring for the first time in a while. Summer is here!
  19. A few more pics from desoto county MS from last night and today. Memphis has received 10” over the past few days.
  20. I thought you were supposed to come back to Lincoln or something like that
  21. Lincoln is -21.8 below average for Feb 1-16. Last week of the month will be a recovery attempt, but I think it's unlikely we'll get warmer than a -15 departure.
  22. This forum has been my second home for the past month with how active the weather has been, so now that it's calming down this place is a morgue lmao. But anyways, like most young dumb college students, I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Meteorology/weather is definitely more of a #1 hobby for me and I wouldn't want to ruin it by making it my career. I'm content with not knowing all the science behind it and just enjoying the show instead.That, and I'm not a math/science genuis LOL. I don't mind some calc/physics, but what stuff like engineering/met require are way too much for me.
  23. Memphis metro is getting raked with Storm #2. My parents in Desoto county MS have been getting pounded with heavy snow the past couple of hours with more to come. This started with snow/sleet from Monday still on the ground.
  24. Pic I took this morning. I’ll take more snow but wouldn’t mine being done with sub zero temps ha
  25. You're doing better this year than Nebraska has in certain winters haha
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