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  1. This wouldn't be bad way to start November. Euro not very excited.
  2. There's a report of 3.8" in NE Lincoln, and that was well before it even finished. Closer to 2" on the SE side. I was a little surprised because I was thinking it wouldn't do much and Wednesday would be our better chance. Not that rain is super exciting or anything, but the past 6 weeks have probably been the most boring stretch of weather since I came here 4 years ago.
  3. Over an inch at LNK so far. Probably a little less in SE Lincoln, but currently heaviest rain of the day. I wouldn't be surprised to exceed 2". Edit: Wow absolute downpour. You would think this is a July storm with less thunder, except it's October and 48 degrees
  4. Being from Memphis, there's easy direct route between there and Memphis. I've taken Hwy 13 from Springfield to Clinton (then Hwy 7 to I-49) a handful of times. The area around Hwy 13 is hillier than eastern Nebraska, but nothing too crazy. Nothing like the Ozarks. Further east might be a different story like Clinton said.
  5. Groundbreaking info for us in Nebraska. Equal chances for above/below average precipitation and temperatures this winter.
  6. It’s nice to see that models have backed off on the complete torch. Today was basically perfect and nothing above 70 is in the forecast.
  7. Still no freeze at KLNK, which is impressive considering it’s about ideal for radiational cooling as it gets (avg is oct 7th). Would not be surprised if it’s not until at least November for most of the city even if LNK freezes before then.
  8. I highly dought TX as a whole will see any weather conditions comparable this winter to what happened last year. I don't know the exact stats, but that's about a once in 25 year event most likely. Also, there's absolutely no excuse for what happened in Texas in Feb. If you don't have the capacity to keep citizens warm when it's cold, then you're failing. Many other places in the South which record cold temperatures did not completely fall apart. Of course everything was still shut down for a week, but it's nothing like what went down in Texas.
  9. This has been a fake a** fall, but it could be worse. Dews in Memphis have been in the low 70s all day. Although there are getting some severe weather moving through. But that's not uncommon, even in the middle of winter lol.
  10. KLNK is definitely having some sensor issues. I wouldn’t consider complete overcast all day to be “fair” lol. I’ve noticed similar situations in the past. At least it’s more like 79 instead of 89.
  11. Wouldn't be a husker home game if it wasn't at least 90 degrees. Rain chances for the week seem to be fading as well
  12. I don't have time for this either but rushed some numbers into excel for Duluth. The only annoying part was flipping through every October since 1980. Not very famillar with DLH climo, but now jealous that their worst seasons are comparable to Lincoln's best Didn't feel like calculating the snowfall departures, 1991-2020 average is 90.2". Oct departures are based off 1991-20 as well - negative departures are mostly in the 80s and 90s. Year Snowfall Oct departure 1980-81 36.5 -5.2 1981-82 95.7 -3.7 1982-83 96.5 1 1983-84 107.3 0.8 1984-85 68.2 1.6 1985-86 89.3 -1.4 1986-87 40.6 -0.7 1987-88 53.8 -4.7 1988-89 119.1 -5.6 1989-90 58.3 0.3 1990-91 63.8 -2 1991-92 100 -3.7 1992-93 94.2 -2.5 1993-94 110.4 -4.1 1994-95 91.2 3.1 1995-96 135.4 -0.4 1996-97 128.2 -0.5 1997-98 80.1 -0.2 1998-99 90.2 1.8 1999-00 55.5 -1.8 2000-01 99.3 2.7 2001-02 86 -0.7 2002-03 56.3 -8.5 2003-04 109.9 0.2 2004-05 91.5 1.2 2005-06 89.2 1.8 2006-07 80.7 -4.3 2007-08 80 3.6 2008-09 73.6 0.5 2009-10 65.8 -5.1 2010-11 93.4 2.8 2011-12 49.1 4.4 2012-13 129.4 -1.6 2013-14 131 0.9 2014-15 49.2 0.7 2015-16 81.4 2.2 2016-17 67 3.5 2017-18 91.9 1.5 2018-19 106.8 -3.1 2019-20 92.2 0.4 2020-21 82.6 -6.1 Looking at the graph, correlation looks very weak at best. Most notable things: All four seasons above 120" had an October fairly close to average. Also, no winter with over 100" of snow was more than 0.9 degrees above average. Might have a clearer picture with a larger sample size, but I thought 40 years would be plenty lmao.
  13. I saw that movie when it came out in theaters! Lol
  14. Yeah GFS consistently forecasted 110+ for Lincoln and I think I saw as high as 117-118. Summer max was 103.
  15. Haha I wouldn't bet within 20 degrees on any model (nevermind the GFS) beyond 168 hours.
  16. That rainfall forecast completely fell apart. No cool spells in sight either. In fact, there still hasn't been a day at KLNK with the high below 70. The latest first sub-70 day is October 9th, going back to 1897. Every other year had achieved that by Aug or Sept.
  17. Nothing in Lincoln overnight which was our highest rain chances. Around 0.25" so far from yesterday morning.
  18. As the sun starts to set, bye bye to 90s for good. You will not be missed. But I'm sure this post will look dumb when it's 91 on October 15th
  19. Yeah, freaking annoying lol. I’m excited for cooler days and actual rain chances after tomorrow even if lows will be torching.
  20. Could be pushing 95 at LNK. The past few days have been nice, but this is the point of the year where we should have consistently nice days. With that said, I wouldn't be surprised to see the first snowflakes within the next 30 days lol.
  21. Yeah I'm fully expecting a spike of 90s in early October especially if this no rain trend continues
  22. Lows this week and weekend are going to be in the 40s to low 50s. Finally some hoodies after sunset weather. Edit: Also I swear I don't remember Sept 9 having a high of 49 last year. That's crazy.
  23. It's looking possible that there will be no measurable rain in Lincoln through the rest of Sept. (entire GFS run has nothing). If that's the case, KLNK will only have 0.31" for the month (7th driest on record). Though most of the rest of the town has more due to the storm at the beginning of the month.
  24. It "only" hit 95 in Lincoln compared to that 109. If GFS was correct all summer 1936 would've been put to shame. Don't get me wrong though 95 is still way too hot for a husker game lol.
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