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  1. That seems like it was quite the intense blizzard. Temps in the teens, 25-30 mph sustained winds, a foot of snow, probably insane drifts. 1/25 this year had a couple more inches in Lincoln, but probably looked tame in comparison to the 09 Christmas blizzard. I did like the relatively light winds though, snow is usually more enjoyable when it's not pelting your face.
  2. I'd probably be in that support group LOL. I know your backyard got shafted a bit last year, but I'd consider the Late Jan-mid Feb stretch pretty epic in Lincoln. Though I know 09-10 is the 21st century gold standard for Nebraska winters. Just looking at the data, that year had very long periods of consistent cold, a bit less extreme cold. Which definitely helped maintain a snowpack for 3 months straight. 18"+ depths achieved in Omaha/Lincoln not seen in 18/19 or last winter. In 09-10, it probably helped that the snowpack started building in December vs. winter finally arriving in late January
  3. 1.99” at LNK! That sure is needed with hot weather and no rain expected anytime in the foreseeable future.
  4. It looks like Lincoln is about to get smacked by the squall line. I’m in clarinda, Iowa today where it should reach here in the afternoon (probably weaker)
  5. It looks like today will put a hole in the anticipated 90+ streak. Though this was only supposed to be day 3 and 90s keep getting added all the way through the forseeable future.
  6. June has been as hot as July and August the past few years. The difference is it tends to be a more "dry" heat compared to later in the year. It's really not that bad other than a few hours in the afternoon.
  7. Very impressive temps this afternoon across the upper midwest. International Falls MN has hit 98 so far, and Fargo Sky Harbor has reported 101.
  8. This month was backwards. Max of 89 on the first day of the month lol. 92 on April 26th was the first and only 90+ day so far, should have #2 on the list by next weekend though. While this month was slightly cooler than average, it was also much drier with only 2.55" (May/June is typically the wettest time of the year)
  9. That enhanced risk for Lincoln isn't looking so good. Heavy rain just begun with just some occasional thunder and lightning.
  10. I can't tell you one thing from that so I'm glad other people are able to tell me On another note, the 12-3 am time frame is pretty annoying. That was around the window basically every severe storm rolled through Lincoln last summer.
  11. Dew points sure have been creeping up. 68 here in page county, Iowa (my internship location). Lincoln is sitting at an arid 63!
  12. The SD black hills are awesome, I gotta come in the winter some time! The drive here was interesting as well since I had never been west of Kearney. The sand hills is probably the most desolate region of the country east of the Rockies. It was quite the peaceful drive (except at one point I was about to pee my pants and had to go on the side of the road )
  13. Summers haven't gotten too bad in recent years and the polar vortex has been a frequent visitor. I think the only months that have gotten significantly warmer in the north central U.S. are December plus probably the Sept/Oct period. Meanwhile, the southern U.S. definitely doesn't get as cold as it used to. The cold wave in February was the lowest temps dropped in Memphis in 32 years (down to 1 compared to -4 in 1989). Before the 90s, flirting with zero mark or lower a few times a decade was basically expected.
  14. At LNK here's some of the new averages(1981-2010 in parentheses): Avg temp: 52.3 (51.5) Precip: 29.34" (28.95") Snowfall: 26.0" (25.9") The shift from snow in Nov/March to Jan/Feb is pretty apparent, as well as wetter winters and drier summers. This seems right, except temps are about 0.5-0.6 warmer than they should be. Just using the NWS NOWData tool you can see the discrepancy. I was thinking maybe they calculate normals some other way, but doing the same thing for 1981-2010 you get the exact same numbers as the official averages.
  15. Well the new 1991-2020 averages have been released, not too surprising that much of the country is warmer. But something isn't right for Lincoln, I'll include in next post https://www.ncei.noaa.gov/products/us-climate-normals
  16. Uh oh, I'm pretty sure the last map I saw had LNK over 1"
  17. Another hot, windy day on the way to the low 90s. I just can't believe that I'm still in the same location I was in February
  18. Looks like the 4th year in a row with April rainfall struggling. 2017 was the last time April had above avg rainfall, also every year since then March has been wetter than April...pretty weird.
  19. GFS sure is much more generous with rainfall in the next 7 days. 2" in Lincoln compared to barely 0.5" on the euro.
  20. It was starting to getting pretty hot again like yesterday but luckily the cold front pushed through. North winds and it's about 20-25 degrees cooler than this time yesterday.
  21. I can believe that Lincoln averages an earlier date than KC, but not by almost a month. But behind MSP? No way lol
  22. Classic lol. Today is only the 4th day of the month with a high in the 70s but we've had no issue being stuck in the upper 40s/50s or surging into the 80s/low 90s.
  23. Kind of unrelated, but I just moved from North Lincoln to southeast. Not like 70th and Old Cheney southeast but like 91st and Pine Lake southeast LOL. Kind of tempted to bring my PWS from my parents place up here, especially since I'm so far from the airport now. That is if it still even functions properly.
  24. Snow has tapered off considerably now, just a very light dusting. 0.1" would be a generous number. It was quite the sight to see considering how late in the season it is and not a flake has fallen in nearly 2 months.
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