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  1. Currently in NYC its 51F under cloudy skies and windy conditions w/ spotty showers around.
  2. I turned on my phone locations this morning for Macomb and it read 33F. However, I am not sure if my area went lower than that. I think It did because I checked my phone at 7:30AM. Also, this year seems like a lot colder than other October's.
  3. In NYC for a few days. I arrived Saturday evening and the weather is certainly chilly and wet ever since. Remnants of hurricane Ian still sticking around.. Temps are in the 50s during the day and 40s at nite. Very gloomy. It gets better by midweek or so. BTW: My first Frost Advisory for back home in Macomb County for Tanite. Temps dipping into the 30's.
  4. S MI might get a visit from Ian on Sunday. Some passing high clouds might block the sunshine from time to time. Good luck to all those down in SW FL.
  5. It is a very cool day today. Currently at 55F under mostly cloudy skies.
  6. I read in an article this morning that an early disruption event is starting for the PV and w/ pressure anomalies setting the stage for something bigger later in Winter. I'll try to find the article and post it.
  7. Ian means business. I would not be surprise to see this become a full blown CAT5.
  8. It gets very cool here imby next week w/ high only in the 50s and lows in the 30s. A very slow gradual warming trend by the upcoming weekend though. Also ton of sunshine developing by midweek, once the frontal boundary moves on by.
  9. Halifax, Canada braces for Fiona. Hurricane conditions expected there. Crazy!
  10. First 30's for overnite lows for my area tomorrow nite" NOAA: Big shift in the longwave pattern as a deep 500mb upper low, below 540 dam, sets up just east of Hudson Bay with southern extension reaching the Great Lakes. Notable thermal trough will be surging southward tonight with 850mb temperatures falling to low single digits by 12Z Thursday morning and around 0C by 00Z Friday. A large area of surface high pressure sliding over the Midwest will also support the northern flow tomorrow helping the cold air advection. Dewpoints have already fallen into the 50s across northern lower this afternoon and some 40s over the U.P. and WI. All in all this will produce some the coldest max temperatures we`ve seen in some time. Low temperatures Thursday night will bottom out into the upper 30s for most of the area as the high pressure centers itself over lower MI.
  11. Looking forward to the seasons first chill. Highs in the upper 50s for Thursday to maaaaaybe cracking 60F. It stays BN throughout the extended, if not till the rest of September. Today all eyes on this potent CF approaching. Might get mighty interesting in the PM hour. Fingers cross for some action.
  12. Are ya ready for Autumn-Like weather??
  13. Fiona will become a strong Cat2 hurricane eventually, but remain over open waters. Believe it or not, it will however affect my area. Well, not hurricane conditions of course, but, it will tend to slow down weather systems a bit.
  14. Fall-like temps on the way next week. Highs generally in the low to mid 60s and lows in the 40s and a few upper 30s in the colder spots, not outta the question. I'm thinking my area will range between 38-43F for overnite low temps. @jaster220Autumn knocking at our doorstep bud. Get those light jackets ready. Btw: Hope ya had a great summer!!
  15. Gorgeous stretch of weather starts as of today imby. Lows tanite in the chilly 40s and highs in the pleasant 70s, b4 the 80s return for later in the week and onto the weekend and dare I say possibly and I mean potentially near 90F early next week. Crazy!
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