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  1. Attm, its raining w temps in the 40s. Very raw, dreary, chilly late November day. Luv it!
  2. I agree., but don't forget, its days away...hopefully it can wrap around on some cold air. We will see what happens. By tomorrow or Friday, is when to really start paying more attn to models. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the ride.
  3. Me neither! Blizzard1978 perhaps in the makings????? Bud, someone is in for alllotttaaaa snow!
  4. Explosive bomb! Somebody will get slammed really hard by this one.
  5. Per NOAA: Potential for a potent winter system early next week when a northern stream wave diving out of the Gulf of Alaska phases with a southern stream wave drifting out of the Four Corners region. Latest Euro comes into better agreement with the GFS with phasing more over the Appalachians. Forecast offers a significant amount of QPF over the region while wrapping around plenty of cold air. It will be something to keep an eye on with still plenty of time to hash out details.
  6. Attm, its a mild 41F under some drizzle and mist.
  7. Toms pl gets crushed w hvy snows! Also, MI members that live on the western part of the state gets inundated w snow as well. Looks like rain for my area. Nice phase! Tbh..I wouldnt mind seeing that low go through, or even east of the Cleveland Metro area. That would be an ideal track. Would benefit my area for that matter.
  8. Attm, I am receiving a mix bag of snow and rain. Temp at 34F. Very raw evening. Pavement is wet and temps will remain above freezing overnite, so no icing will be occurring. As a matter of fact, temps will even start rising a bit tanite and reach the upper 30s by dawn.
  9. Forecasters monitoring the potential for a blockbuster storm to take shape: or Stay tuned to those who are in the path of this monster storm!
  10. I just hope the trends continue bud. Wish you were involved in this storm as well.
  11. PER NOAA: Here we go MI Peeps! After what looks like a quiet weekend, potential winter storm setting up for early next week, as strong storm system comes out of the Gulf of Alaska, with what looks to be eventual phasing with the Four Corners energy. There looks to be unanimous consent, it is just when and where phasing occurs (eastern Plains vs Appalachians) leading to longwave trough encompassing the eastern half/third of North America. Need-less-to-say, 12z EURO is very aggressive with the impact to southeast Michigan. The 00z Euro ensemble members (~50 percent) were also fairly con
  12. I should get a nice soaker tomorrow as temps rise into the 50s, thanks to a WF. Looking forward to a rainstorm and tbh, I've always liked rainy days in November.
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