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  1. Frigid start this morning, at -4F, but rebounded nicely into the mid 20s w cloudy skies and snow knocking on my doorstep. Looking at 2-3inches, maybe an overachievement in spots.
  2. This snowfall should be fun to watch. Still continuing to add to my snowpack w this one.
  3. Its going to be a frigid nite here in SEMI as temps fall below zero. More snow tomorrow w a couple of inches possible, especially later in the evening. Note: So far, it has been a snowy February, where 20.7" has fallen and thus far for the season, Detroit is at 40.2" and more to come.
  4. Looks like next week will feature some modification in this arctic airmass. My temps could be flirting w the upper 30s, dare I say near 40F at best. This will feel like a heatwave. Some melting will be occurring, so, flooding will likely be happening. Thankfully, it gets colder again by weeks end and also, a potent storm to watch for that upcoming weekend.
  5. Weak little system, but nevertheless, means for more accumulating snows for SEMI, which will be adding to the snowpack. As for now, 2-3inches looking possible. Lets see if numbers changed by later tanite, as the system enters onshore in the Pacific NW today. For now, it remains weak, but still enough to grab those shovels out again and snowblowers as well.
  6. Due to Texas crisis going on w most recent major winterstorms that affected them...Also, deals w Iraq n Iran also play a role as well.
  7. Its beautiful out there and tbh, I might need to go and buy a yardstick because my ruler is not long enough to measure this much snow. I might go later today and get one. I tried walking in mby this morning, just to see how deep it is and I was in more than knee deep, easily over 17". If I had to guess, I would say somewhere between 18-23" snowdepth. Who would have known so much snow would fall this Winter. Yes, 100% true.
  8. This is it. I think the worst of the cold is over for this Winter. Now, its just going get colder at times, but nothing like what we recently had.
  9. Here ya go.....Scroll down to Macomb County! STATION OB /MAX / MIN /OB /24-HR /SNOW/SNOW : NAME TIME /TEMP/ TEMP /TEMP/PRECIP/FALL/DEPTH :.................................................................. : ***BAY COUNTY*** AUBM4: Auburn :0630/ 28 / 6 / 19 / T/ 0.2/ 12 ***MIDLAND COUNTY*** OILM4: Oil City :0730/ 27 / 5 / 16 / 0.02/ 0.3/ 14 : ***HURON COUNTY*** BDAM4: Bad Axe :0710/ 25 / 4 / 20 / M/ 1.3/ 11 FLNM4: Filion 5NNW :0630/ 31 / 9 / 25 / M/ 2.8/ 14 POAM4: Port Austin :0810/ 25
  10. 18F under deep blue sunny skies. About 2.1 inches fell last nite, which added to the deep snowpack here in Macomb county. About 1.6" in Metro Detroit. Great stretch of Winter weather here in SEMI continues.
  11. This is price gouging. Crazy! In NY its expected to reach $4.00/per gallon
  12. Snowing light to moderately now for the past couple of hours and does not wanna stop. Temp at 22F. @SlowpokeHow much do ya have so far....I must be at least over 2 inches. This could be an overachiever.
  13. Im real busy today, but real quick...b4 the big storm, i had 9.2" otg + 9.8" = 19.0!! Hope this answers your question! Whoever drew this map is off on Detroit totals. As of today, the city of Detroit is at 1 foot or more otg. I need to call them up and tell them to get their facts straight.
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