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  1. Hello from NYC. Here the weather is kinda coolish w some showers expected to arrive tanite. Temp attm near 51. I saw some flowers blooming here yesterday, which is kinda odd. A little too early. Here for business and pleasure and hopefully, the week gets warmer but from what I am seeing, looks like the highest readings will top in the upper 50s at some point and then fall into the 40s for highs and lows in the 30s.
  2. Brutal cold yesterday here in S MI as temps hovered all day between 20-25F. Way BN. Squalls throughout the day added up in the snow dept. Now, Dtw is at 37.0" for the season and for the month, ranks at an impressive 16.1", which is wild, considering the mild winter we had here.
  3. The amount of snows the west has received is unbelievable. I saw videos of people being stranded inside their homes and not being able to get out from feet of snow. Luckily some rescue workers were able to provide some food and water for some. Just amazing.
  4. Huge jump in Detroit's snowfall tally from what it was back in February. March did its job I suppose.
  5. Very excited to start tracking severe weather again. Feels like its been forever, but its here, especially as we start heading into April. Last year was not too active here in SMI, but lets see how this year goes, while, other parts of the country were inundated by severe thunderstorms. Lets discuss...... Good luck to all and to an active, fun and most importantly a SAFE one. Remember to follow ALL safety protocols when it comes down to saving lives and especially, your own. Below is a short video on how to prepare during severe weather.
  6. Dtw received more snow as 0.7" fell added to the seasonal total to 34.9" so far. Just keeps on coming. Wish it was like this back in the colder months.
  7. It has been a crazy winter the whole entire i-95 corridor this year. I am from NYC and family and friends there have been telling me that all time records have been broken from this snow-drought. Just amazing.
  8. I am surprised Detroit has gotten to almost 35.0"up to now. That was a big jump tbh. That is why ya never know what Ma Nature can do. If we get another snow event or 2, then, we might even (MAYBEEEE) go above to near average snowfall. Now, that would be something.
  9. Total 5.2" here in DTW Metro area. Season snowfall now is 34.2." A lot of melting though has occurred. That March sun angle can really do its job this time of the year.
  10. Still snowing. Several inches has accumulated. Temp at 33F.
  11. I am already in spring mode amigo. It should have been like this back during the cold winter months, not now. At least now w all this snow back to back, maybe my seasonal snow will be just about average. So far, Romulus airport has picked up 3.8" and still several more hours to go.
  12. This is looking likely a nice snowstorm. Colder than the last one.
  13. This snowstorm coming for S MI is looking pretty decent. Accumulations will be enough to shovel once again. At this rate, I would not be surprised to get to near average snowfall, if we get another one down the road, but should be a close call. Where was this active wintry stuff back in January or February. Anyways, this will be a fast mover, but will make for hazardous driving conditions.
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