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  1. Dec 2012 was a solid month for snow, then a cold January but was also a pretty boring month, very little snow to go around in late winter.
  2. I think the NWS Spokane facebook page was mentioning they're not far from reaching their seasonal average, if they haven't done it already with this next snow.
  3. January snuck up on me with this warm departure. Just when I thought we were having at least an average Winter on the mean temperature.. December was solid, with a -1.3 in Ashland. January looks like Dec 2021 minus a couple degrees, across KY. But even with that said, the warmth is not nearly as long lived as it was last Winter..
  4. It was one of only a few times I had a depth over 1 foot (happens more often in Bend, but not where I lived). Most of that winter's snow fell in about 8 days. So it could have been better.
  5. Getting these little bursts of moderate/heavy wet snow in Ashland. Not sticking. Just another fake flake day. This is starting to remind me of the '20-'21 winter in Klamath Falls, was filled with a bunch of teases, trace/wet days and a few random measurable snows were thrown in.
  6. Snow falling on as many days as it did in Dec 2008 was impressive for the PDX metro, what the arctic air did or didn't do was a smaller point at the time. I'm sure that December made a lot of winters after it feel dull.
  7. I bet northern Ohio? I'm just a hop and a skip from the state border and cold rain in the mid-30's today.
  8. Had freezing rain this morning (now regular rain, but cold). Low of 24 in Ashland. Think we're going into February with snowstorms?
  9. I've not seen measurable snowfall between Memorial Day and middle of October In K-Falls at 4k ft. That range will get even wider now at my new location.
  10. Now that you mention the range in years.. 2001 would be the only year where June had a couple chillier days at the beginning and a few locations had a freeze in early June '01. But anything after '03 doesn't really check out. A first home purchase sounds pretty big a life event, if there is anything else you can remember happening that stands out right after you got the home, and you can place a year to it, I'm sure there's something.
  11. I achieved a 6-hour high of 3 in the afternoon of Dec 23rd. Ignore the 40's at midnight, the entrance of that front was just poorly timed. It looks like I did have a 31 on 12/8/2021 but I wouldn't say we had any arctic air that month. Lots of 50's to near 70 throughout that one.
  12. I assume no sub-32's there since 1/13/2017 still
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