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  1. It never gets that bad around this area. Even though it's very bushy and green here we have a more moderate number of cicadas.
  2. One of them looked like it wasn't exactly a warm June. Anything within +/- 0.5 degrees should not be a red or blue if I made that graphic.
  3. If we didn't have one day in the first week of June that produced 1.25-1.5" I'd be agreeing on the dry June out here. We've gone most of the month without a drop which is a contrast to June of 2022. I hope it trends wetter towards 4th of July, this is MCS season for us right about now.
  4. 96/71 yesterday. Oh did I mention I heard my first cicadas a couple evenings ago? They're so cute the first time you hear them. There was a t'storm last night with a decent amount of flashing but overall it was a non-severe storm.
  5. Does that mean no more 60's and red wasps next February?
  6. Today turned out to be warmer than yesterday. And no storms (though the horizon to my north did have a few flashes). 89/64. Summer really kicks the door down in a couple days.
  7. Eastern KY has such fickle behavior with some of these lower end convective setups. Once again sitting between two areas of t'storm clusters to my west and NE, they're moving SE..
  8. Had 88/56 yesterday, today will be a few degrees cooler for a high but we traded off with a warmer overnight low. 64 this morning with overcast skies. Some storms today maybe.
  9. Meteorologists have their own definition of summer which may not be a popular one.
  10. Depending on the city, half of a year of 1 season and not a drop of rain. lol
  11. Coolest start to a June out here in a few years, but will probably end on a warmer note.
  12. Why is the rainfall so feast or famine there too? This Spring has easily been a wetter one than last couple years in Kentucky.
  13. 2020 wouldn't have been nearly as bad without that September firestorm/wind event. There wasn't any smoke until late July that year in K-Falls. 2018 blew all the other years out in terms of longevity, it was 5 or 6 months straight of on and off smoke.
  14. I think your place sees a little more of a temperature bowl effect during heatwaves than my side of the Apps. The warmest low I've seen is about 74 during the worst ones, sometimes I can drop into the upper 60's during some of the moderate ones.
  15. As much as I like this area, yeah those lows in the 70's do get pretty bad. I like my dips at night time.
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