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  1. I didn't realize how warm October 2021 was here right before I arrived in town. Think this October runs a cold departure? (Even though it didn't get to 90 here last Oct, it had warm lows...)
  2. I noticed Paducah hit 100 two days in a row through yesterday. They broke their record latest 100 reading I'm told.
  3. The weather actually listened to the calendar this year. A much cooler 74 degrees for a high today (from 93 yesterday) and wind gusts following the passage of a cold front. Fall arrived on schedule. I realize we've had several drops in temps like this over the last few months, but, no days warmer than 76 show on wunderground 10-day. A few 60's in there to end September even!
  4. These mornings in the 50's with fog are awesome. Starting to have a few days here where we don't really need to run the AC until sometime in the late afternoon.
  5. Things have a funny way of working out like that. Jan-March 2015 was a 3 month long torch, and 2015 was like one of the only years it snows on Easter Sunday.
  6. There was a 16-20" snowstorm around Thanksgiving in 1961 down in K-Falls. A January 2017 style snow event in November is mega impressive. I think even 1955 and 1985 didn't have a singular storm like that, but those were pretty snowy Novembers for sure.
  7. It was also tough for K-Falls to hit 90 in October. If I am correct, they have only done this once or twice ever. A really good October wave was 2-3 days of ~85 degree highs when I lived there. That usually happens on one day though. Personal latest >90 is 9/20/2014, and latest >88 on 9/27/2018. Even now at my new place there aren't a lot of 90's this time of the year recorded after the middle of September.
  8. September 2016 was pretty dry in southern Oregon but the following 2 months after were much better. I'd like to think that month has a bit less of a correlation on general weather than November or October does.
  9. I forget which one we both used, though both stations are not without their quality issues since they began. Some of the 1990's might have had some faulty data, since 1992 and 1998 on NOWdata appear to have warmer months than their respective records on Mean temperature. June 1992 (+7.7), Aug 1998 (+6.4). July 1994 as well, is warmer than 2014. NWS lists August 1998 at third warmest on record, 1967 being #1 with a +5.0 departure. Not sure what to make of that.
  10. Stukel Mountain has a fire today, if its like the other times they had one there, should be contained in time and not effect any homes. I remember one there in October 2018, though this one has a lot more beef to it.
  11. We need to add a spinning cheeseburger react.. It's like Elvis Presley's diet these last few summers back there! 2022 outdid my estimate on fewer than 40 at KLMT. They're at 45 right now. Which is in top several highest number. Maybe @Doiinko can remind me what they are. Last year wasn't the record to my surprise.
  12. It could be snowier in areas south of Mt Hood though. After 2019, hasn't done well where I left.
  13. Finally, KDWU is online! I don't know if they had to replace the station or just repaired it.
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