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  1. Time flies.. anyone remember that dynamic weather week in April 2016? One or two days had highs over 80 in K-Falls, and was an early beginning to t'storm season in southern Oregon (on the flipside, that resulted in a dead quiet mid-summer). The snow wasn't yet done in the mountains, the snow levels went up and down every so many days. On April 14th in the afternoon I had wet snow, then more 70's after that. A few weeks after that fun, was an awesome t'storm on Star Wars Day (May the Fourth.. lol). The ones in April were mostly garden variety despite the flow being very out of season. This one produced a decent hailstorm in town.
  2. Funny how uniform the lines stayed during the Dec '21 storms out here or Feb '22.
  3. It had to have started at least in the 1970's with the Super Outbreak featuring Kentucky's only F5 tornado in history. A few have gotten close to that rating since, like Mayfield, but still.
  4. This is some pretty broken up stuff in far eastern KY. But we are getting some thunderstorm activity and outflow winds. Main line is hardly even there now though.
  5. Some post-frontal winds yes, 50-60mph in parts of the area. At my immediate location not as strong as winds I thought I heard early on 3/24 with a northwesterly squall line at the same time of morning. Those were actually outflow gusts, I was convinced I'd be out of power for a few hours but I lucked out.
  6. In places that got above average snowfall I was surprised to see any in central Oregon, maybe between the snow it didn't rain much? There are winters like that I guess.
  7. Some of the storms have been hitting early in the morning hours, it's hard to get even a few minutes of video of these. On April Fool's (around 3:30?) we had a cloud-ground strike near the street and it sounded like cases of dynamite exploding when it banged. lol
  8. All of a sudden we just warped to a week in late May.. I'm not ready for lows in the 60's. These convective outlooks were almost a repeat of Fri/Sat, hopefully not as widespread on the reports. This will be my 2nd time in less than a week my city is in a Slight Risk. We missed the brunt of last one, only a couple medium size trees in Central Park have been downed here and we have not had any power outages on this block so far.
  9. Good thing I scrolled up here, was going to post that. That has to be the biggest enhanced I've seen in a while.
  10. Wunderground is being dumb and not putting t'storms on my forecast for tomorrow. But is showing tomorrow as the wettest day out of the next 10..
  11. The risk areas keep expanding. Now ALL of Illinois is in at least an Enhanced Risk.
  12. I've been in a few storms that produce constant lightning, sure is different around here. The kinds of storms that happen once every few years in Klamath Falls, are on an annual basis here. We even get t'storms in the cooler times of year. A January thunderstorm in southern Oregon was extremely rare. We get em all through the year.
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