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  1. This will certainly tweak averages. If that sentence had said he doesn't believe it becomes a "new normal" I'd go along with that.
  2. 94 in Klamath. Burger #27 for them. Just an early guess but I think they won't top 40 this year.
  3. Between all the humor on the forum, I forgot to mention that I like the new profile gif you have up.
  4. I noticed a few more 90's happened at KLMT. But they've had hotter starts to August before. There's still heat potential in mid-August. If I recall, 2016 featured the warmest middle of an August in years even though the month averaged to be around +1.5 on the mean.
  5. So many t'storms out here its crazy. Just a normal year doubles (and then some) the biggest years in southern Oregon. I hope tropical season kicks into gear soon, some folks in Texas haven't seen rain in a long time. Weeks straight of 100+.
  6. A weak thundershower came through here. In terms of thunder one of my weakest ones. But did result in a downpour for 5 minutes. Almost at 40 thunder days of 2022!
  7. Wet weekend in store for the Ohio Valley! Had a t'storm this morning at 4-5am. No really close lightning but close enough the thunder woke me right up out of sleep. 75 after a low of 71. The sun has not come out for more than 24 hours, and yesterday was pleasantly mild with a high not even 80.
  8. Maybe take away that emoji if it causes issues. Then we may later have somebody using it purely out of sarcasm knowing a member or two won't like it being used.
  9. Originally harmless. But got tarnished by toxic groups of social media users. Lots of platforms use it..
  10. I made a comment about it but it got removed. Basically this is the first I've ever heard of the Ok emoji being used in a hugely offensive manner (something about 4chan users). A lot of popular movies/tv shows may have featured a character using it on camera. I think it's silly.
  11. Looked like Spring was nice for them. I wouldn't say its that bad this year. But late winters (Feb-March) have gotten weirdly dry since 2020. I think 2 of the top 5 driest Februarys in southern Oregon happened 2020 and 2022. If Spring 2021 had repeated on top of almost not having a winter aside from December, then yeah.
  12. I thought last night's jab towards SEA's post was just a weird joke. I'm trying to remember anything he said that was even close to racist. Scratching my head too.
  13. To the original point. Having spent most of my first summer in a climatologically warmer place than the PNW, and I think Oklahoma would be too hot for many. I bet they don't get dry heat either.
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