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  1. Low of 41 tonight. Humidity 62% Light wind, downright chilly.
  2. It’s despicable. The lack of regard for life. There are a lot of young people out there with little or no conscience. I blame their parents. That has to be instilled before the age of 4. Then reinforced to adulthood. Doesn’t look good for the future. I hope the rancher sues the schools so the schools will track down the perps. Cattle are not cheap today, btw.
  3. A dead longhorn was found on the front lawn of a UT Fraternity prior to the UT/OU game. I don’t have to tell you how ‘onery’ they are or how heavy. This took organization and some muscle/equipment. It should be able to trace to owner and perhaps fraternity that’s involved. Some rancher is going to be mighty pissed off. Despicable.
  4. I’ve traveled a lot overseas. The only place I had any issue of welcome was from one Englishman and his wife. Never understood their problem. However, things have gone sour overseas in general. Most people I met would take their worst day in this country over any other. When things go bad overseas clearing it up is twice as hard to straighten out. That’s why I stick to US trips now. And even then I’m careful. Life has become far too difficult overall. I’d rather stay home and make nice day trips and have a lovely lunch. Then sleep in my own bed.
  5. Go all the way back to America’s discovery and founding and you’ll find profit. Can probably be said of any nation going back as far as possible.
  6. I guess it’s certainly election time.
  7. As probably the oldest on the board I have to say hearing of his hitting 100 just makes my bones hurt. I can’t imagine dealing with it day in and day out.
  8. Hamas does not share the values of the west. The US, for example, does not use women and children as shields.
  9. He was the deadpan cheerleader for the Vietnam war. Hearing him droll on and on every day during that war was enough to make you psychotic. Kissinger was the Tokyo Rose of Vietnam. Roast in Hell Henry.
  10. My husband comes from a ranching family. Ranchers will fight back. And it’ll get ugly.
  11. Gas prices in No Tx at $2.70. How’s it going where you are?
  12. As he should. Hate agendas must be brought to bear responsibility for encouraging violence. The planet is so heavily populated that we MUST learn to solve our problems more civil or the streets will run with violence.
  13. Of course I wouldn’t doubt it one bit. They gave Pres. Obama a Nobel incredibly early in his Presidency and heads on both sides of the aisle had a whiplash, their heads snapped so fast. Im not opposed to Obama getting it, but the timing was poor. Considering their knee jerk reactions I wouldn’t doubt their awarding it to Iran in the future for helping to negotiate a peace when that time comes. The Committee appears to have a curious agenda or they’re just plain stupid. Seems everyone has an agenda today. True Altruism is dead.
  14. The world has lost what’s left of its mind. https://babylonbee.com/news/hamas-awarded-nobel-peace-prize-for-releasing-a-few-of-the-children-they-kidnapped You can’t make this crap up.
  15. The Texas drought in southern hill country is looking good. If we get the wet winter I’m hoping for it should erase all that red.
  16. 29* this morning in DFW. Sunny. A good deal of rain Saturday. Much appreciated. Spent a lot of it on the road.
  17. I just enjoy how the banter bounces around the place. I’d love to see a real donnybrook one day. Verbally of course. Things get a bit dull I kinda miss the old Weather Forum of the early 2000’s. Real battles you know? And TWCMan in his prime was a great story teller. Good times. Everyone’s pretty chilled now. Better, but not as much fun. Ya kno?
  18. Man, I step away and the joint goes sideways! Never mind me, carry on ! Fun reading.
  19. They do great in Texas. Real efficient.
  20. https://www.universetoday.com/147819/missions-are-already-being-planned-to-figure-out-whats-creating-the-biosignature-on-venus/ The discovery of phosphine in the upper clouds in Venus’ atmosphere has generated a lot of excitement. On Earth, phosphine is produced biologically, so it’s a sign of life. If it’s not produced by life, it takes an enormous amount of energy to be created abiologically. On other planets like Jupiter, there’s enough energy to produce phosphine, so finding it there isn’t surprising. But on a small rocky world like Venus, where there’s no powerful source of energy, its existence is surprising.
  21. Have to agree with that but should it happen, will peace break out? The real fly in the ointment, currently, is Hamas but how do you eliminate that without harming innocents? And once tamped out, will it remain peaceful? This conflict has been ongoing since Moses entered the Promise Land. Is peace possible at all?
  22. I had one put the moves on me in 11th grade. He taught physic and math.
  23. It’s a good question. I think if he paces his campaign not to peak too early he’ll be ok. Plenty of time to campaign. He’s a known product so his battle is the nomination. With Biden being underwhelming, Trump can campaign effectively without burning out.
  24. We had a gorgeous day today with a High of 72, sunny, picture perfect. It will repeat tomorrow. 57 High 35 Low Wed, Thurs, Fri will change up with Highs of 58-60 and Lows of 38-42. Rain free, but cloudy. Could be a lot worse. We’ll take it!! Happy Thanksgiving !
  25. A cold front arrives today with a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. The highest coverage of storms will be east of I-35, where there is a severe weather threat. The primary concerns will be damaging winds and hail. All east of DFW Cooler air will filter in for the middle of the week with highs only in the 50s. Typical Texas Thanksgiving week. They’re either a bit too warm or you’re freezing your face off. Highs this week 50’s/60’s.
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