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  1. He’s seen 2 World Wars, the fall of the British Empire, the rise of the Nuclear Age, and men walking on the moon. Just incredible to think he was hatched in 1832 ! https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/world-s-oldest-tortoise-has-seen-off-two-world-wars-and-the-british-empire/ar-AA14PgcI?cvid=ae03917cbf9c49f1ad000222dc6cff9f#image=1
  2. It’s been dry further north of you as well. The southern Midwest got there before you. Seems this thing migrated. North Texas has has a beautiful Fall.
  3. Either panic or battle for the best ratings. This is bigger to anything in China to date.
  4. Believed to be the largest protest in history. People poured into the streets regarding Brazil’s Presidential election. And it’s a looloo !! https://www.wnd.com/2022/12/every-city-brazil-filled-protesters-claiming-election-fraud/
  5. I can't see Europe welcoming Ukraine in to NATO no matter how much many in the west want it. They want Russian energy to flow, the cars to run, their homes heated, and lights on. Maybe they'll learn never to depend on an unhinged despot. (Kinda like Biden wanting Venezuelan oil and gas). I don't see NATO caving anytime soon. Many oligarchs want to avoid this war, but as long as Putin is in charge he'll wage his war of expansion. If Russia can subjugate Ukraine, they'll look farther afield. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania on the west are on the Baltic, and Kazakhstan is on the Caspian Sea. Either would expand Russia's warmer water seaports. Those are more likely than Finland as it's northern seaports are not as desirable.
  6. The report today voiced concern for the lava flow taking over the main highway. If it does it could take weeks to clear once cool. Tourists are still venturing up to the summit as the flow is in only a few streams, however, there is still the caution regarding the gases. This must be Mama Pele's gift for the new year. New land. Mahalo nui.
  7. Not sure if it’s the phase of the moon or people are truly trying to free their society. Results remain to be seen but China and Iran’s citizens have not been laying down. While Iran protesters tend to get beat back, the Chinese that are under 35 are not as willing to knuckle under having liked what they see in Western Societies. Now if they can actually pull off change….. If Xi wins this round, the next one will be easier still to defeat. Xi is a genuine Mao type Ruler. I don’t envy any that defy him but they won’t be free if they don’t fight back. China has a military of 8-9 million. To win any real ground they’ll need to turn some of them. So, a long battle ahead. This may fail, but they need to fight for their lives and freedom. I’m glad to see there are many that don’t like what they see and are willing to do something about it. The govt welded some people in their apts. during Covid, maybe their eyes are opening.
  8. https://www.npr.org/2022/11/28/1139489363/mauna-loa-volcano-erupts A dangerous volcano, capable of changing flow directions and large explosions, Mauna Loa will be watched and measured closely by scientists.
  9. Putin will allow winter to do its damage to what is left. If anyone knows how to use winter as a weapon, it’s the Russians. Food and heat are scarce and this will be ugly. Putin won’t budge till Spring earliest unless whatever is wrong with him finally gets him.
  10. Sorry, this is too funny to ignore. https://therightscoop.com/scary-shot-of-creepy-joe-biden-peering-through-glass-at-small-children-worries-twitter/
  11. Absolutely. Europe has been our useless son-in-law that eats your food, borrows your car, then divorces your daughter leaving her with a couple of kids. In other words a useless POS. Outside of tourism they really don’t do a great deal.
  12. Is it just me or is this drought just moving about the continent? Texas had it awhile, now it’s migrated north.
  13. Imagine flying and ending up here! A small plane crashed into power lines in Montgomery County, Maryland, on Sunday night, leaving tens of thousands of electric customers without power. Two people were onboard.
  14. Xi will just use his army to beat people back. Starving always helps. There’s nothing he won’t do to survive and gives us shades of Mao, his hero. People in China join their massive army to eat and have shelter.
  15. I lost track of how much rain DFW received but I’m pretty certain Ft Worth got over 2.50”. It just would stop and it was seriously cold. Sliced through you.
  16. I think most of the country knew that except for the wing nuts that continue to wear them while driving alone in their car! I barely wore mine. I think I obtained a good deal of herd immunity slowly that way. Haven’t had so much as the sniffles. I’m going to get my flu shot. It may be a big season this year.
  17. Soros recently confessed he thinks he’s God and fantasizes he destroys America. Also, admits he’s probably crazy. Few would disagree with him. I hope to live to see him die.
  18. He didn’t do his homework or his helpers didn’t. Bad idea. This dumb idea will stick. How anyone can still deny the holocaust is beyond me. Some people wouldn’t believe it’s raining if they drowned in it. Kanye running? That’s a “real formula for success”.
  19. Geez, we’re soaked in North Tx. The ground is so super saturated you sink in it. We try to stay on hard surfaces. If all of this had been snow we’d be house bound for a week. On the Tx/Okla border it’s just saturated. 52*. Rain. Coming to an end this morning.
  20. Didn’t have to kill the turkey this year! He drowned! Hope everyone had a great day yesterday! 2” in Ft Worth I hear and up here on the Red River even more. We expect 2 more inches over the next 24 hours. Absolutely soaked. West Texas appears to be winding up for an assault. Some snow west. No complaints. Lakes and aquifers will be recharged for summer.
  21. I was considering if I went back as I am today, with a 21st century perspective. imagine that conversation with with old Tom Jefferson.
  22. Some House members went down to the border (what border?). We always hope it isn’t just an election parade but will translate into some enforcement for a change. I mean, your country is being invaded by some folks you wouldn’t want near your family. The US has a right to vet it’s immigrants. Yes, we are a welcoming nation, but we should eliminate criminals and they’re coming in. Many just run across the road and are home free. The cartels love this administration!
  23. DFW will have a super soaker Thanksgiving this year. Strong storms and heavy rain on the way to create a wet Weekend. Our recent rains, however, have put a huge dent in our drought. current
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