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  1. Good point. My experiences with them was prior to FtWorth suddenly growing in huge spurts. The city I grew up in was a “Cowtown”. Now they hate that title unless they can cash in on it. I hear cicadas sometimes but you really need to get out in rural areas. I miss hearing them and the coyotes at night.
  2. A reasonable Texas summer day. Currently 77. On our way to 96* Rain? What’s that?
  3. Cool. You know we used to hear that a lot in summer. Now not so much. Could it be pesticides?
  4. Nothing would make me happier than to see tropical clouds creeping northward into North Texas. It’s so dry. I’m waiting ……..
  5. Justice Kagan warns parts of East Coast could be 'swallowed by the ocean' in dissent in EPA case. https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/kagan-warns-parts-east-coast-swallowed-ocean-dissent-epa-case
  6. Sat/Sun 94* & 97* respectively. 20% Chance of T Storms. ( hey, it’s a chance! ) ……
  7. We’ve all seen this awful photo ad for “macho man” Vlad. But as a Texan, I want to lob a criticism at their horse breeding. This poor horse seems over taxed and under bred. The least they could is put him on a prized horse. Not the ultimate message they were seeking and speaks volumes to their all hat and no cattle political bluster.
  8. Heading for 98 today. They’re calling it “seasonably hot”. I have other titles for it. Drought still keeps truckin’ Precip is just a dream.
  9. South Carolina epicenter of earthquake sequence – 40 quakes since December 2021. The area is part of the Piedmont system and are relatively shallow therefore felt over a broader area.
  10. Tropical Depression off Texas coast May strengthen over the next 3-4 days. We’ll see if it can develop strong enough to give No Tx some tropical rain. This is the respite we look for in summer. Plenty of time to do it. Early days yet. Looks like the Gulf is the place to be. 3pm and 93*. Wow. Give me more! Beats the 100’s!!
  11. Wow, what a memory! I recall Richard Mann. I don’t think he ever posted a pleasant thing. Couldn’t understand why he bothered with us if we were so intolerable. I may not be a weather genius but I try to get along and consider opinions different from my own. I actually learn a lot from you guys.
  12. Love that fog shot! Dealing with dog daze in Texas I’m green with envy. We have a week of 100’s ahead beginning next week. So I’m living vicariously through your fog.
  13. Poor ol’ Texas is shut out of moisture. That High just sits there cranking. We’re spared the real heat though. High of 93 is manageable. Raging 100’s will return Monday for another week of “joy”. Soaking yard to prep for a hot July. Dog Daze are here.
  14. Rain off to the NW but radar forecasting shows it drying up before it reaches Ft Worth. Seems there’s an invisible line that says no further. But it’s 89* at 2:30, so I won’t complain too loud.
  15. We’ll see the next 6 days in the 90’s. A nice respite. 20% chance of rain. I’ll take it. The following week will jump into the hundreds. But being High Summer- no surprise. Still on Tropical Watch!
  16. When you read MLK you learn he’s not an angry or violent man of change. I’m surprised they haven’t canceled him either. His hopes and dreams have been distorted at times, used. Like many people of change and influence their words get hijacked and do everything from justifying something they would oppose to selling dish soap. Scary. We live in times of rapid change with little time to ponder consequences. I’m just not a fan of snap judgements. Give me a glass of wine and an evening on the patio. Decisions usually come out better. So does my attitude.
  17. Low of 72 tonight. 92 tomorrow and back down to 72!!!!! Love it while I can.
  18. Perhaps the old Chines saying is apropos? “May you live in interesting times.” I wouldn’t mind a stretch of peaceful doldrums.
  19. 1pm………..88 degrees!! Wow. So this is how normal people live in summer.
  20. Texas is more progressive than one might think. The Uber Right is more likely found in the less populated West. But overall I’m finding residents of all ages and political stripes to be tolerant open minded people and many to be quite sympathetic. I’m from a very large family in both Texas and southern Az and can find no hate or prejudice across the ages.
  21. We are all hoping for a big change. Cooler and some rain. I understand your love of AZ. I’m married to an Arizona boy and he misses the mountains and storms. I’m not a desert fan but the storms are crackin’ good! We are dangerously dry. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more wildfires, but it’s early yet. I’m hoping for a few tropical depressions to stir up the atmosphere so farmers, ranchers and heat crazed city slickers can settle down. 73 this AM heading for 90 ! Practically Fall.
  22. Had some pop up “storms” tonight. Heard thunder and at first it didn’t register. I went out on the covered patio just listen and smell the rain. Big thunderheads we’re lighting up all over the horizon. Heaven after a very long hot cloudless stretch. No rain to speak of but what a treat! Still lightning out there. Gotta love it.
  23. We’ll, not a great hope for rain but there is relief ahead.
  24. Ok. Switching vibes here for some other craziness in world events ……. Meet the new leader of Russias winning strategy in Ukraine!! My hero!! General Pavel, a veteran of Russia's disastrous war in Afghanistan, is being dragged out of retirement to join the battle in Ukraine. He is said to eat five meals a day washed down with a bottle of vodka.
  25. Yeah Tom ! Clint and I are watching this closely. Hoping we see rain. The dip in the heat will be welcome. Pretty brutal here. You don’t even see the birds despite putting water out. I think they’ve all left for the lake 1/4 mi.away. They’re talking a moderate chance of rain tomorrow. That’s exciting. Mon/Tues better chances. Temps 90-92. Awesome. Cloudy this morning! 76*… 76 !!!! 40% chance of rain tonight between 8 & midnight. Tropics getting interesting rather early. We’ll see if this system can make it into the Gulf.
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