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  1. Yeah. I’ve been switching back and forth for weeks. The weather can’t make up its mind down here. I have flowers looking great.
  2. Checked the temp at sunset. 70*. This is crazy! High of 56* tomorrow though. Front moving through.
  3. Any thoughts on late December in Texas/Oklahoma region?
  4. Ok…..I’m just sayin’ it’s 6:30 pm on Dec. 2nd and my geraniums look like July. What tha??
  5. Big, Gorgeous group of geese flew over the house tonight. The unusual thing was it was already dark and they were blasting South like there was no tomorrow. The big goose up front was really on them and they were working to keep up. I could barely see them in the sky but they were low yet not stopping for the lake I live by. Just kept powering south. Beautiful site to see and hear.
  6. Texas has seen it all weather wise on Thanksgiving. I can manage anything from hot to cold. All I ask is it not rain. That’s a transportation nightmare here. Rain in the wee hrs tonight which will end by mid morning in No Tx. Happy Thanksgiving Guys! Stay Safe.
  7. Wanted to post this amazing image of a Scud Cloud taken in S. Carolina. Amazing thing.
  8. We’re going to 76* today. Low of 67*. The Fall roller coaster is on! So are my sore throat and achy bones reactions. Every day is an adventure down here in the Fall. Much worse than a Texas Spring. Windy, Warm, Chilly, Damp, Dry, Cold, Stormy. It’s a patchwork of “just wait till tomorrow’s down here.” No matter what comes - Have a great Thanksgiving guys!!!
  9. Out in the SW edge of Tarrant County (Ft Worth) I’m sitting at 37* at 8am. We’re getting close to that first magic 32* We should see the high 50’s today. Warmer tomorrow.
  10. 59*-45* today. Breezy, sunny, clear,…just gorgeous!!
  11. We had a high of 81 or 2 today. Gorgeous day. Tomorrow’s high will hit 59*. Rain on the way Thursday the 25th. We could use it.
  12. I better get everything all finalized this weekend. Not much to do. We’re practically shirt sleeves this afternoon. Gorgeous clear blue skies bright sun. I’m going to enjoy it while I can!!
  13. Nice to read everyone experiencing the change in the weather. Texas has never been known for iits Fall, but today is one of those days that signal the change. The weather is very quiet and a heavy dark overcast. This makes the yellow on the tips of the trees brighter. We’re at 54* this morning and they expect a light frost tonight at 38-39*. Having experienced this many times the temps are slowly changing and we’ll see our first freeze soon. Rain tonight and tomorrow all day. A good slow soaker. That cold rain should just do the trick!
  14. The long term forecast would seem to shut Tx/Okla out largely. However we’re not used to “real” winter until January. meanwhile I fed my magnolia tree and am prepping for winter.
  15. Last weather post of October for me. My favorite month! High of 80 today. Expecting the same mañana. Low of 52. Tuesday will bring rain and a drop in temps. High of 69. Then Wednesday a High of 59. So we’re looking quite normal right now. Not a lot of color yet, but that’s November. Look quick! Our Fall is brief!!
  16. Yeah, Omaha. Texas is in the same mode. However these are the last of my summer English roses. .
  17. Gorgeous Day. I’ll take a couple months of this! 77* calm, clear, low of 55*. My God. Just perfection!
  18. We’ll, the weather definitely turned. 70’s high this week, 60’s next week. yesterday was unbearably windy with gust 30-35 mph. Still windy but not as bad today. I do believe Fall has burst through the front door!
  19. We’ve had nothing but wind all day. 40 mph gusty wind. Enough. Temps going down. Could see 44* tonight. .
  20. Currently 57* at 7:52am. Clear, brilliant skies. We’ll see a low of 44* freakin’ degrees mañana! Finally! Fall arrived! Yesterday’s line of storms delivered a F2 twister East of Houston. My house received .75” rain. Much appreciated.
  21. Harris CountyHouston reported a multi vortex tornado with this storm event. It’s sppears the storm system picked up energy as it drove SE. https://www.foxweather.com/weather-news/first-images-of-storm-damage-in-tx-la-coming-into-fox-weather Edit: Forgot to say we received .75” rain too.
  22. SE Tx on the La line north of Houston was just issued a tornado warning and severe storms, possible local flooding. appears it decided to pick up steam as it entered that heavy Gulf sir.
  23. We were shut out. Light rain. There were some heavy storms south of DFW but this wasn’t anything to write home about.
  24. No Central Tx will her it’s share of wind and heavy rain this evening as the front literally blows through. Should hit from 1am to 7am. The wind has been blowing hard all day and a lot more ahead. I just hope it’s worth the wait. Temps will settle into the 70’s for a week. Looking forward to that!
  25. It’s been awhile since we’ve read of quakes in So Calif. near LA. The magnitude 3.6 earthquake was reported about 3km west-southwest of East Los Angeles just after 7 a.m. local time. Thousands of people reported feeling the shaking on the USGS website. https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eventpage/ci39841223/executive?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=usgs_quakes
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