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  1. Just spent the last three days in Olympic National Park and I can't imagine having nicer weather. Out at the coast it was dry with no dew in the mornings, the lightest cooling wind, and a temperature range of low 70s for highs and low 50s for lows. The stars were incredible, especially after the moon set. The rain forest wasn't very rainy, with full on blue sky and temperatures above 80F. And then up at 6,000 feet it was in the mid 60s today. Everywhere it felt like summer and people were definitely out enjoying it. Here, today (or I guess yesterday) was the warmest day with a high of 75F
  2. 66/36 on the day up here. Will probably make it up into the low 70s the next couple days, but I don't think it will get much warmer than that. I'm headed out to the coast though and the weather should be better there this weekend than it is for most of the summer.
  3. Got down to 33F here both yesterday and today. 5-10 mph winds throughout both nights were the culprit. Looks like that's probably the last realistic chance for a freeze so I'll end up without a freeze in April. Last year I had 2 of them so it's not like it doesn't get down to freezing here this late in the season, just conditions haven't aligned.
  4. Yeah, this winter for freezes continues to be unremarkable up here. I just crunched in the numbers and in the last 11 winters I've averaged 41 freezes a year. So far this year I've had 33, which is one more than last year and otherwise is only behind '12-13, '14-15, and '15-16 for the fewest number of freezes. Just not as many clear and still nights as further south.
  5. It's impressive how different it has been up here. In the last month 20% of the days (6) have had lows above 40 and we've only had 3 freezes so far in March. Precipitation is only at 0.37" so far as well.
  6. Go up to 57F here for a high, second warmest day since early December. Another breezy day as the rain shadow precipitation skirts around us with gusts around 30 mph.
  7. I remember April 2008 was crazy! I wasn't following the weather nearly as close as I do now and I remember having I think 3-4" fall in Mount Vernon. It also was amazing how quickly it vanished.
  8. Looking pretty good for the WA Cascades and the Olympics.
  9. This is not a new topic, but it's crazy how much colder February has been than January in recent years. In my backyard this February with an average temperature 39.6F, was the 5th February since 2014 that was below 40F. For comparison, that's only happened once in January since 2014. In that time (2014-2021) my average temperature for February is 40.7F vs 42.4F for January and I've had 76 freezes in February since 2014 versus 59 in January. 2021 was also the third February in a row that was my coldest month of the winter. Ended up with 5.56" of rain, which was only slightly drier tha
  10. I'd be surprised if there's still that much up there. I was up at about 2,800 ft yesterday in Whatcom county and most of the 2+ feet of snow that was up there on Friday had disappeared. Of course Constitution is probably getting some today and the next few days so you'll have to let us know how much is up there when you go!
  11. Temp down to 39F with a little bit of chunky rain falling currently.
  12. Second straight day of basically unforecast winds up here. Gusted to 35 yesterday and currently sustained at 20 mph with gusts to 33 mph. Honestly been stronger than a lot of the forecast wind storms so far this winter (save for the big one in January).
  13. Pretty windy and wet day here today. Winds gusted to 35 mph which was basically unforecast by the NWS. Got 0.5" in the bucket putting me close to 5" on the month (almost wetter than January at this point, especially considering who knows how much snow I missed from the snow storm). Looks like a number of models are showing a possible quick shot of snow up here in the next couple of days. We'll have to see if that verifies, but I'm not holding my breath.
  14. Last one we had here was in 2016. Also had one in 2015 and two in 2008. That seems to average out to one every 3-4 years so I guess I'm due this summer!
  15. There were some temperature fluctuations yesterday in the mountains. I went up to Mt. Baker and at 4,000 ft it was 32F and close to rain while at home it was 36F and raining. Kind of weird to see snow decrease and the temperature increase as we went up Mount Baker highway. Meanwhile Stevens and Snoqualmie with their access to the east winds sometimes were in the mid teens while at other times they were close to freezing.
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