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  1. The Euro has been remarkably consistent showing 3-4" of rain up here by Friday. Meanwhile the GFS has been predicting only about an 1" for the rest of the week (in a strong rainshadow) with wild swings in where it thinks the atmospheric river will hit. I guess we'll know by Friday which one is right.
  2. Similar here. Pretty unimpressive weekend. About 0.25" of rain in the bucket and no wind gusts over 30 mph. HWW in effect until tomorrow morning so maybe the wind will actually pick up at some point.
  3. It looks like some of the stations in San Francisco might have picked up over 4" of rain in the past 24 hours. I'm not familiar with the best climate history websites down there, but this might be up there with some of the wettest 24 hour periods in the history of the city (since 1847).
  4. Still not particularly strong, but getting closer. Those speeds if they verified would be a pretty standard autumn storm.
  5. Some strange texture to the cloud deck moving overhead right now. Maybe related to some low level instability? These are unedited.
  6. 43F and raining currently after a high of 52F and a low of 33F. It's not every mid October day you have rain in the low 40s and it certainly feels like winter out there.
  7. I mean I don't know how to prove that, but I can show you this time lapse from Skunkbay Weather. This camera is less sensitive than the human eye at night and you can see it (although not particularly impressively) at the end of the video. I mean it certainly wasn't the brightest I've ever seen and not like any of the pictures make it appear, but it was enough to make reflections on the Sound. SkunkBayWx_AuroraCam.mp4
  8. Aurora Borealis was clearly visible to the naked eye here with strong green pillars dancing across the sky. The peak was around 9:30, but it's faded quite a bit and now it's really only visible with a camera. I'll upload some photos when I get them onto my computer.
  9. Dropped to 37F here just before 6 am before the clouds moved in. The webcams up at Paradise look just as beautiful as the name suggests.
  10. Got caught outside this evening around sunset as the thunderstorms moved through. Just two very distant flashes of lightning (no thunder) and an incredible orange sky as a slit in the clouds lit up all the virga. Currently 47F with 0.22" on the day.
  11. Didn't get much rain overnight, not even 0.1" in the bucket. However, it's quite breezy outside with gusts into the mid 30s here. Looks like a wind advisory popped up overnight.
  12. Wow! It was 19F in Truckee at the airport! I know that's a notorious cold spot, but still pretty shockingly cold in September.
  13. So cool and glad you're okay! I was watching King 5 and saw your name and video and had to come on here to see if you'd posted.
  14. 63F high today with 0.5" of rain and wind currently gusting into the low 30s. I had a chance to get up into the Glacier Peak Wilderness over this weekend and the fall colors were unbelievable! Glad to have gotten up there before the storms moved in.
  15. 0.36" here so far today and the wind is gusting into the low 30s. Looks like so far it's close to 50 mph on Whidbey so pretty standard stuff for the moment.
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