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  1. Even more shadowing up here with 2.58" on the month. Some of the runs this past week were suggesting this could be one of the driest Januarys I've recorded, but looks like we'll end up getting another inch or two before the end.
  2. I really appreciate the Pivotal Weather update and the fact we can now see snowfall out to 384 hours on the GFS. Tropical Tidbits has shown that for a while, but it doesn't zoom far enough and its resolution is terrible for the Sound. Maybe the update isn't good for the weenie inside me, but it's fun to be able to see the "fake" snow predictions change with each run. This is from the 18z today.
  3. Probably my favorite weather day ever! I woke up at 5 a.m. that morning to watch the snow come down and then had 3 hours of snow from 5:30 to 8:30 which brought 8". Later that night I saw the radar exploding and went east into town. By far the most intense snow I've ever seen. You couldn't see more than a few feet. Honestly, not too much wind, but just dumping snow. Some places picked up 18" of snow in 3 hours. Luckily I was able to get home later that night without too much of an issue. We only picked up another 3-4" at home which gave us about 11" on the ground, but It was awesome to ob
  4. Agree with all this above. I live across the bay from Anacortes. If you want to live in one of the most naturally beautiful places in the NW with weather that most people in Washington would consider ideal, then go to Anacortes. If you want the beauty with "more exciting weather" go further north. In the last 12 years we've only had 3 days over 90F and usually only have about 2-5 days above 80F a year so if you like cool summers it's ideal. The sunsets are incredible up here and you have direct access to the San Juans and the North Cascades. Anacortes averages less than 30" a year an
  5. Some crazy wind gusts out in the Eastern Montana area from the same system that came through last night. Most stations gusted between 60 and 90 mph. I know little about the general weather out in that area, but the 80 and 90 mph readings seem especially remarkable.
  6. Power out here so the generator is up and running. Ended up having a few gusts to 45 mph which ties my record high. Pretty sure this was the strongest storm since the Hannukah Eve Storm. Took a drive around the area and saw probably over a hundred trees down. If I followed all the road closed signs I wouldn't have actually be able to leave my road as there are lines down at one end and a leaning power pole at the other. Couple houses in the neighborhood also have trees down on them although it doesn't look like much serious damage.
  7. According to According to that same site, Oregon has about 125,000 out meaning there's about 700,000 out across the two states.
  8. This is overkill posting this whole list, but I like to look at how the gusts vary from place to place PUBLIC INFORMATION STATEMENT NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE SEATTLE WA 133 AM PST WED JAN 13 2021 ...HIGHEST WIND REPORTS (ABOVE 35 MPH) OVER PAST 4 HOURS... LOCATION SPEED TIME/DATE LAT/LON ...WASHINGTON... ...CLALLAM COUNTY... ELLIS MOUNTAIN 55 MPH 1000 PM 01/12 48.13N/124.31W QUILLAYUTE 53 MPH 1053 PM 01/12 47.93N/124.55W LA PUSH TIDE GAUGE 53 MPH 1042 PM 01/12 47.91N/124.64
  9. Yeah, it definitely was. I don't think I've ever been under a severe thunderstorm warning before in WA and it was cool to watch what almost looked like a bow echo coming down the strait. We went from relatively calm here to 30 mph sustained in just a few minutes.
  10. Some personal weather station out near Anacortes recorded a gust to 82 mph! And while there may be something funneling the wind towards it, another one just down the road hit 78 mph!
  11. The current winners in the wind department seem to be Ferndale and Sandy Point which have recorded gusts above 70 mph. This map will probably change with the 2 a.m. update, but this is what the North Sound looks like so far. Without the measuring delay (and if my station was a bit higher) I would have recorded some gusts about 50 mph.
  12. Those are some crazy gusts! I've always wanted to get my station up to the 10 meter standard to see what I could record, but there's not a good place for it near the house.
  13. This is wild! Just had a gust to 42 mph which is the second strongest gust I've recorded in 12 years! Sustained at 27 mph which is by far the fastest sustained I've ever had. First time I've gotten the "Hold onto you hat" warning from my Davis weather station. Probably seen more than a dozen flashes from transformers and watched the temperature drop 10 degrees in about 10 minutes.
  14. Looks like Boeing Field gusted to 51 mph. Here we're probably in the lull before the front clearly on radar moves through in the next half an hour or so.
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