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  1. Up here it's been about the same. Last night ending up dropping to 56F which was similar to most of the nights during the previous heat spell.
  2. Beautiful 79/52 day today. Currently 63F which is significantly warmer than it's been recently at this time. Might not drop a ton overnight.
  3. The best evening thunderstorm set-up I've witnessed here was July 13, 2012. A thunderstorm with a couple hundred strikes rolled overhead just about sunset and lead to some incredible strikes, some even within a couple hundred meters. These photos are all still frames from videos I took. Can we get another one of those next week?
  4. It certainly shows a lot of precipitation up here (almost an inch!) so I hope that would be accompanied by a good show!
  5. I spent the weekend camping up in BC and boy was it lovely. Maybe one or two moments it felt hot, but otherwise temps were quite pleasant and there was usually a really nice breeze. Nights were in the mid 50s, even at 5,000'. As we were headed up on Friday there was a decent amount of haze/smoke in Vancouver, but once above a couple thousand feet it completely disappeared. Here at home the weekend looks to have been warmer than expected. Temps from last week: Monday: 77/54 Tuesday: 88/60 Wednesday: 81/61 Thursday: 82/58 Friday: 86/56 Saturday: 86/56 Sunday: 88/56
  6. Definitely a pretty consistent sea breeze here about a mile from the water and I wouldn't be surprised if that's true at his location as well even if he's more inland. Right now it looks like I-5 (and a little bit east for Randy) is the dividing line between low 60s and upper 60s. Meanwhile the San Juans are amazingly cool right now. Despite highs in the low to mid 80s most of the stations out there appear to be in the mid 50s currently. I ended up hitting 82F today which was just a touch warmer than yesterday.
  7. I was intrigued about 100's around the rest of the state. Here we've only maxed out at 96F (both in July 2009 and June 2021) so probably many places within a mile or so of the Strait and the direct coast have not hit 100 in the last couple years. There are only 13 currently operating stations in the state that aren't Snotel (and thus aren't at extreme elevation) that have yet to hit 100F (out of 154 qualifying stations). If we look below, of course Rainier Paradise (5,400), First Butte (5,491), Aeneas (5,185'), Stampede Pass (3,800'), and Alder Ridge (4,500') are all at pretty high elevation while the "Quillayute Area" is just a repeat. So that leaves only 6 habitable stations in Washington that have managed to stay below the century mark.
  8. Only 80F today for a high and 62F currently which is my low.
  9. Yeah, it only got down to 65F here although it's 70F currently. That's not too far off my all time max low from last June of 71F. Of course I should drop back below 65 this evening so it probably won't stand.
  10. We got our first zucchini about 2 weeks ago... Today I harvested 30 pounds of it and there's more on the plants. It's really a shame the world can't survive on just zucchini because it's hard to imagine a more productive plant.
  11. Peaked at 88F here, 8 degrees colder than last year and pretty in line with (or maybe a degree or two above) my average max temp for summer for the last 15 years or so. High temp was only an hour ago at 6:20 p.m. I'm always kind of amazed how late the temperature peaks this time of year.
  12. When it's 70F before 8 a.m. you know it's going to be a warm day here. Did actually manage to squeak in another sub 60 low though which is always nice.
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