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  1. The appointment of a new leader for the LA Metro water board, Adel Hagekhalil, is discussed in this LA Times article. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/bitter-fight-southern-californias-water-035841163.html . If this article is a true picture of the political turmoil created by drought, it is assured no progress will be made on new water resources for California. At every level of government, those who could make good decisions about new water feel their jobs are threatened if they chose not to be politically correct. The decision makers are too busy defending themselves from political attack
  2. A weak infusion of moisture to southern California is aided by the low pressures there. The source is the ITCZ thunderstorm clusters near 160-140 West. This is a case where aquariusradar could enhance this flow of moisture by operating from ships at sea and target these thunderstorms and keep more moisture aloft.
  3. This article points out the futility of giving in to a 10 Billion dollar a year ransom payment to Brazil in order to protect the Amazon rain forest. Rain forest ransome . In lieu of getting Brazil to stop destroying the rainforest, the US should lead a movement in the UN to sanction Brazil and force the Brazilian government to protect the rainforest. If the UN will not go along with sanctions, then the US should have unilateral sanctions on Brazil. The US western states drought and global warming will only get worse as more of the rainforest is destroyed.
  4. Three important Florida Forest stations shown on the map are Argyle, Bonifay, and Wausau. All forest stations use the exact same rainfall measuring equipment and measurement standards. All are nearly the same elevation above sea level and near the same distance from the Gulf of Mexico. The Argyle 10 year average measured 81+ inches; Bonifay measured 52+ inches; and Wausau received 51+ inches. The large DoD radar is located on the forward edge of the dark rain area about half way between Argyle and CoCoRahs reporter FL-OK-3. CN rain cells that approach the radar from the southwest and en
  5. For now Blanca seems to be a blank. Since the early 1970s, one of the nations largest surveillance radars has operated in Northwest Florida. The radar scans the skies starting at a low elevation angle; the powerful microwave beam reaches thousands of miles out high over the Gulf of Mexico and the south Atlantic keeping that space under constant observation. But in reaching out that great distance, the radar beam momentarily strikes any close in thunderstorm that enters the coverage area. The right extreme of the back and forth scan is more or less aligned with the southwest to northeast p
  6. TD Blanca has formed. Maybe some rain from this? Hoping it does bring remnant showers.TD Blanca
  7. Tropical depression Blanca would be a good example of using the aquariusradar idea to slow the development of targeted rain showers and keep moisture aloft. Airborne or shipborne aquariusradar could operate at the periphery of the storm and pick off isolated thunderstorms well away from the storm center. Isolated and with no competing storms nearby, the rain rate is slowed and moisture held aloft. The current surface map shows a combination of small low pressure troughs and minor highs in the US Southwest that might act to pull moisture into the area from TD Blanca in about 3 days. The st
  8. West Texas and New Mexico getting showers. Hey really- even some spotty showers in Arizona-again like yesterday. Is a good summer monsoon coming to the Valley of the Sun?
  9. Big business thinks protecting rainforests is important. Here is an interesting article about the LEAF worldwide effort to protect and restore rainforests. project LEAF I hope the effort includes the rainforests of Columbia. The Columbian area of the Amazonian rain forest is most important as it is the last of the forested areas before the storms leave the continent to join the train of thunderstorms that constantly reinforce the ITCZ west of South America. Columbia has always allowed the unrestricted cutting of the giant mahogany and other hardwoods of the rainforest. In addition,
  10. Some modest showers in the southern Sierras- radar even shows a little snow. Are these low pressures on the surface map what are sometimes referred to as the " inside slider"?
  11. Interesting article about cactus blooming in Arizona's Saguaro National ParkSaguaro bloom Could the cactus predict a wet monsoon for the Southwest?cactus bloom
  12. Thunderstorms are imbedded in the blob of moisture moving towards and about 900 miles southwest of Los Angeles. Aquariusradar on ships could target those showers and slow the rainfall. A large portion of the moisture in those showers remains aloft and might continue on to reach the California Coast. I operated high power DoD radars in the tropics for many years and found that the microwave energy of the radar(s) slowed and stopped the development of the targeted afternoon shower(s). If focused on the thunderstorm at the time approaching the mature stage, when the most of the rainfall sta
  13. The light snow flurries in the Sierras looks to be supplied with a backdoor moisture flow into the low that is over the center of the state. That moisture flow originates from the big blob of moisture near 145 W of the ITCZ. Isn't that path unusual. Or is that a sign of a potent summer monsoon coming for the Southwest?
  14. News today- California government has a USD $76 billion dollar surplus over and above the current budget. Why not use some of that to do something about new water sources for the state? California government often reminds me of a dying carp flopping in the desert dust just inches from the water's edge-but never capable of flopping the right way in order to save itself..
  15. There is nothing more noble than a coastal redwood tree. Tree huggers, of which I am one, have general notions about weather, and rainfall in particular, that science doesn’t put at the top of weather discussions. Notable weather expert Dan Swain of Weather West never mentioned trees in his discussion of the California High pressure ridge that is blocking normal rainfall:Dan Swain discusses RRR https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/2015GL066628 The most notable tree hugger notion is that trees are principal in the water cycle. A more complete science discussi
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