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  1. The year 2023 was quite calm, with just a few thunderstorms, including one lightning strike on a tree in Austria. There were occasional snowfalls, numerous sunsets, hailstorms, rainbows, and even mammatus clouds. Additionally, there were stunning drone footage of the Opal Coast in France, the Ardennes, and Krakow in Poland. https://youtu.be/qaS_kmQYT3c?si=-s77VoPGO8CPKYJ6
  2. 5 best lightnings of 2023 https://youtu.be/PJfSdofbx2Q?si=xdlrhyirtXOy-L0s
  3. PART 2: Top 10 spectacular thunderstorms I have ever captured in my life. (2004 - 2022). Flooding, supercell with large hail balls, heavy thunderstorms in mountains, injured man by flying parasol, lightning strike on tree, ... https://youtu.be/nGxnHydRtlA?si=HsC8uLeWL3LS05Pj
  4. Above Nivelles (Belgium), a thunderstorm formed and moved towards the northeast. I witnessed about ten lightnings from a distance. With the assistance of my DJI Mini 2 drone, I was able to capture this on film. It was a small, yet beautiful thunderstorm. https://youtu.be/pqC3r4D5QR8
  5. Top 10 spectacular thunderstorms I have ever captured in my life. (2004 - 2022). Lightning strike on cell tower, rainbow lightning, supercell, thunderstorm in mountains, ... https://youtu.be/kNT6_rDD2lY
  6. The year 2022 was diverse in meteorological terms. There were thunderstorms with impressive shelf clouds, many lightning strikes including anvil crawlers, hail up to 1.5 cm, storms, mammatus clouds, halo phenomena, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, photography with drones and many timelapses. The footage was shot in Halle and its surroundings in Belgium and Austria (Metnitz). https://youtu.be/KuSBgCxrM8U
  7. Top 15 lightnings of 2022 https://youtu.be/BQbdS7XYj6o
  8. Heavy thunderstorm passed Metnitz (Austria) in the Alps. Lots of flashes, lightning bolts but also anvil crawlers. A tree is struck by lightning, prompting firefighters to be called to the scene (fire). The thunderstorm is also filmed with drone DJI Mini 2. https://youtu.be/RMd21psdgSo
  9. Two thunderstorms, including a thunderstorm of July 23, 2022, which was fairly severe. Numerous, beautiful lightning bolts. The fire brigade was called for a small forest fire between Flattnitz and Glödnitz that was caused by a lightning strike. It is also filmed with drone DJI Mini 2. The location was Metnitz (Austria). https://youtu.be/3p-GdTWPVRg
  10. Top 10 most beautiful and spectacular lightning I have ever captured in my life. (2004 - 2021) https://youtu.be/4g30zkfDrE4
  11. Top 5 most beautiful and spectacular shelf clouds I have ever captured in my life. (2004 - 2021) https://youtu.be/RPUavbWWWnc
  12. Who has ever seen a snow devil? https://youtu.be/OnH4K2YxNXw
  13. Top 5 most beautiful and spectacular mammatus clouds I have ever captured in my life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7-_-Oop6BA
  14. How does the waterspout occur? Where do they often occur? What types of waterspouts are there? Could the waterspout cause the damage? What wind speed can they reach? And how wide? Can the waterspouts be forecast? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Z_VdsU8IJk
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