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  1. One last hot day before we cool down tomorrow. While we are still over 2" of rain above normal this year here in Chesco our lawns gardens and many farmers in the county could sure use a little rain, The good news is our best shot for some rain in a couple weeks looks to arrive later today and tonight. After today it look like only one day this week could touch the 90 degree mark again....Wednesday. Chester County records for today: High 99 degrees at West Chester (1988) / Low 40 degrees also at West Chester (1984) / Record daily rainfall today is the 5.75" from the remnants of Hurricane Agnes back in 1972. Some other daily rainfall from that day across Chester County included 5.63" at Morgantown/Elverson / 5.75" at West Grove / 4.56" at West Chester and 4.98" at Glenmoore,
  2. As of 1230pm all locations in Chester County are above 90 degrees. This includes a few spots reaching 90 for the first time so far this year. Of interest here in East Nantmeal we have already hit 91.5 degrees. I have kept daily local observations here for 21 years / summers. This is the warmest temperature recorded here in East Nantmeal Township since the 91.6 degree reading 19 years ago back on August 13, 2005. This is only the 60th time I have recorded a day over 90 degrees in the past 21 summers. Tomorrow will be another hot day but maybe a couple degrees lower than today. Tomorrow will end what for some spots has been a string of 90+ days. The good news is as I look into the longer range models....Is I have a suspicion we will not see another day this summer as hot as today. Stay cool!
  3. Yesterday's high here in East Nantmeal was 85.4 our warmest day since the 85.9 back on April 29th. Most spots across the County failed to touch the 90 degree mark....but today should see most with the exception of the higher spots like East Nantmeal and Atlgen hitting 90 degrees. Many spots should see temps in the 90's over the weekend before the "heat wave" breaks and we see temps fall back into the mid to upper 80's. There can be some small rain chances starting on Friday night through the weekend. Chester County records for today: High 98 degrees at Phoenixville (1929) / Low 39 degrees at Devault (1954) / Record rain 2.88" at West Grove (1934)
  4. Temps today should reach the mid 80's in most spots before we reach the 90's starting tomorrow. The hottest day looks to be Friday. Very little chances of rain through the week. Records for today: Record High 100 degrees in Phoenixville (1957) / Low 38 degrees at Devault (1958) / Rain 4.00" in Morgantown/Elverson (1982)
  5. High Temps ranged from the low to mid 80's yesterday across the County. Today we should see temps well into the 80's today before a cold front passes later in the day which will cool us back to near normal over the weekend. Temps begin to warm and some solid heat sets in with widespread 90's likely starting on Tuesday. Chester County records for today: High 99 degrees at Phoenixville (1943) / Low 41 degrees at West Chester (1985) / Rain 1.91" also in West Chester (1917)
  6. Thanks iFred I love seeing all of the obs and thoughts from outside this area!! I appreciate all of you - thanks again! Paul
  7. Lows this morning reached as low as 51.7 at Chester Springs but only 57.9 in higher spots like East Nantmeal. Today will be our 4th straight below normal day with temps no higher than the low to mid 70's. We start a nice warming trend tomorrow...the warmest day this week looks like Friday some valley locations could touch 90 degrees before cooler over the weekend. Chester County records for today: High 98 degrees at West Chester (2008) / Low 35 degrees also at West Chester (1972) / Rain 3.30" at Coatesville (1968)
  8. A nice cool morning with the lowest I could find being the 49.6 at Warwick Township. A beautiful day today with highs in the mid 70's. Another cool day tomorrow before the warming trend kicks in on Wednesday with the warmest day being Friday with temps near 90 degrees. We cool back a few degrees by next weekend but still above normal. Chester County records for today: High 102 degrees at Phoenixville (1933) / Low 37 degrees at Coatesville (1972) / Rain 3.67" at KMQS Coatesville Airport (2013)
  9. A slight chance of a shower this morning then sunny breezy and continued pleasant weather. We start to warm up by the end of the week with some spots possibly hitting 90 degrees for the first time this season by Friday. Chester County records for today: High 102 in Phoenixville (1933) / Low 38 degrees at Devault (1957) / Rain 2.72" at West Grove (1955)
  10. All spots fell into the 50's this morning with the lowest temp the 52 degrees at Nottingham. A beauty of a day on the way with comfortable humidity and temps well into the 70's in higher spots and low 80's in the valleys. A reinforcing weak cold front will cross the area tomorrow which may induce the only shower chance for the next week. Chester County records for today: All the records for today occurred in Phoenixville: High 104 degrees (1925) / Record Low 39 degrees (1949) / Rain 4.37" (1938)
  11. With the frontal passage last night and a couple more over the next few days we should see a great stretch of dry and comfortable weather. The only real chance of rain over the next week looks to be late in the day on Sunday. Chester County records for today: High 104 degrees at Phoenixville (1925) and 97 degrees at Coatesville in 1899 / Low 37 degrees at Phoenixville (1945) / Rain 4.19" KMQS Coatesville Airport (2013)
  12. Quite the spread of rain totals since yesterday with the warm frontal passage with much more across Southwest Chester County with around 4.37" at Nottingham Park to as little as 0.15" at Devault in Northeast Chester County. Very humid this morning before a strong cold front enters the County from West to East around the 3pm till 4pm time frame. A beautiful Friday through most of Sunday with pleasant temps with lows in the 50's and highs in the mid 70's give the AC a rest! Chester County Records for today: Highs 102 degrees at Phoenixville (1925) 99 degrees in Coatesville (1899) in Western Chesco / Low 38 degrees at Coatesville (1958) / Rain 4.80" in West Chester (1928)
  13. Showers should hold off till late in the day and arrive across the county from SW to NE this evening. Showers tomorrow will end by evening but some spots could see over an inch or more of rain by tomorrow night. Cooler and drier weather arrives for the weekend with falling back below normal with temps no higher than the low to mid 70's. Below normal temps should continue through the first few days of next week. Chester County Records: High 102 degrees at Phoenixville (1925) and in Western Chesco it was the 97 degrees that same day. Low 39 degrees at Coatesville (1947) / Rain 2.39" Coatesville (1970)
  14. Today should be the warmest day for the next week with temps reaching the mid 80's in most spots. Shower chances increase later tomorrow into Thursday morning. Sunny with slightly cooler than normal temps to close out the week. Chester County records for today: High 101 degrees at Phoenixville (1925) / Low 39 degrees at Coatesville (1929) / Rain 1.91" at Devault (2003)
  15. While no total washouts for the upcoming week...most days will include at least a chance at some showers. Best day looks like tomorrow and the wettest period from Wed night into Thursday. Chester County records for today: High: 100 degrees at Phoenixville (1936) and in Western Chesco 98 degrees at Sadsburyville (1919) / Low 33 degrees at Phoenixville (1986) / Rain 2.53" at Chadds Ford (1959)
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