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  1. Maybe a little less smoke out there this AM. Unfortunately it looks to continue to a lesser degree through much of the weekend. Our chilly spring continues as this morning's lows ranged from the mid to upper 40's across Chester County. This is a good 10 degrees below normal lows for this time of year. Low's tonight should again be in the 40's. Rain chances increase a bit by tomorrow PM and become likely by Sunday night into Monday. Let's all hope we get some rain! Records for today: High 96 (1914) / Low 40 (1980) / Rain 2.77' (1955)
  2. Here in the inland Northeast we get backdoor fronts frequently in the spring - thanks to the chilly ocean water temps. I have a place at the NJ shore and during the spring and summer months there are almost daily sea breeze fronts that push inland and drop temps often from the morning highs often in the mid to upper 80's at 10am to low to mid-70's in about 20 minutes around the noon hour.
  3. Some spots like here in East Nantmeal did pick up a brief shower - we picked up 0.03" we take!! The smoke continues to be a problem across the area...we may see a brief clearing of smoke this morning before another plume builds across the county by later today. Temperatures should remain below normal for the rest of the work week. Before a brief warmup to above normal by Sunday. Shower chances increase by Friday night and again on Sunday night. Of interest, while I did record 1 day last summer that rounded to 90 degrees (89.7 on July 23rd) I have not recorded a day that exceeded 90 degrees in almost 2 years!! The last time being June 30, 2021 when we hit 91.2 degrees here in East Nantmeal Township. I think it is likely we see no 90 degree days here in Chester County for the rest of June. Records for today: 97 (1899) / Low 42 (1949) / Rain 2.94" (2013)
  4. Some smoke (from Quebec) has been drifting across our area. This will continue peaking this evening before some improvement tomorrow. There is a small chance of a shower today but not likely, Near normal temps for the rest of the week before warming to above normal by the weekend. There continues to be some signs of a pattern change starting Sunday that may lead us to more typical rain pattern across the county. Records for today: High 99 (1899) / Low 38 (1958) / Rain 2.65" (1928)
  5. Our morning low was a below average 48.1. Another mainly dry week in store across the county. High temperatures look to average near normal while overnight lows look to be below normal through much of the week. Normal highs are in the mid to upper 70's with lows in the mid to upper 50's. Our best chance of a little rain looks to be Tuesday night. There are some hints across the longer term models of a wetter period possibly developing by later this weekend into next week. Records for today: High 97 (1925) / Low 39 (1948) / Rain 2.39" (1970)
  6. Plenty of spots across the county hit 90 degrees including my poorly placed roof top thermometer which hit 93 degrees. However, my 2 ground based thermometers could do no better than around 89 degrees. Much cooler today through the rest of the upcoming week with temps remaining in the 70's. Records for today: 98 (1919) / 36 (1986) / Rain 1.16" (1978)
  7. Many spots across the county saw temps in the mid-80's yesterday - here in East Nantmeal we could do no better than the low 80's. Today many spots will take a run at their first 90 degree day of the season. Some of the higher ridge top locations will likely stay in the upper 80's. A strong cold front will be dropping through the area from North to South during the evening. There is a 40% chance of showers. It looks to be hit and miss type showers but let's hope some of us get under a shower or 2 to help cut into the current rain deficit which has grown to almost 7 inches through today. Much cooler weather tomorrow with some spots not escaping the 60's. The cooler than normal weather should continue for at least the next week. Records for today: High 95 (1895) / Low 37 (1927) / Rain 3.11" (1946)
  8. So we finished May as the 20th chillest May in Chester County history back to 1888. It was also our coldest May since 2008. The dryness was also historic as we only received a scant 0.21" of rain - the only drier month was May 1964 with just 0.14" of rain. Much warmer today with temps rising into the low 80's. Tomorrow looks to be the warmest day so far this year - spots outside of the higher ridges could touch the 90 degree mark for the first time this year. Records for today: High 96.5 (1895) / Low 34 (1930) / Rain 1.69" (1977)
  9. Yet another in a long string of dry days on tap across the area today to close out a Top 20 coldest May and 2nd driest month in Chester County history. Some patchy smoke will be visible and you will likely smell it in the air at times today and tonight as smoke from the wildfires in Nova Scotia spread southwestward on the East/Northeast breeze. After another below normal day today we should warm to above normal for both Thursday and Friday to close out the week. Cooler weather again by the weekend. Our next small rain chances look to be on Saturday.
  10. A couple sunny but cooler than normal days to finish out the month of May. We will finish this month as one of the 20 coldest May month's since record keeping began back in 1888. We should see a warming trend with highs well into the 80's both Thursday and Friday before another backdoor cold front knocks temps down again for next weekend. Records for today: High 94 (1942) / Low 37 (1961) / Rain 2.12" (1971)
  11. I hope everyone is having a relaxing Memorial Day holiday. Today we may hit 80 for some lower spots in the county for the 1st time since May 12th. A bit cooler tomorrow before a nice warming trend brings us well into the 80's by Friday. Cooler again by next weekend. No rain of course - we are now a whopping 6.42" below normal or 67% of normal rainfall for the year. The many farmers here in East Nantmeal Township are hoping for better days with the calendar change to June! Records for today: High 92 (1969) / Low 35 (1949) / Rain 3.05" (1990)
  12. Today will be the 11th day in the last 14 days with below normal temps across the area. We get closer to normal temps over the next couple days with the warmest day so far this year possible by this coming Friday. Some lower spots and southern sections of the county could even see a 90 degree reading. We look likely to finish with the 2nd driest May since 1894. Only 1964 with 0.14" featured less rain. Of note today is the latest recorded day with a below freezing temperature with 32 degrees way back in 1927. Records for today: High 94 (1941) / Low 32 (1927) / Rain 2.94" (1968)
  13. With MET summer approaching a look at the fact that away from the heat island that is the PHL Airport our number of 90+ days is actually falling on an annual basis over the last 10 years. Of course at PHL Airport they are off to the races thanks to the UHI problem.
  14. This morning's low's in the low to mid 40's were almost 10 degrees cooler than we should be as we close out May. If the month ended today this would be the 13th coldest May with 130 years of weather records for the county. Below normal temperatures look likely to continue through Tuesday with the exception of Monday with temps near normal. A strong warming trend looks likely by the end of the week with temps in the low to mid 80's. Unfortunately no rain is on tap the entire week. Records for today: High 95 (1914) / Low 35 (1930) / Rain 1.89" (1973)
  15. Another dry and cooler than normal day across the County today. We warm to near normal tomorrow to above normal temps on Memorial Day. It looks likely that we see a brief warm up to above normal temps to start the first 2 days of June before another stretch of below normal temps set in by next Sunday. Unfortunately very little chance of any meaningful rain with the slight chance of a shower across southern sections by Sunday night. Records for today: High 93 (1914) / Low 35 (1972) / Rain 1.84" (2003)
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