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  1. not really any gains on the south edge for your snow.. better than all rain.. no power would be fun and ice storm anyways.. im out until tonight.. have a good one... after Mr No im going to be back on team occlude as far south as possible
  2. and yesterday afternoon it was congrats fargo thinking by some. wish money could be in the money... im not driving north of greenbay or castle... I'll wait.. until next yr now probably lol
  3. fondue party is the only party going down in fondy.. its over.. you can will all you want outside some slop its over. better than nothing tho.. and just maybe you can sneak in to a nice advisory.. i seen crazier things happen... im always worried about a se trend... its the enemy for me now for yrs.. payback for the late 2000's
  4. pretty much locked in now.. we toss nam.. gfs is meh obv for nw wi.. i guess its all about saints and sneaking MSP in. This one is over for jackpot in far nw wi.. if no jack or 12+ im not going.. ill wait and see maybe they will get some with this and then with some luck maybe within the next week they will add on a few times and ill go up later next week.. regardless been a good one to track.. frustrating.. no reason this shouldnt cut but in this POS winter expect the opposite of what's good for you to happen.
  5. whats your location for this event?And i agree... lets break this one way or another... tho im leaning/locking towards a 0z euro like outcome with a couple sprinkles juicer to the nw plz.
  6. Even this close in it likes to amp? I thought it was more out in 120+ hr range it liked to do that... I dont bother with that model anymore so I really don't know first hand what its bias's are now..
  7. yeah its working on its little issues early out west and the little pos out ahead of it and slowly but surely getting it all in line. This is gonna be big for saints and hopefully MSP also.. Congrats guys.
  8. what really corks me is I cant believe this thing isnt cutting so far it rains in NW WI...Instead its 50's up there today but in 36 hrs the brunt of a storm will be SE... You finally broke me winter. lol
  9. well at least i wont have the dreaded 6 hr drive up north.. sad part I wont even be able to drive a couple hrs away only and find any snow to snowmobile on for one last ride.. just another notch on the belt for the ole winter of 2017.
  10. almost looks like the nam/gfs snow maps Good night all
  11. could tell at 48 it wasnt going to get it done... well that just muds my pants up more...se trend haunts me on. probably need to be loking at that lead turd to see how far it lets the low dig before ejecting... seems its been more fav this set of runs for those not wanting congrats team ME/MSP. I'm overtired and rambling. Good night
  12. not many left invested in this one. Me/MSP vs Saints/Money If i didn't need an excuse to go back up north i could care less about this storm
  13. 2007/08 trended everything NW in to my backyard in mke. Madison was the hot spot to be during that NW trend era GHD Blizzard was the ultimate NW Trend.. It will never be topped for me.
  14. how come you didnt like Grizzcoats post about here is to hoping the Ukie is right.. you need to pull out all the right tricks
  15. yeah youve never pushed this hard before... lol.. you bang models hard..nothing has changed with you there.. but your new attitude.. claps
  16. this is a tough one for sure.. its been fun though... feels like the old times again... I just need to darn know real soon whats sorta happening... if its only going to be 6" im not going up... now if its the potential for a foot plus with a good likelyhood im hitting the road by thursday AM. You are searching hard for a se trend lol... when we need it its not there... dont want it its there... its boinked me the last 3 yrs. Euro will be interesting for sure... if it goes America than we know these shenanigans might be legit.. and then there is occlusion.,..shakes head...
  17. I haven't been burned or helped by a NW trend in yrs so I'm very cautious to overreacting to the fear of one after models try and start their left turn signal. SE trends have been the thorn in my arse for a while now.
  18. NAM is still catching up to other models in timing I think so w/e its showing is super duper who cares either way to me. Unless something crazy changes i don't see walking away tonight with something other than not too far off from 12z euro
  19. clear line finally making it to lake front.. should be off to the races now. gonna go get some vitamin d
  20. GFS does the occlude after hr 72 it looks like also but its obv farther north and in western wi when it does. so the occlude seems legit its just a matter of where and thats impossible to figure out for anybody at this time IMO.
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