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  1. Did you just skip over the entire discussion between @AbbyJrand @Phil yesterday?
  2. How often do you see 45 in Winthrop and 30 in Omak?
  3. The few days of rain/freezing rain after all the snow made a really nice 8-10 inch ice layer on top....they were literally walking with almost no compaction. it was crazy.
  4. dont be sad @Cascadia_Wx we need the melt up there. The snow was so high the deer were literally walking over the tops of the orchard fences and just feasting on the trees.
  5. Stunner of a day in the methow. 45 degrees over there. Good day for melting
  6. The period @Deweydog originally highlighted for overperformance?
  7. It’s warmer at our place in twisp than at home right now. Weird warm spike over there (at our place at least) after sunset. Says it’s 43 at our spot and 27 in the valley. Crazy!
  8. Its not coming, Randy. Its the GEFS, which just follows its operational around. Its a long term ensemble, which just shows the typical Nina backround state at that range. And the EPS is not on board. Sorry. I was just posting for the laughs.
  9. Lol gonna set a calendar reminder to check back on this verification
  10. Sneak peek at the weeklies...7 day average for Feb 20-27
  11. I doubt Randy actually organizes his photos. You can just text search in your photos and your iphone will recognize whatever you are looking for in your pics...not perfect obviously but pretty useful.
  12. What’s the one thing we were missing with this current blast? GFS never showed anything in the long range. Feels like our last few solid events GFS was consistently showing snowstorms in the long range even when it’s upper level pattern was different every run
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