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  1. It'd be cool if we could view model output (upper level, large scale progression type of stuff/500mb) on 3D maps rather than the 2D distorted projections
  2. Excited to see todays Timelapse from @Blizzard777
  3. Beautiful morning in the methow. Everything is green but it’s noticeable how dry the ground is relative to years past.
  4. This is a real post. I appreciate it. Start with this next time
  5. meh, storms were probably stronger during the jurassic period.
  6. but...dont most people go somewhere else for spring break???
  7. Even snowed downtown Seattle. Crazy. Wish I could remember stuff like this. Havana syndrome really messes with the memory IMG_4781.mov
  8. We still had over a foot of snowpack last year in twisp
  9. potential to do the funniest thing of all
  10. For Winthrop, it was warmest October 1 - March 23 period since 1938
  11. thats just average temp? or is that departure?
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