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  1. Got a inch on the grass in Puyallup but not really sticking to the roads doe
  2. It overdid precip for whole region but i live in South Hill and its 1-2 inches.
  3. Puyallup has a foot of snow/ice on the ground with 2 inches of rain on top of that. Never drove in this before. Getting stuck everywhere
  4. Have over a 12-13 inches here total that did not melt rn in my backyard and a total of 16 inches that fell over this past week. It was a good run
  5. Welp the end is here for me. Just turned to a cold rain/rain snow mix
  6. Starting to finally stick to plowed roads again. Starting to get a little nervous about the rain/snow line however.....
  7. It was lightly raining about an hour ago in Puyallup for a little bit but heavy snow for the past 30 minutes
  8. this doesn't account for todays snowfall from this morning does it?
  9. So ik the snow levels have been lowerish, but should we still get 6-8 inches in the puget sound??
  10. Are we still looking at the same totals or going to be a little less or more? jw cause were getting bands of snow then no snow.
  11. Ik there has been uncertainty for totals for this weekend but to go from 6+ inches now down to 2-3? Did something big change?
  12. Does this Monday system have a pattern its following or is it all over the place still? jw cause i might have a midterm on tuesday......
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