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  1. 44 degrees currently. It does seem a bit brisk. I'm pretty sure our first frost will be here in a few hours.
  2. I don't necessary agree or disagree, but this should obviously not be in this forum.
  3. I will cherish each and every nice day (sunny & dry) throughout the rest of Oct and early Nov if there's anything left. This is a La Nina. We might not see such conditions for the next 5+ months. The cold and damp will be here before we know it. Even mountain snow will almost certainly melt out this early in the year. Have some patience. I'll be aboard the cold train along with everyone else.
  4. Today was a chamber of commerce day in Eugene. Just spectacular. 73 currently.
  5. They would probably thrive there. Florence and Newport have a decent amount of healthy palms. Brookings and Gold Beach have some very impressive specimens. I'm okay with them there in the banana belt of Oregon.
  6. I'd be more than happy to see them disappear forever. We'll let the coast have a few. They deserve to be spared by living their life out in semi miserable mild weather all the tiime.
  7. Those look much healthier than the palm trees around Eugene. Lots of them here look semi sickly. I guess sub zero temps will clear out some of the riffraff.
  8. Some sort of model rider might work. Either that or maybe an actual weenie with some animated snow.
  9. It's 63 in here. I'm happy with 65, but getting out of the shower at 63 is a titt nipply.
  10. I caved. For the first time since April, my heat has been turned on.
  11. Seems like they've been mostly back loaded recently. Lots of cool, wet conditions March though May, but just a bit too warm to deliver the goods to the lowlands. Massive snowpacks in the mountains though. Hopefully, it'll be different this season.
  12. Either that or you're gonna have to learn to blur in photoshop, or generic photoshop. I demand blur.
  13. With all the wind talk these last couple of days, I'll share my windiest moment. This was at Cape Blanco 15-20 years ago. I randomly was staying in one of the park's cabins to go steelhead fishing the next day. We knew the forecast was uncertain and potentially stormy, but boy did it deliver the goods. Easy 80+ sustained winds. Gusts were actually kind of rare, the wind was just constant. No rain either. You could do really cool things like lean back into the wind like it was a seat, or lean forward at around a 45 degree angle. No debris, no danger, just fun. The pickup truck we arr
  14. Yep. Eugene did too. I was out of state at the time, so I basically enabled it to occur. The dolt shield was down for 30 days and some amazing happened. https://activenorcal.com/redding-receives-its-biggest-snowstorm-in-over-50-years/
  15. I've been heading outdoors much more lately, and I agree that I will try to get out regardless of the conditions. Muddy trails suck though, but are pretty much inevitable for the next several months. Snowy trails are pure bliss.
  16. Crispy and chilly is fine to me as well. This year being excepted, cool and rainy Octobers are pretty blah. (We could still use the rain this year). I see that you've been out hiking in some pretty sweet locations in some pretty sweet/benign weather. That is quality October weather to me.
  17. Exactly. This is why I fail to understand the want for chilly anomalies this time of year. For what? A few crisp days and a bit of frost? We'll have plenty of that in a month or two. Actual cold just won't happen this early. A crispy day here and there in October is nice, but the novelty wears off after a day or two. In short, bring on the warm anomalies this time of year. I'm all for the cold when something meaningful could actually happen. October is a dud month, though, but for an occasional wind event. Obviously, everyone has their own preferences, puzzling as they may be to me.
  18. Went to the coast for the last couple of days. This was taken near Waldport. Pretty cool seeing the marine layer a few miles offshore.
  19. Just absolutely beautiful out. Looks like this will be the warmest day for the next several months.
  20. 70 degrees. The smoke has vacated the area. Crystal clear skies. Awesome.
  21. Because premature creation of such threads have caused massive carnage in the past. I think I saw one where Timmy_Supercell created one several hours early and almost all the snow that month was diverted to the mountain west. It's best to be cautious in these uncertain times.
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