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  1. Holy shitt. It stopped raining. and why have the fonts exploded into a thousand megatons. I had to use my phone just read the forum.
  2. You don't see this forecast very often for Eugene. In fact, this is the first time I've ever seen it.
  3. I was gonna post the same. It's definitely a rain/snow mix. If this heavy shower can keep going maybe we'll see some real flakes.
  4. It was 38 degrees at my location with a moderate rain/snow mix. Sun out now. Maybe someone can score a bit of thundersnow at some point later this afternoon or evening.
  5. I heard my gutters dripping so I knew we were under a heavy shower. I took a peak outside, and voila!
  6. Snow 37 degrees though so no chance of sticking. Cool to see it fall out of the sky though.
  7. Snowing here in Eugene. Very heavily. No stickage though, it's 36 degrees.
  8. So he's done with the site for good? I fcuking hate discussing politics. It has caused family members to not talk with one another for years. Everyone has their opinions, but that's all they are. Sometimes it's just best to not get into it, period. That's what I do and I have friends and family on both sides of the spectrum because of it.
  9. Will someone please fill me in on what the fcuk happened around here? What is up with ifred and also why are there so many admins and staff now? I'd like to see the damage for myself, so a link in the right direction would be appreciated.
  10. I'm gonna have a lot of cherries this year.
  11. We've had some downpours, hail, and some wind this afternoon here in Eugene. Nothing terribly exciting though. On another note, the NWS Portland website changed their subdomain without forwarding to their new subdomain. That's newbie IT stuff. Some of their links within their website are now "forbidden". Embarrassing.
  12. I've been awol for a while. What happened with iFred and why are some of the members now listed as "Staff"? I figured it was an April fool joke or something.
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