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  1. The ferry rides in are usually pretty awesome too. Takes about an hour and it’s beautiful.
  2. If you ever go to the island make sure you also reserve your ferry trip there and back. During this time of year there’s usually plenty of space to roll up if you haven’t reserved but it’s always good to be safe and not left on the island.
  3. That’s awesome! Good chance with the cooler than normal conditions coming up there might be some snow up on the mountain. Best places to go are obviously in the park....top of the mountain and the lakes are awesome. Obstruction beach park is also pretty cool. Eastsound is also great the beaches on the north and south side have amazing views. Lots of hiking and cool stuff to do in Moran park overall.
  4. No staying at a hotel...I probably would have camped if I knew it was going to be dry the whole time. Couldn’t really tell though since the models were kind of in flux until a couple days ago regarding early this week.
  5. Leaving for orcas in 3 hours right after I get off of work. Should be up there around 10 tonight. Weather looks fairly dry while I’m up there hopefully we can manage one or two nice sunsets but not sure how cloudy it’ll be.
  6. Was still a pretty nice month overall still. Would be nice to get a real cold snap with some clear days next winter. Haven’t had a really nice stretch of cold sunny weather for awhile now it seems like.
  7. 52/41 here today. Last few hours of the meteorological winter and the February thread!
  8. Final monthly numbers -2.0 departure for February...15.5” of snow...2 sub freezing highs and 8 freezes total. Not bad at all.
  9. 50 and cloudy after a low of 41 this morning. 0.01” of rain this morning to hit 5.27” on the month.
  10. It’s been awhile since anything really good in March. March 2019 was pretty nice but the snow melted pretty rapidly after. Would be cool to get something colder and snowier than that even.
  11. Would be cool to see the latest gfs runs verify...but I have my doubts especially at this range.
  12. Up to 48 after a low of 32 this morning. Really nice partly sunny day.
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