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  1. Euro has a couple highs in the mid 60s too. Really hoping this cool weather and rain verifies.
  2. Rain totals bumped up on the latest euro run in Washington…but not much change down in Oregon. More in the cascades and Oregon coast range but willamette valley not much.
  3. Have had some light rain showers most of the morning…had enough to be considered a trace at about 11am. Still only 71.
  4. Atleast the Olympics and cascades get a good soaking in Washington but would be nice to see higher totals down in Oregon.
  5. Hopefully the euro comes back around to the wetter solutions. They had 0.7” of rain here locally on the previous runs but last nights cut us back to 0.3” and 0.1-0.2” in the willamette valley. kind of get the feeling that’s more realistic but we will see where we’re at by early next week.
  6. Thankfully it looks nothing like last year. Hopefully with the upcoming pattern change it’ll be the last time we’ve gotta deal with it until next summer. For a time it was looking like it could get pretty smoky but we’ve been lucky.
  7. There’s some actual raindrops on my car this morning.
  8. Last nights euro run was a step back for sure on precip totals. Not too surprising IMO. Hopefully there’s still some decent rain shown in a couple days.
  9. Still 77 degrees outside going to be an uncomfortably warm night.
  10. Glad we avoided 90 today…still going to end up with 4 +85 days in a row to finish July but could be worse. Haven’t had a 90+ day at my location in July since 2015. Came close on several days in late July 2018.
  11. With any luck it’ll be one of the last. Time to get some rain going.
  12. High Cloud Shocker. Basically clouds causing the high temperatures to underperform.
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