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  1. 88/62 today…it’s definitely warm but didn’t feel super oppressive today. We will see if we can avoid 90 again tomorrow.
  2. Hmmm 87 now. Was kinda hoping since it’s hot anyways we might as well hit 90 but I don’t think we’re gonna quite make it. Sea breeze was just about as strong today overall as yesterday so that probably helped.
  3. Have been stalled out at 88 for almost an hour now…might just crack 90 but maybe not.
  4. The marine push should be tomorrow afternoon/evening.
  5. Just another 30 hours before the relief returns. 87 here…closing in on 90 slowly.
  6. Surprised the trees could survive next to that glacial lake.
  7. 86 now…NE wind is close to the same as it was yesterday so that’s helping out a bit.
  8. Not a bad euro run…plenty of nice days and a little rain. 81 here now.
  9. 80 degrees here at noon. I’ll be ready for the marine push tomorrow. I wouldn’t be surprised if today and tomorrow end up being the hottest days of the year.
  10. Already 79 at SEA….75 here. Should be in the low 80s by noon here.
  11. Am supposed to hike 22 lake tomorrow up north but my friend wants to leave at 11am and start the hike around one. I said we gotta leave earlier or maybe go out near port Townsend instead hiking 1200’ when it’s in the 90s does not sound great to me.
  12. It’ll be interesting to see how much of a sea breeze we can maintain today. Offshore winds are weaker. If there’s less wind than yesterday it’s gonna suck.
  13. Today is our 9th consecutive dry day…tomorrow should make it 10. Longest streak of the year.
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