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  1. Another thing we should do…don’t let the world know the identities of these shooters. 80% of these sick people do this because they see mass shootings like columbine and sandy hook…and want their 15 minutes of fame too. They want to be remembered like previous mass shooters/serial killers and to be infamous. It’s a sick thing and the authorities/media not letting the world know their identities and dealing with them quietly would maybe take away from some of these copycat people.
  2. People think that banning certain types of weapons and things like that will change this…but it won’t. Gun control does not work at all. Definitely opposed to banning weapons as a gun owner to start with…but guns already out populate Americans 10-1 atleast probably more. Even with banning them so many guns are already on the streets. You’d only punish law abiding gun owners by putting restrictions on them and these shootings would still happen. People can still find ways to get guns even with stricter laws it’s been too late for bans for decades. Only thing that makes sense is having armed guards at schools public places to me.
  3. Was doubtful we would see any rain today but it is now. 61/50 today down to 59 now.
  4. Probably just best to accept that preference wars always have and will be part of the board. Just as long as it doesn’t absolutely dominate the conversation 24/7 or get personal I don’t really see any feasible way to enforce or stop it.
  5. This month won’t finish colder than the 51.2 average set in 2011…currently at 51.9 this month. Definitely have a shot at 4” of rain. At the very least this month is already wetter than March (2.98”) and should end up wetter than April (3.63”). So this spring atleast at this location got wetter as it went on.
  6. If anything it seems like it’s been very boom or bust recently. Either less than an inch or 3+ inches here recently.
  7. Low of 50 this morning. 3rd +50 low this year.
  8. New euro would get us over 4” of rain this month breaking the record for wettest May here (2005 to present). We will see how this afternoons run looks. sea-tac record is 4.76” in 1948…not going to get there but could get to 2nd place all time.
  9. 68/51 today…0.01” of rain this morning. Broke a 4 day dry streak which was our longest streak since late March. Today was very nice though rained early in the morning. Last week has been much drier than earlier this month. Picked up 3.02” in the first half of the month but just 0.20” since. Euro shows us finishing the month around 3.75” if it verifies.
  10. Lol we all know that’s not gonna happen.
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