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  1. Got down to 47 this morning up to 55 now. The edge of the clouds juuust barely made it here this morning but already eroded and the sun is out.
  2. Probably the most interesting thing that happened this spring was we had like one or two rumbles of thunder last Friday. Pretty boring besides that.
  3. I think anyone from Washington who actually really reads and posts here consistently knows about the drought situation down there. It’s been going on the past few years now.
  4. Euro was definitely drier in western WA and maybe slightly drier in OR...but still a good run Oregon gets a pretty decent amount of rain especially in the southern half of the willamette valley.
  5. Already up to 68...could hit 75 here this afternoon we will see.
  6. June was decently wet up here as well. Of course you can get tons of rain in the spring and early summer and still get a wildfire fest once late august and September roll around if we are hot and dry all of July and august...last year being a good example.
  7. Lol people in western WA myself included track rainfall down in OR as well especially with the drought situation currently. I just don’t track as as closely as here at home.
  8. Just looked back at the May thread last year...honestly thought Oregon got more rain late last spring than they actually did. I admit sometimes I don’t track the rainfall totals down there the same way I track them up here in western WA.
  9. N/S gradient is definitely a real thing the last couple years. I thought you guys had some decent rain totals in summer 2019 atleast.
  10. Last 2 years have had this happen. Dry period in the spring leading to a late spring early summer rainy period. Last spring it started in late April and in 2019 it started in late June...although the 2019 example is a bit different led up to a wet summer.
  11. Already up to 60 here after a low of 46. Not much clouds/fog here compared to other locations this morning so we’re warming up quick.
  12. Last nights euro run seemed pretty similar to the previous...about 1” of rain throughput western OR with just a bit less in western WA. Gfs still way wetter but I’m thinking it’s overdoing rainfall a bit. Good odds of the PNW getting some nice rain totals next week.
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