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  1. Im surprised it’s only 40 here with full sunshine. Figured we would get atleast into the mid to upper 40s once we broke out of the fog. We should get a decent view of the moonrise tonight despite the front coming in and a good sunset hopefully if the clouds can hold off a few more hours. Sunsets at 4:22 now really early this time of year hoping to get some good photos tonight.
  2. Only 40 here at 2pm. Chilly day sun broke out at noon but hasn’t warmed up very fast still.
  3. I don’t even think Jim was fully on board or anyone really. Wasn’t like it was ever within 10 days even.
  4. Don’t think anyone said there would be. Set up could lead to colder weather in a couple weeks but we have no idea still when or if it’ll get cold or how cold it’ll even be.
  5. Looking around at Obs. From other locations im surprised to see my location is among the colder ones this morning.
  6. We had 22.0” in February 2019 and 4 sub freezing highs. 16.0” in December 2008 and 5 sub freezing days. Then November 2006 we had 3” of snow and a 29/21 day on 11/28...exactly 14 years ago today. January 2005 and 2020 didn’t end up that great down here. February/March 2019 was amazing...had an additional 1.5” of snow in early March. Went up to orcas island on 3/5 and they had 3’ of snow on the top of the mountain still. 2018-2019 was personally my favorite winter I can remember.
  7. February 2011 and January 2007 like Jim mentioned could easily be on my top 5 as well. In February 2011 we had 7” of snow while Seattle had nothing. 33/28 on 2/24...30/25 on 2/25 and 32/22 on 2/26! Was pretty epic we lucked out.
  8. For me,#1 February 2019 and #2 December 2008. #3 would be December 2013 Only 2” of snow in with that one but it was our longest stretch of sub freezing high temps with 5 in a row, didn’t even get that in 2008 or 2019. #4 would be November 2010...my coldest low in the records at 14 degrees. #5 would be April 2008. We had 3” of snow here which is impressive for April.
  9. 48/44 today...but will probably have a midnight low it’s clear here.
  10. I have 2 separate books...both have daily and monthly logs from 2005-2020. One of the books has more of the statistics regarding monthly rainfall, snowfall records ect. I’ll do my best not to lose it I’ve been working on the books for a long time. I’d like to transcribe records from back in the day before I was around as well just to have on hand but that would take lots of time.
  11. Wasn’t quite as cold up here and we didn’t get any measurable snowfall in January 2017...but it’s our 2nd coldest month on record in the 21st century behind February 2019.
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