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  1. 61/51 today. 16 degrees cooler than yesterday’s max temp.
  2. Would put us at about 60% of normal here. Think your area along with the EPSL did better than near the sound a couple weeks ago with rainfall.
  3. Yeah I work outside all day and it hit me like a ton of bricks when I got home. Still don’t feel too great today. Would’ve been more miserable if we’d been in the 70s again today. Suns out here a bit but only 60 here.
  4. 56 here...feels pretty nice today. Yesterday I was working outside all day in the sun and didn’t drink enough water. Guess you could describe it as “heat exhaustion”. Was only in the mid 70s yesterday but still enough to do a number on you working hard outside all day so thankful for the cooler weather for sure.
  5. 77/47 today. +2.0 on the month now but cooler weather is coming so that number will go down.
  6. 68 here...not a cloud in the sky. That’ll change though by tomorrow.
  7. They do...have some friends and family that live out that way and they do get quite a bit more snow.
  8. It’s been about as boring and dry as possible for this time of year. Not much to talk about. Really hoping for something interesting in terms of weather soon...and not extreme heat.
  9. Let’s hope so have only had a couple rumbles of thunder this spring. Had way more thunderstorm activity last May than this one.
  10. Gfs shows a pretty decent system down there around day 8-10 on the latest run but with how things have been going don’t know how much longer that’ll be showing up. 0.2-0.5” of rain across the western lowlands over the next week is really not enough to do much help. One positive I guess is that we’re not getting more ridging for now.
  11. Yeah the last few mornings the fog layer has gotten to right about my house and stopped.
  12. Seems like troughing is continually being watered down or replaced with ridging this whole spring.
  13. I’ve never been down there in the summer time. Have been down there in April, May, September, December and January I believe. Hottest it’s ever been while I was there was low to mid 80s.
  14. I’ve been down to texas a few times I’ve seen thunderstorms heavy rain events and snow down there even. They had a bit of snow when I was there on New Years and a few weeks after I left there was a few decent snow events. It’s an interesting place...been there during some strong north wind events too.
  15. Got down to 47 this morning up to 55 now. The edge of the clouds juuust barely made it here this morning but already eroded and the sun is out.
  16. Probably the most interesting thing that happened this spring was we had like one or two rumbles of thunder last Friday. Pretty boring besides that.
  17. I think anyone from Washington who actually really reads and posts here consistently knows about the drought situation down there. It’s been going on the past few years now.
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