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  1. I definitely understand that, my cousin goes down to Central America for 3 months out of the year…December through February usually. I could definitely see myself moving over to central Oregon someday. Not like it’s the sunniest place on earth but it’s definitely less gloomy.
  2. I could see myself moving somewhere that just gets more extremes overall with more defined seasons. Maybe eastern WA or OR. They get more consistent snowfalls and more sunshine overall. Maybe the overcast will wear on me more when I get older I don’t think it does because I’m just so used to it.
  3. 0.11” so far today…57/48. Looking forward to some nice weather for Halloween weekend after we round out 10 days in a row with measurable rainfall.
  4. I very rarely get tired of the overcast…idk maybe it’s because I’ve never lived anywhere else. Couple of winters ago we had almost 0 sunshine from mid December all the way to mid February and that was honestly really depressing. Was glad when we got a nice sunny stretch in mid February 2020.
  5. Opposite down here…Sunday and Monday were borderline windy at times. Today’s decently breezy but not too bad.
  6. They need it more than us still. Have been doing pretty good on rainfall here in western WA.
  7. Leaves turned out pretty decent here this year. I’d say pretty close to 2019.
  8. Got down to 48 this morning after a 57/50 day yesterday with 0.20”.
  9. 0.09” so far in Tacoma…2.80” so far this month. Should atleast hit average. Most likely above.
  10. 0.17” so far today in Tacoma….2.68” so far this month. Sad the AR is weakened on the gfs but we’re doing ok on rainfall recently so oh well.
  11. Rain hasn’t been too impressive yet as I expected…still pretty breezy rain will probably pick up later.
  12. Been really breezy this morning…probably the last decent leaf photos of the year today lots of them have been coming down.
  13. Noticed this driving down to sumner this morning…was driving so I didn’t get a picture but it was a pretty unique lenticular show this morning.
  14. I’d really like to see a dry Halloween weekend…trying to get another camping trip out to the island with some friends this weekend.
  15. How dare you wish against us getting more rain lol (I know it looks good for Colorado)
  16. Up here there’s a big difference in how wet the month finishes on the gfs (wetter) versus euro (drier). Looks like on the gfs we’re ground zero for the AR.
  17. Still haven’t managed anything but sprinkles so far rain just keeps getting shredded apart moving into the interior for the time being. Pretty mild low overnight still breezy but not as much as last night.
  18. looking good to finish the month around 5” of rainfall and score a dry Halloween.
  19. Had some gusts around 40mph overnight. No rainfall since yesterday evening…some of the cells on radar over the coast look pretty impressive.
  20. We’re up to 2.51” for the month now. Looks like today has had a 57/51 spread so far with 0.35” of rain.
  21. Nearby station showed 35 here but I think the gusts with that squall must’ve been higher than that. Was a pretty decent squall. Looks like the funs wrapped up for the day Suns coming out.
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