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  1. Coast range is eating up the squall line pretty good in NW Oregon but they tend to strengthen sometimes around PDX. We will see.
  2. Looks like that squall line extends further south, offshore radar isn't seeing it 100% yet. I see these all the time hold together and usually ends up hitting PDX as well.
  3. Starting to get pretty windy down here already. Hoping the front holds together for some snowflakes here later. Going to be fun to watch how quickly the temp drops. It is 64 here now.
  4. Too bad the front coming in didn't materialize December 28th instead of March 28th. Same song, different year.
  5. Bring on spring. Any cold weather now is just a hindrance.
  6. Just looked outside and it was snowing, for about 3 minutes :). Gotta love Central OR.
  7. Nice PSCZ signature. Surely someone has mentioned it earlier, too lazy to go back. I remember those days. 2000' snow level and wet snow at my house @ 230' ASL in Lake Stevens. Looks like some good rain totals out of it at least this evening.
  8. Las Vegas is just a pretty blah blah city for weather. I am almost certain that Reno wins there as well.
  9. True, I believe there were neutral conditions present when I got that ridiculous storm May 30th. Although I prefer storms about half as strong as that monster.
  10. So what I learned from the Tim/Phil back and forth is that I want it to be a neutral winter 21'/22'.
  11. Just looked outside. Huge snowflakes coming down, but 38 degrees :).
  12. Over a foot at my old house in Lake Stevens @ 230' ASL on March 16th??? No way, lol.
  13. Convective band popped up right over Burns....pretty impressive squall.
  14. Had a trace of snow last night, 1/2" in Redmond and looks like 1-2" in Bend. I am ready for spring now. Of course as I say that, the forecast is calling for maybe a little more overnight Sunday. Then you guys keep posting these maps of next week, ugh... Time for baseball, picnics, fishing, camping, and lots and lots of golf!!!
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