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  1. 42.7 here. Looks like another 7-10 days before I could see some more snow.
  2. Crazy to think that Mt. Baker is over 600" this year and that is still only half of the record....incredible!!
  3. What an eventful morning over here. About 8 am or so I took off south towards Juniper Butte and it was a complete blizzard. Probably the heaviest snow I have seen in 5 years!! Picked up a quick 2" in about an hour around Culver. Looks like Bend got around 3-4" very quickly. All melted now, 40 degrees with a light snow shower currently.
  4. I almost wonder if Michael Jordan has succumbed to the painkillers post-career. He had some real bloodshot eyes during the filming of "the last dance".
  5. He had the surgery a while ago, but he was still in recovery hoping to play the Masters. I hate to think that he is hopped up on the painkillers again. Seems odd for him to get in a solo crash like this at 7 AM. This story is just beginning, it is going to be a media frenzy.
  6. Just heard he has multiple leg injuries, in surgery right now.
  7. I want some good Tstorms, but nothing like May 30th again!!
  8. I'm ready for spring. Was working outside yesterday in the mid 50's with the sun on my shoulders. Let's do this!!!
  9. I have a feeling that if a neutral year follows this one then we could get nuked. Just seems like with the SSW and subsequent displacement of the PV this winter, things are setting up to be fun next year.
  10. Ya, the only real times that we can get a good dumping here is with just the right upslope storm. I am almost certain that average has a lot of 50" years coupled with a lot of 1-6" years.
  11. I would say we are up to our average of 14" here. Closer to 16" now that I think about it.
  12. Hey, if there is anyone else here who wants a station and can't afford one, just chime in and let us know. I will put in 100 bucks.
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