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  1. Yeah, we just had some brief snow that was honestly just a couple of minutes but surface was too warm to stick.
  2. From NWS in Medford so basically we can get something or just nothing at all lol
  3. Low for today was 35 and currently partly cloudy and 48. Looks like freezing fog it's in the forecast for tonight and 28 degrees.
  4. Friday evening was just pouring we even had some snow mix but it was wasn't for long. Low for today was 30 degrees currently 42. NWS is forecasting some rain/snow for the evening and tomorrow morning.
  5. I just need to remind myself that at least is not humidity. Although we might go to Puerto Rico to visit my parents inJuly so we will get it but hopefully we will spend it most of the time at the beach lol.
  6. Oh yeah, not looking forward for those 3 digit temps in July and August.
  7. Low for today was 52 and at the moment is 60 degrees and cloudy .
  8. Oh yeah! We do have a wind advisory till tomorrow.
  9. Crazy start of March of almost 70 degrees the past few days. For today low was 30 and the high looks like will be 67 again. Will be back with some rain tomorrow though.
  10. And just like that we are back to 50 degrees and partly sunny.
  11. It's raining and also winds are NNW 10mph. Temps went up to 46 degrees around 9am but it is 39 feeling like 33 at the moment.
  12. It's been a bit! In person classes started this week in the schools so work got busy! It has been spring like weather around here to the point I started to have allergies! But today back to winter like weather the low for today was 34 but it is currently 43. Showers are forecast for today and rain/snow for this evening into Saturday morning.
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