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  1. Its just unbelievable. Same play over and over and we are letting it happen.
  2. Really strong cells very close to downtown now... could be lightning soon.
  3. We literally said the same thing at the same time. Fatalists think alike!
  4. Have I mentioned how much I HATE missed extra points???
  5. Feels like watching the Cougs yesterday... momentum swings and all of a sudden everything is working for the other team.
  6. Someone needs to teach the sideline reporter about the rain shadow. She also said it was "hot" on the sunny side of the field.
  7. He did not get there... surprised we got the next snap off.
  8. That was quick! And they need to stop with the fighting and taunting.
  9. Putting the lower score first says you don't follow sports.
  10. Wow... Seahawks look terrible. Might have got too cocky after last week. Typical Seahawks. They need to lose every other game so they get pissed and win the games in between.
  11. Sacks and dumb penalties... the usual Seahawks are back!
  12. Sun is shining on the Seahawks game and its loud and I don't see too much compliance with the mask rule. Of course I did not see masks in any of the other games today and it seems sort of silly to even attempt to enforce that outside with people eating and drinking and screaming all day long.
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