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  1. Might be too much rain too fast for fertilizer. A drizzly day is best... or water it in yourself.
  2. Where do see 3-4 inches of rain falling overnight other than Mt Baker? That would be very rare for my area and would take a stationary AR event on steroids for that kind of rain in 12 hours. This is fairly fast moving frontal passage. I am guessing 1.50 to 2 inches for the foothills. Here is the ECMWF rainfall over the next 12 hours (8 p.m. through 8 a.m.):
  3. We were sitting on the deck between 4-5 and it was still fairly sunny and pleasantly warm. More like 80% of the day here.
  4. Yeah... I tend to agree unless its a dry east wind in the winter.
  5. Those trees look terrible! There should not be bare trees like that in the middle of September.
  6. Nice to see the ECMWF spreading out the precip so well. This is much better than dumping 4-6 inches of rain on western WA (most of which would run off) and leaving western OR much drier.
  7. 44 here this morning... a light breeze probably kept it a little warmer.
  8. Meanwhile... we ran out of room to put snow from the driveway that winter. It got too high!
  9. 06Z ECMWF shows highs around 70 up to the Seattle area on Friday... and into the 80s from Portland southward. That day has trended from a serious deluge to almost nothing for the Seattle area and SW WA over the past 4 ECMWF runs. 06Z ECMWF only goes out through 90 hours... here are the rain totals through 5 p.m. Saturday. Nice to see the wealth spread out much more evenly.
  10. It rained all night here based on the radar loop... and still thick fog and drizzle. Looks like .40 overnight. This upcoming storm will just be water added to a wet landscape here. Like every rainfall event until next spring.
  11. It might not have been in the forecast officially... but 2 inches of rain in one day has happened for both of us on numerous occasions.
  12. This is a seriously wet 24-hour period per the 18Z GFS... most of which falls in a 12-hour period.
  13. Nah... pattern will likely flip again and there will be some more warm days before the middle of October.
  14. Started harvesting grapes today... they are so sweet the first bowl might just be for eating and not wine. Purple are Cabarnet Sauvignon and the lighter colored ones are Chardonnay.
  15. Same here... temp got up to 70 but now clouds have moved in and down to 68.
  16. Great information... I don't normally look at those parameters.
  17. This was fun to watch... includes Russ commenting on the game as it happened last night towards the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvZ3ja2jzWA
  18. Shifted quite a bit north for Friday compared to the 00Z run deluge.
  19. Definitely not... but we are 72 hours out from a major event so all the models become pertinent.
  20. Interestingly... the 12Z ICON then hangs up the main rain band over western Oregon on Saturday and ends up wetter down there than its 00Z run.
  21. FWIW... the 12Z ICON shifted north of its previous runs. It keeps it dry from Seattle southward through Friday afternoon and then the front swings through overnight.
  22. Previous runs had the rain moving into Oregon first and then it moved up into WA from the south... seems like the trend is farther north and much wetter for WA right now. It will be very interesting to see if the 12Z run stop the northward trend or reverse it.
  23. Cliff mentioned something that I was thinking about too... we might end up with normal or even above normal rainfall for the June - September period after this event. If the 00Z ECMWF verified... SEA would actually be wetter than normal for that period. And would also be wetter than normal YTD through the end of September.
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