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  1. Looks like my area gets to be the dividing line yet again.Outside the snowstorm I had in November, I have been missed either to the north west or south east on every single storm in our state. To quote shawshank redemption... Bad luck I guess.
  2. Literally a difference of 40 miles from glacier to nothing. You guys cashed in really well; crazy seeing those pics coming out from places that seen 10+.
  3. It's official.....you guys are gonna score nicely! https://twitter.com/NWSHastings/status/1211135341479878658?s=20
  4. @central and @clint...... convection showing up and things might get crazy for you guys! I had 3 bolts show up around Hastings and blue hill!
  5. Gonna be an interesting read today, short term models are showing convection with the change over. Good luck Central and Clint!
  6. Updated warning! Keep coming east!!! URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Hastings NE 257 PM CST Sat Dec 28 2019 ...Winter Weather Conditions Expected Through Sunday... NEZ040-046-047-061-062-072>074-291000- /O.UPG.KGID.WW.Y.0026.000000T0000Z-191230T0000Z/ /O.EXA.KGID.WS.W.0005.000000T0000Z-191230T0000Z/ Greeley-Sherman-Howard-Buffalo-Hall-Gosper-Phelps-Kearney- Including the cities of Greeley, Spalding, Scotia, Wolbach, Loup City, Sherman Reservoir, Litchfield, St. Libory, Kearney, Grand Island, Elwood, Johnson Lake, Holdrege, and Minden 257 PM CST Sat Dec 28 2019 ...WINTER STORM WARNING IN EFFECT UNTIL 6 PM CST SUNDAY... The National Weather Service in Hastings has issued a Winter Storm Warning for snow and blowing snow, which is in effect until 6 PM CST Sunday. The Winter Weather Advisory is no longer in effect. * WHAT...Rain is expected to change to snow this evening and may be heavy at times, especially from about 8 pm through 2 or 3 am. There is the potential for a quick 3 to 5 inches of snow tonight. The heavier snow will taper off by dawn, but light snow will linger through the day Sunday, possibly dropping another inch or so of new snow. North winds will ramp up as well and gust over 40 mph by Sunday afternoon causing blowing snow. Storm total snow of 4 to 6 inches is possible. * WHERE...Portions of south central Nebraska, northwest of a line from Arapahoe...to Grand Island...to Greeley. * WHEN...Until 6 PM CST Sunday. * IMPACTS...Areas of blowing snow could significantly reduce visibility in some areas tonight into Sunday. Roads may be ice and snow packed overnight and during the day Sunday in some areas. Travel could be difficult at times tonight within heavier snow bands.
  7. NAM for the win! Ha, will see but it continues to show a heavy band setting up for me and also an impressive band oriented north/south along and east of Highway 281. Will be interesting reads on today's disco!
  8. Tell you what, all major models bring that band of snow really close to my area for tonight into tomorrow and showing 2-4. I'm currently at 1.3" of rain and would love to pick up some snow to go along with it!
  9. I will be watching the trends in the models tomorrow; I’m looking for a southeast trend of the SLP and I should be in the game. It looks like another “ride the line by 20 miles storm” that seems to be the norm for my area for the past couple of years. I need a more north/south orientation of the deformation zone rather than the tilt that most of the models have been showing after occlusion. We shall see! In the meantime, we host a holiday basketball tournament starting tomorrow and we conclude on Saturday. Last year our tournament lost a day because of a snowstorm, hopefully this is a sign of things to come!
  10. Hoping for an American model winner on this one, otherwise looks like mostly rain/ice for me. The gfs has been the most consistent so hoping the euro caves one more time in terms of the track. Nam would be ideal but so far it’s on its own in terms of that secondary low development.
  11. Big game today, I’m a big buffalo bills fan and hoping they can pull off the upset against the pats!
  12. Man you guys are in for a rock star winter! You might not see bare ground again until spring enjoy!!
  13. I seen him mention it in his forecast last night. If that verifies Lincoln will have back to back monster winters. I really think this year will be way colder than last year.
  14. Good luck to all with this up and coming snow event! Cheers to a mix of the EURO being the correct track and GFS with the robust amounts! Spread the wealth and jump start a busy winter hopefully to many of us on board!
  15. Dean wysocki follows the LRC and here is his winter forecast. https://www.klkntv.com/clip/14957492/201920-winter-weather-outlook
  16. Any of you kc folks watch Gary’s winter special tonight?! It’s not up on the web page.
  17. Just drove back 20 miles from the in-laws Thanksgiving. Drove through heavy snow squalls the entire way, it’s now puking snow here in town. I’ve already picked up about an inch of snow, it’s very possible I get a sneaky couple of inches out of this narrow band. Edit: way over shot estimate. I just measured a little over and inch and now just blowing snow. Pretty cool seeing everything pasted in wet snow though, including the x mas lights!
  18. You are completely right, October 2009 was top five coldest for many; November was then top 5 warmest to follow! December 2009 then goes down as a historic month for many on this board.
  19. Ended this storm with 6.2" of snow pushing my november total to 7.7"! Hoping this is a sign of things to come this winter! Here is the write ups from Hastings and OAX about the storm. Hastings OAX
  20. Nice intro Clint!! You nailed it, that december was one I will NEVER forget. With the x-mas blizzard and the blizzard a couple weeks before to start december that goes down as the wildest I have ever been apart of. We went into new years that year with the greatest snow depth I will probably ever experience. We had a two foot snow depth with drifts that didn't melt until may! The other december that I was a part of was known for the cold but we also had 3 storms in December; that year was my junior year in high school 2000. Then the coldest snowiest december ever was the year I was born 1983. I swear to this day that's the reason I have a strong passion for winter! The high temp on the day I was born was -10 and we got a foot of snow. We had 8 consecutive days below zero. Hoping for our own unique December but I go into the month with just over 8" of snow for the year! Bring it on!
  21. Thunder snow showing up just to the north of me. Hoping I get into some of that. Tonight our highest class plays there state championship football game in Lincoln. The game going on right now has freezing rain/snow mix going on.
  22. OAX did update there snow predictions; Columbus is 20 miles to my north so I'll be darn close to double digits if that plays out! Finally snow is starting to fall again, temp at 32 and flakes are large!
  23. I'm wondering if this thing has slowed down?? I seen snowfan posted that OAX might be expanding the warning area. I'm very interesting in seeing what happens when the afternoon disco's come out.
  24. Holy smokes the tri-cities are getting smoked! I was looking at the interstate cams around Grand Island and visibility is poor. Roads go from wet to ice covered within miles. @CentralNeb you are gonna do real well!
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