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  1. We are approaching dangerous levels around these parts. Dry land crops might be screwed before mid June and farmers are selling cattle because pastures are dead. My mowing business is gonna take a big hit this year also if things don’t change. It looks like mid July or august on yards not watered.
  2. Had 3 tornado warnings in my county but luckily no official tornado on the ground. As far as the rain goes ended up with a total of .30” for the week. Mondays forecast was looking like 1-3 was a good bet. Drought goes on….
  3. Sorry guys to rant, last post. Just two days ago the circled area for 7 day qpf was 2-3". We are now down to .25-.50". Just frustrating.
  4. Watch this as the rain shield to the north hits my county just like hitting a wall. My county is the one between York and Columbus. Rain shield goes from yellow, green to nothing as it goes across my county. Just tough to break through; drought is the hardest thing to bust. More chances throughout the week but it's tough to get anything major to affect the large chuck of exceptional drought.
  5. Don't think I have ever seen tornado warnings in nebraska in the morning!!!
  6. Gonna be close for you @CentralNebWeather. The main line looks like it's splitting. I have seen this before, the southern part of this line will head into Kansas and the northern half is gonna die out. Hope you get some rain but not looking good down stream towards us in the eastern end.
  7. My onions and radishes I planted about a month ago are looking great! My lettuce I planted on the same day seems like it doesn't want to come up. I planted my potatoes last thursday and the last thing I have are tomatoes and peppers. I want to get those in next week!
  8. Good stuff Tom!!! That would be exactly what the doctor ordered for the drought stricken areas!
  9. My County and specifically my town is now in the D4 Exceptional drought category. Haven't been in this territory since 2012; the only thing is this drought is far worse. We have been working on this thing for over a year. We are in dire need of rain and it's no where in site. Gonna go down with one of the driest April in history.......
  10. As the upper low kicked up to the northeast dust from Texas was pulled into the storm system. We had dust suspended in the air. That dust worked into the storm system causing the dirty snow.
  11. Another dry slot for us in Nebraska. Hoping as we move forward in April we start getting something. Need a wet month around these parts.
  12. Well I'm praying for you all!! I have a ton a family members who live in Des Moines too. Craziest set up day I have seen in a long time. Not even the tornadoes down south last week had this type of environmental setup.
  13. Yeah look at the individual cells already making their way up into a loaded gun area. Scary situation setting up for you folks in Iowa and Illinois. Sad part is this things are going to get going with school going on.
  14. Holy smokes things are about to hit the fan. I don't think I have ever seen wording like this: Tornado Driven High Risk?! The NWS Storm Prediction Center has issued a * Tornado Watch for portions of Central and Eastern Iowa Western Illinois Northern and Central Missouri Southwest Wisconsin * Effective this Friday morning and evening from 1145 AM until 800 PM CDT. ...THIS IS A PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION... * Primary threats include... Numerous tornadoes expected with a few intense tornadoes likely Widespread large hail and isolated very large hail events to 3 inches in diameter likely Widespread damaging wind gusts to 70 mph likely SUMMARY...Intense supercell thunderstorms are expected to develop this afternoon and spread eastward across the watch area. Tornadoes, large hail, and damaging winds are all possible with this activity. Parameters are favorable for the potential for strong/violent tornadoes and very large hail.
  15. I agree 100%! I used to take this day off every year but haven't done so in a while. I only get so many days a year to take off from teaching and I need to save them for other things. GO CUBS! I question the direction the Cubs organization is going right now; the good thing is nobody is eliminated from contention on opening day!
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