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  1. @Tom Thanks for sharing that’s amazing! I love teaching my geology unit; it’s amazing to think what the climate was like in these different regions millions of years ago. Then you throw in the Native American history and you have an amazing collection of history!
  2. I had 5.5” of rain this morning and picked up another .1” of red mud rain today for a storm total of 5.6”. This storm was able to suck up dust from New Mexico and Texas and rained down on us!
  3. The one thing I have noticed in terms of the past couple runs of models; it seems the deformation zone is taken on a more west to east based set up. With the surge of moisture coming up to the north it’s going to be interesting to see if that’s a trend. There is gonna be a lot of snow dumping on the front range of the Rockies. I would think dynamic cooling along with the fact that it is a cut off low will make this an interesting set up.
  4. Holy blizzard by the 12z GFS. Winter might make a come back in 7-10 days. Long ways out but something is brewing in the long range; it fits the LRC also as Gary Lezak talked about it in his blog this morning.
  5. I find it funny that the above precip goes right through the area that saw pretty much no snow this year! Specifically the western part of the dakotas.
  6. Lincoln got down to -31 this morning, the second coldest ever recorded there! -30 degrees was common in South Central Nebraska. My weather station had -25 for the min this morning.
  7. Wow flip the scrip because of one month?! That is amazing. We had a stretch in January where we had consecutive days of 50+.
  8. Temps are hitting rock bottom! Holy smokes it's cold out there!
  9. -15.2 here and continuing to drop at a high rate. I would think-25 would be a good bet. Would be the coldest I have ever experienced.
  10. Thanks for the info! I actually found the online info also but this should work!!
  11. 2902 b actually! Looks like yours is one better than mine!!
  12. Correct, had it for a while but never got around to get it up online. Now of course I can't find the directions......
  13. I have tried getting my weather station online but can’t figure it out! Any tips?!
  14. Pretty amazing seeing the lake plume stream southwest while the main precipitation shield is coming in moving northeast!
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