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  1. Ended up with a 50/41 spread here today. Lots of sunbreaks this afternoon following the morning rain and drizzle. Decent day.
  2. Looks decent through the first ten or so days then it kind of goes to hell. Luckily the period after day ten will always be the least accurate anyway.
  3. Looks like my reputation number just got cut in half. My heresy on the California thread has angered Fred. Was trying to stick up for Matt.
  4. Raw, dark morning out there with rain/heavy drizzle and a bit of a breeze. 45 degrees currently. Looks like we picked up about .20” since last evening. Low of 41 shortly after midnight.
  5. 44/30 here today. Rain holding off but looks like it should be here by sunset or shortly after. Pretty nice day.
  6. That's one really nice thing about our region. There are so many microclimates you can move more or less within the same area and get way different results.
  7. Whatcom county is a different story entirely. I've heard they only get freezes from strong arctic airmasses.
  8. Yeah I would take a climate like Eugene’s that has more extremes both ways over yours probably lol. No offense since it looks like you are in a beautiful location. Being so close to the water just would moderate things too much for me though.
  9. Similar thing happened here last night. The east wind kicked up around Troutdale. In this area there was no wind, but its influence was just enough to dry out the air and erode the fog layer, allowing us to drop below freezing. Now there are clouds moving in to keep things chilly since the fog is gone, so perfect timing.
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