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  1. Thanks. It was a lovely ceremony. And raining here now
  2. Stayed pretty dry for the outdoor wedding I was best man at today.
  3. That little red arrow hurts, man. Don’t downplay it.
  4. A lot of unapproved opinions flying around in here right now. Stressful night!
  5. If that's indeed the case that sort of calls into question what seems to be the prevailing conventional wisdom here that a warming climate simply represents a northward march of existing climates up the I-5 corridor. Maybe it isn't that linear. Medford and Roseburg have pretty long dry seasons surrounding the summer.
  6. That could be true for annual averages since more warm AR type events in the winter will make up for the expansion of the warm/dry season to some degree. But summers are definitely getting longer/hotter/drier and that has been going on since well before the current drier period started in 2017. Decades really.
  7. This would be a really good time for Matt to say something to remind us that he is better than all of this.
  8. Yeah, tough to imagine how anyone could be so utterly detached from reality eh Jim?
  9. That warm/hot high pressure to the east is going to end up forcing the pattern and keeping the rain band from making much if any inland progress. Just the times we are living in.
  10. On a similarly pedantic note, California (eeeeee!!!!) is thousands of miles from the Mediterranean.
  11. I’m going to move to Yuma this summer then act really surprised that it’s hot and complain about it on here.
  12. 06z GFS slices precip way back for the weekend and early next week. Most realistic model run of the last few days.
  13. Ponderosa and incense cedar are already relatively common down there.
  14. Second partly to mostly sunny afternoon in a row here. 63 degrees.
  15. That hurts, especially coming from a budding preference warrior like yourself.
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